Sperm after eighty-one 99 difficult to see the egg princess!

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Sperm after eighty-one 99 difficult to see the egg princess!

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Why women can be pregnant,

Depends on the sperm can enter the ovary,

And this road is for sperm.

Can be described as the five off, cut six will",

Via eighty-one 99 difficult.

1, the acidic environment should not stay

According to male infertility experts pointed out that the pH value of the female vagina is about 4, for microorganisms and sperm, this environment is completely unable to survive. Although semen contains some alkaline substances (such as the seminal vesicle secretion), can in the sperm into the vagina to neutralize the effect, but inside female vagina acidic substances continued to produce, so stay time shoulds not be too long.

2, the "Long March" will be tired of lying, blacksmith needed its hard

Male infertility experts pointed out that the sperm length about 60 microns, and the female's vagina length is 8 cm (80000 micron). Just the vagina this paragraph of distance is enough "tadpoles" have a long journey. Plus to break the barrier of cervical mucus, and other obstacles, if the quality of the sperm itself is not good swim halfway will be tired.

Sperm through the vagina, after entering the fallopian tube sperm egg binding, in the womb of the implantation process.

3, "lost sperm" countless

Under normal circumstances, the female only one egg is discharged each time, both sides of the ovary ovulation. The sperm really is no small challenge -- because two fallopian tube like "fork in the road", there is always a part of the sperm will go to the wrong way, a lot of sperm embarked on forever could not meet the egg on the road of no return.

4, excessive alcohol, life is not easy

Nicotine can interfere with the secretion of sex hormones in the male body, and the direct destruction of sperm. In addition, long-term heavy drinking, will also affect the normal development of sperm. Therefore, men have to quit smoking during pregnancy, to avoid nicotine sperm infertility. The effect of smoking on sperm morphology was found in semen cytology.

5, "high temperature" is the natural enemy of sperm"

In order to maintain a lower temperature, the human and animal's testis is "plug-in", which can ensure the normal production of sperm. Poor heat dissipation will lead to sperm in a period of time quality decline, and if long-term hot, it will greatly affect the survival rate and quality of sperm. Abnormal morphology of sperm in the semen of patients with.

6, it is likely to be eaten by macrophages"

Vasectomy is a kind of method of ligation of the vas deferens after sterilization. This sperm from the testis, it can not be normal discharge in vitro, let alone with the egg cell combination. Where did these sperm go? Observed in the body, after vasectomy, sperm will devour macrophages.

7, Treponema pallidum possessed doomed.

Syphilis is a small and slender, end tip of the spiral shaped microorganisms, mainly through sexual contact, placenta, birth canal and other transmission and very few people by means of non sexual contact, blood transfusion, indirect contact infected. The sperm, survival rate and motility of the infected by syphilis were lower than normal sperm, and it was prone to deformity.

8, some drugs are also.

According to semen exfoliative cytology research pointed out that, in fact, abnormal sperm is not only people take the initiative to contraceptive spermicidal agent, life and many other substances will be in the dark threat to human sperm. Pollutants in the air, or drugs used to treat cancer, are likely to produce toxicity to sperm.

9, long time no ejaculation, easy to die

Epididymis is the repository of sperm. Sperm from the testes, must be stored in the epididymis after a certain period of time, it has the ability to let the egg fertilization. However, long time stored sperm will be degraded due to aging, such as the deformation of the top body, the content of DNA and the change of chromosome. Therefore poor sperm quality, difficult to conceive is also inevitable. Therefore, prepare pregnant couple 2-3 times weekly with the best, not intercourse too little or too frequent.

10, "one" reached a safe stronghold

Finally, after moving safely in the stronghold of sperm membrane of ovary wall, if successful, will soon meet and eggs. The journey is not easy, really can be called off five off six will be". Successfully settled down, just waiting for the arrival of the new life!

There is only one sperm from the sperm generation, through the vas deferens and to the female vagina, uterus and fallopian tubes, the journey is full of various risks and challenges. However, the real can allow the egg to accept. In fact, the pregnancy is also followed the one egg a refined". So as couples of childbearing age, protect sperm, released before replenish folic acid and fertility of the margin needed to maintain good sperm production, nutrition, to ensure that their sperm healthy enough, then you are pregnant opportunity is relatively higher, why not do it?

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