Morning to eat apples, good morning empty stomach to eat apples are good

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Morning to eat apples, good morning empty stomach to eat apples are good

2016-10-25 22:32:25 2392 ℃

Apple, which we can see all the year round fruit, the same is also one of the fruits containing nutrients up to. As a result, many people tend to eat apples in the morning. For the sake of health, a lot of people ask to eat apples in the morning. What do you have for breakfast in the morning? Next for the detailed introduction, for your reference.

In the morning to eat apples?

In the morning to eat apples? Eating apples in the morning is good for human health.

Apple contains a lot of sugar, so the first Apple should eat the morning fasting, because after the dinner last night to the day before breakfast is generally more than 10 hours without eating, glycogen depleted, the morning is very tired. Fasting to eat an apple, fructose quickly converted to glucose, absorbed by the body, about half an hour after the morning people are generally self full of go, hungry, eat apples can add sugar, so the morning to eat apples high nutritional value. The following are the benefits of eating apples:

1, prevent aging

Apple contains calcium and vitamin E, has the effect of diuretic beauty, can help prevent aging.

2, for women of pregnancy reaction

Eating apple can not only add calories, vitamins, etc., but also regulate the balance of water and salt and electrolyte, to prevent the frequent vomiting caused by acid poisoning.

3, increase appetite

Benefit from the growth of infant apple contains dissolved phosphorus and iron, easy to digest, beneficial to the baby's growth and development, but also can prevent the occurrence of rickets in infants.

4, prevention of diabetes

Apple contains pectin, can prevent cholesterol increased, reduce blood sugar levels, the amount of eating apples on the prevention and treatment of diabetes have a certain role. The treatment of diabetes is advised to eat acid apples.

5, the general will

Apple's organic acid and cellulose can promote intestinal peristalsis, can make the stool soft, easy to drain, so eating apples can promote defecation, the treatment of stool dry. Apple should be cooked to eat.

6, weight loss

Apple contains a large number of vitamins, malic acid, can promote the accumulation of fat in the human body decomposition, often eat apples can prevent obesity. Too much fat, need to eat some sour apple.

7, prevention and treatment of anemia

Eat apples can increase hemoglobin, make skin white tender red, therefore, for patients with anemia, eating apples can play a certain role in adjuvant therapy. For the treatment of anemia can be Apple raw or cooked food.

8, prevention and treatment of high blood pressure

Apple contains more potassium, less sodium, Apple's potassium can be combined with excess sodium in the body, so that the. Therefore, often eat apple or often drink apple juice, very good for patients with hypertension. Studies show that apple can be like cholesterol lowering drugs, so that blood cholesterol lowering.

9, enhance memory

Apple is not only rich in sugar, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients in the brain, but also more important is that it is rich in zinc. According to the study, zinc is a component of many important enzymes in the human body, and it is the key element to promote the growth and development. The body will have adverse effects on memory deficiency.

10, diarrhea

Because Apple is rich in tannic acid, malic acid, organic acid, pectin and cellulose and other substances have convergence effect. The pectin and cellulose and absorption of bacteria and toxins, so can antidarrhea. The only daily morning fasting eat 1 apples, can be effective; treatment with watery diarrhea and adding water boiled half ripe apple, even eat soup.

What do you have for breakfast in the morning?

1, children's breakfast

Children are the growth and development of a strong period, focus on the rich protein and calcium is very important.

First of all, a small amount of sugar to eat foods high in order to prevent the cause of tooth decay and obesity.

Children's breakfast is usually a cup of milk, an egg and one or two pieces of bread for the best of the condition. Milk can be used to drink with fruit juice and other beverages. Bread can sometimes be replaced by cookies or steamed bread.

2, young people's breakfast

Adolescent physical development faster, often muscles, bones and a long, especially the need for adequate calcium, vitamin C, A and other nutrients have always been to help the body's growth and development.

Therefore, the youth is a suitable breakfast cup of milk, a fresh fruit, one egg and 22 point (mainly Steamed Buns, bread, biscuits and other carbohydrates).

3, the middle of the breakfast

Middle aged is an eventful year, shouldering the work, family two task, physical and mental burden is relatively heavy, slow down the aging process for middle-aged people, the diet should contain protein, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus rich, and should be kept lower in calories and fat. Can choose skim milk, soy milk and other beverages.

Food is relatively simple, but do not eat sweet (Deep-Fried Dough Sticks, compared with sugar and other food), general Steamed Buns, bread can be, but do not add the bread the kind of oil well.

Can also choose to eat a fruit. If you want to eat eggs, then do not eat egg yolk.

Breakfast can also eat some vegetables, such as lettuce, fruits and vegetables are different. In addition to eat some food, then more good nutrition, including onions, green vegetables, radish...... But not too much, as long as some of the components of the food on the line, the fruit can also be. As for the drink has 200ML~250ML just fine.