111 year old favorite this bowl of soup, more than 20 years did not go to the hospital, blood pressure and blood sugar

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111 year old favorite this bowl of soup, more than 20 years did not go to the hospital, blood pressure and blood sugar

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Although alreadyAt the age of 111Old age, but sheClear thinking, clear speechCan arrange itself, small daily affairs, but also with something to walk freely.

Although alreadyAt the age of 111, the doctor was surprised to find the physical examination, sheThe blood pressure, blood glucose, blood lipid is standard, and almost more than and 70 year old man had heart.

She is who, she is how to do it?

The first pan macrobian old person 111 years old birthday photos

She is Wuhan the oldest old pan first, she was born in 1905, having 4 children, the youngest daughter has 70 years old.

A lot of people may feel longevity is difficult to, longevity and health is a luxury, Claus experience tells us: health is macrobian if everyone can do it.

When it comes to the pan first of the elderly longevity secret, her granddaughter Cui LAN Xia said that her like a child, at the ends of the three days to drink soup, especially lovePig's trotters soup.


In this way the long-lived delicacy.

Daily trivial we mentioned to eat pig's trotters and a lot of people think of high cholesterol food, in fact, right amount edible pig's feet and benefits a lot. The old man loved the fact what magic pig's trotters soup function?

1, rich nutrition and health

Trotters rich protein, fat and carbohydrates are our body beneficial nutrients, appropriate drinking trotters soup can enhance a constitution, speed up the body metabolism, delay aging, people will be long-lived.

2, beauty, keep the

There are many benefits of pig's trotters soup, women beauty, make the skin more compact, keep the youth.

3, nourishing blood, nourishing the body

Pig's trotters common Jianpi Yiqi of traditional Chinese medicine or food, for anemia and platelet reduction and leukocyte reduction disease that deficiency of Qi and blood.

And for often weakness in the limbs and easily cramps people, pig's trotters soup is a tonic food, and even for digestive tract hemorrhage, hemorrhagic shock and ischemic encephalopathy in patients with eating.

4, for insomnia

Eat stew to relieve the central nervous system of pig's trotters after exciting action. Improve the effect on anxiety and neurasthenia, insomnia.

5, for the pain of joint pain, cold

The muscle nerve abnormalities caused by calf cramps or numbness of the people, eat some soup has a role in mitigation pig's trotters.

If the wind cold dampness and resistance in the joints, showing pain, cold, not flexion and extension, can also eat pig's trotters soup, the right medicine "With reinforcement"The truth.

Pig's trotters soup nutritional value is so good, how to make this delicious? Here comes a study.

Pig's trotters soup is easy to do a snapshot


Pig's trotters cold water pot of water, water, spring onion, rice wine, boiled water for 5 minutes.<13>





Look at the color, observing the hooves.Normal to the hair after the pig's trotters should be light yellow, white and so to see the net to raise the alert pig's trotters.

Is the best trial scale itself hand and hand white again, also did not enter the ranks of bleaching, so the reference hand skin color, you can very well to distinguish the "white" Feibi "white".<1Two3>


Look at the size of more than head

Soaked all pig's trotters than did soaked, buy pig's trotters cannot simply pick up the big challenge.

Normal pig about 82 to a pound of twenty-two mercy, if it is too high that must not trotters circles, "Yao Ming", but the complete bleaching goods.<12Three>


Touch, sticky clay

Is water soaked pig's trotters feels sticky, not soaked, not sticky feeling.

With the hand gently press the pig's trotters, soaked pig's trotters feel hard, not soaked up by the softer.


Near point, smell

Soaked pig's trotters can smell light flavor syrup, sometimes the flavor syrup will smell their lives pork. No soaked is not smell smell.

Pig's trotters soup nutrition is rich, is worthy of the longevity of the elderly favorite diet, and it is also very simple, at home might cook some eat, to prolong the life of great benefit, especially for children and the elderly in. A good way must be recommended to people around the way, master health live past the age of 100!

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