The efficacy and role of the pig

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The efficacy and role of the pig

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Traditional Chinese medicine bone and area, for the side effects of your detailed introduction bone effects and functions, pictures of pig, pig medicinal value, pig to want to know more bone and related knowledge, may wish to look at regimen.

  • Pig.
  • Pig.
  • The efficacy and role of the pig
  • The medicinal value of the pig
  • Usage and dosage of the pig
  • The side effects of the pig
  • The method of eating pork
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Pig, pig, pig medicine, animal bones of pig. After slaughter, remove the hair and viscera, remove meat, take the bones, wash, dry.

The skull of maxillary lateral view is right triangle, kiss minister and a sharp, obovate orbital. 44 teeth. Limb bone humerus without supracondylar foramen (Xi said Fengyan); femur length about 23cm, slightly curved bone, femoral head is semi spherical; tibia showed a prismatic, slightly curved, top swollen, tapering downward, all like paddle shaped. Section of the medullary cavity is wide, thin bone oil, yellow, solid. Gas micro fishy.


The efficacy and role of the pig

Thirst, detoxification, insecticidal zhilishen. For diabetes, tuberculosis, dysentery, sore tinea.

1, the "compendium": "the cheekbones juice, Dan medicine poison solution."

2, "Wang Shengyu hand": "pig dragonfly on bone burning ash, coated all head carbuncle poison, where brain gangrene, hair on the temples, mouth disease, sesame oil transfer deposited."

The medicinal value of the pig

1, cure diarrhea: red and white wax burning of a pig, at the end of the research, three money transfer service warm wine. (the "compendium")

2, to treat psoriasis: pig bone oil. Fresh pig dried, crushed into the bone marrow cavity, retort, heating, cooling after the collected distillate. Wash the affected part, apply a thin layer of bone oil, wrapped with a bandage, once a day. (Liaoning "Chinese herbal medicine Xinyi therapy materials")

3, treating Xiaoke disease: jujube 49 (peeled nuclear), the new Lotus 49 grain Qu Xin, Nishiki Kachi half of the money, licorice 22 (sunburn). With male pig spine of a foot two inches, decocting, water five bowl, in the silver stone and cook, go to the meat and bone, filter residue, take juice, a bowl, fasting any SIP service. Avoid cold, salt, dirty. To subtract half baked licorice residue, for the end of rice water transfer service, not to. (three for "pig ridge soup")

Usage and dosage of the pig

Oral administration: fried soup, 60-180g; or burning ash research at the end, each 6-9g. For external use: moderate amount, burn the ash to adjust apply; or distillate oil.

The side effects of the pig

1, if the spleen and stomach, poor digestion of food, easy to cause gastrointestinal satiety or diarrhea, therefore, should add ginger or pepper in the soup.

2, eat cold and fever during acute intestinal inflammation infection diet.

3, fracture is not suitable for drinking soup, the medium can be a small amount of eating, drinking can achieve good therapeutic effect.

The method of eating pork

Because, as the one-time add method is 1, nutrition experts recommend boiled bone soup, stew, the first wash the bones cracked, and then placed in cold water, cold water, and slowly heated in the water boil can add just the right amount of vinegar, because vinegar can make the bones of phosphorus, calcium dissolved into the soup; at the same time, do not prematurely salt, because salt can make the meat containing the water ran out, will speed up the protein coagulation, the impact of the soup is delicious. In addition, the experts recommended the stew with pressure cooker pressure cooker stew of time not too long, while the soup of vitamins and other nutrients loss, bone marrow contains trace elements also is absorbed.

2, stew bone soup (or soup), it is best to use cold water. Because the meat on the bones with a little meat, if one began pour hot water or boiled water into the pot, the surface of the meat suddenly subjected to high temperature, the outer layer of the meat proteins will soon solidified, the layer of protein can not be fully dissolved into the soup, only a add enough cold water, and slowly heated, the protein can be fully dissolved into the soup, the taste of the soup only more delicious.

3, fracture at the early stage (1 ~ 2 weeks) mostly during braking, at this time, should avoid eating too much greasy soup bones and a large number of difficult to digest meat, also not intake too high calcium, diet as long as easily digested and absorbed, tonic should put fracture during the middle and late stages can be nursed back to health.

Pig soup

Pig bone soup with calcium, anti-aging, blood and to promote the growth and development effects, but for calcium bone soup, the network is not the same argument. The netizen is proved by experiments to boil the soup calcium content of two hours is very low, can not achieve the role of calcium. The results of this experiment is not false, but this decision pig bone soup does not have the role of calcium is not very scientific, because only in the soup by adding vinegar, can make bone calcium melting, vinegar more and dissolution of calcium more. The soup also has the effect of calcium.

Pig bone protein content is also very rich, and its protein is 2 times higher than the milk powder, is 23% times the pork, 61% times higher than the beef, is more than 1 times the egg. In addition to the protein content is abundant, pig bones iron content is high, is more than 9 times of milk powder, 2.5 times the 8.5 times that of beef, pork, egg 1 times. So often drink pig bone soup can to prevent hair loss, blood, enhancing immunity and relieving fatigue. Pig also contains anti-aging efficacy, bone containing collagen and some special customs and the nutrients, can slow down aging bone speed.

Above is the relevant knowledge of some pig, if want to know more Chinese herbal medicine, please continue to pay attention to the regimen of traditional Chinese medicine health channel.