Every day a bowl, three weeks back crescent finger!

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Every day a bowl, three weeks back crescent finger!

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Every day in front of his hand, as if there is almost no concern about the new moon, in fact, it contains a lot of health information oh.

Today the Qian son with small owners look at the small crescent in the end what magic.

What is the new moon in your fingers?

Crescent moon

The crescent shaped area below 1/5 is called a half moon, which is what we call a "half moon mark", "a new moon".

The "Yellow Emperor" pointed out: "liver storing blood, main bar, the Chinese in the claw". Claw or nail, color and form a small piece of nail, can reflect the ups and downs of human blood.

A half and a half of the normal should be a half of the arc Oh ~.

If a few half, reflecting the spirit is not enough, the spleen and stomach function and blood level are rather weak.

Cause the bad habits of Qi and blood

Daily life continues, small owners may feel that every day, a very hi, but in fact, a lot of behavior is in danger itself!

Stay up late

Cold drink cold drink

Violent activities, a lot of sweat

A form of sweat and body fluid, so a lot of small main sweat, feel ruddy complexion, which is physical perception in the table of deficiency of Qi and blood of deployed, but the next day will feel the skin dry, this is the lack of body fluid.

The excessive

The angry

"Liver angry, angry will hurt liver, liver storing blood", so angry also affect the blood. This is why a lot of people angry feeling dizziness thirst, because their blood and body fluids insufficient.

Every day a bowl of healthy beauty back

"Through the" cloud: "the spleen and stomach is the source of Qi and blood metaplasia, small owners spend a little time to cherish the body and spirit!

Every day at noon to these ingredients in a bowl with good bubble, washing dishes at a pressure cooker stew, before going to bed is changed into heat preservation mode, get out of bed in the morning boil can eat, before and after a total spend 10 minutes.


Wolfberry into the liver, within the cloud: "liver storing blood", Chinese wolfberry nourishing and protecting blood, Jiufu Qingshenjianfei not old.

Jujube wolfberry porridge

Food ingredients:

Red dates, Chinese wolfberry, rice


The ingredients of cleaning, and then all the way into the pot, in the right amount of water boiling.


Jujube and the five internal organs, warm the spleen and stomach, Qi and blood, the Shennong Bencao Sutra records the Anzhong (spleen and stomach, spleen, flat stomach, Jiuqiao, help by 12, fill fluid.

Jujube spleen, "the spleen's governing transportation", real-time "Mizutani subtle" to the body of a radius, will let you from the inside to outside put a young and dynamic.

And take a look at the way the small Qian son main resume.

Every day she a bowl, family health

Is not see clearly? Hey, original here ~

After three weeks of confrontation, her fingers began to change the new moon, from the beginning of the arc length to a very elegant arc, the feeling is very elegant hand, the brain is also very beautiful to fill the face ~ (HA HA)

She insist to drink porridge every day, really done! Porridge is the most stomach to eat food, if there is targeted to eat, the results will be faster!

Come and change itself.

Understand the female's life know health than the clothes and shoes mainly, not luck, it would not come close to the disease, received micro channel search"The little master is a thousand years old"There are more common sense, traditional Chinese medicine regimen for oh!

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