What life habits are in your life?

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What life habits are in your life?

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< three > the original interpretation of the "ancient naive theory";

Bo Qi period of previous people praised and Qibo began criticism now. Now people fifty and the decline of the reasons are pointed out.

Literal translation:

Now with the ancients is different, the wine as drinks like water like booze and without restraint, the unhealthy living habits as normal life, taking advantage of the strength of the wine sex, indulge their lust, the vital essence and energy dissipation and don't know how maintenance of kidney essence, keep the essence! Don't know nursed their mental and emotional, only for the happy heart, black and white reversed, indulge in wilful diem, making life with no rules, so to 50 year old began to aging.

With wine as a pulp

"Pulp", a kind of sour beverage made from ancient times,

Sometimes the water is also known as pulp, to wine as pulp, that is, to drink without restraint.

In order to exhaust its essence, in order to dissipate its true

"Fine" and "real" essence or qi and Qi (QI) deposit in the kidney, also known as kidney, kidney, congenital infuriating!

I do not know the full, from time to time to the God

"Hold", keep and keep the meaning.

"Full", conservative into the industry that. Note: Wang Bing said to love God as the essence and the filling of the device, accidentally move, give up innocent.

"When", good or know.

"From time to time the Royal God", that is not good at controlling your mind.

Works fast their hearts, against the health and music

"Inverse" through "drowning", the meaning of addiction.

"Service" and "inverse" similar, meaning that the pursuit of the heart to speed up the pursuit of sexual pleasure.

Important principles and methods of health preservation:

By Yin and Yang -- conform to day, YangZheng evil

And in a few patients, affordable movement, proper health

Diet has a section - balanced diet, nourishing blood

Daily life has often - the regular work and rest, should keep the air

Not overworked, emotional control, maintain the shape of gas

We now bad habits with thousands of years ago Qibo listed no different, now based on the medical classic of the Yellow Emperor. Ancient naive theory "to health care is not out of date.

Now life is good, and more entertainment, but the spirit of emptiness!

Science and technology developed, but living habits are bad!

The popularity of smart phones, cervical spondylosis, myopia increased!

Once a reporter to interview, a hundred years old, ask its longevity, old people say "do not smoke, do not drink, not banging other women!" Someone commented, "what do you mean by living there?" With this comment There are plenty of people who!

In the wayward fling, such as the great poet Li Bai, and the short life of offspring to bad! Daily do not pay attention to health, spirit of unnecessary popular, Ill do not reflect on their bad habits, only blame the doctor level is not high! Even if the medicine is good, will make merry! This is the typical "often recklessly" thinking.

Disease of modern life is mostly caused by the daily bad living habits, in the bad habits of life slowly dissipation "Qi", to the critical point, a "evil" invasion "diseases come on horseback down", TCM "preventive treatment of disease" and stressed that is disease not to raise, disease prevention in the health care of the first view, more significance for contemporary society, promotion of correct Chinese medicine health care more urgent!

With the improvement of people's living standard, people begin to pay attention to health care, care about all kinds of health care information. However, all kinds of health information, "experts" said that this can eat, that can not eat. A few years ago was also made by a bean "doctor" jokes! Sick, anxious touyi......

The thing is not beautiful and evil, the harm! The concept of health care right, read from the "Yellow Emperor". The beginning of ancient naive theory.

We read through the "Yellow Emperor". Ancient naive theory, also know the basic principles of health preserving,Know abstinence, to change the bad habits of life, always don't overdraw the body, as far as possible regular life, to find suitable for their own health and living habits, in the spirit of sustenance, have to pursue, so that we can live happily and healthy!

Refer to the second edition of the "Internal Classics" in the reference books of the higher medical institutions of higher learning

See "edited by Liu Yongsheng all the Yellow Emperor"

See Xu Wenbing Liang Dong compiled the "Yellow Emperor" home manual "ancient naive theory"