In the summer, there are 10 major benefits of eating grapes! Unfortunately, many people will not eat!

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In the summer, there are 10 major benefits of eating grapes! Unfortunately, many people will not eat!

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Summer grapes began to market, do not look down on a small grape, eating grapes have many benefits! Grape health secrets, do you know?

Ten major benefits of eating grapes1 prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Studies have shown that grape seed and grape skin containing antioxidant resveratrol, has a positive role in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, than the aspirin to prevent thrombus formation, and can help lower cholesterol levels in human serum, reduce platelet cohesion.

Grapes in the glucose, organic acids, amino acids, vitamins on the nerves of the brain has a role in the brain, and often eat nervous breakdown and excessive fatigue are also beneficial.

3 expectorant

Long term smokers can eat more grapes. Grapes can help lung cell detoxification, and has expectorant effect, can reduce smoking induced airway inflammation, itching, and other symptoms.

4 antivirus

Grape juice has an auxiliary effect on the rehabilitation of the frail patients, the patients with vascular sclerosis and nephritis. Can help the organ transplant patients to reduce rejection, promote an early recovery. Direct drinking grape juice and antiviral effect.

5 weight loss

Grapes to eat is not easy to gain weight. Women eat a dozen or so fresh black grapes or green grapes, which contain a lot of vitamin a day, not only to achieve weight loss, but also beneficial to cardiovascular health.

6 increase appetite

Raisins as nutritious food, suitable for physical weakness to eat, appetizing appetite, and tonic stop vomiting, analgesic effect.

7 anticancer

Grape contains flavonoids is a powerful antioxidant, can clear the body of free radicals, there are anti-cancer effects. The study showed that the incidence of cancer was also significantly reduced in those growing grapes and eating grapes.

8 anti aging

Flavonoids in grape can resist aging. Edible grape skins, beneficial to the health of patients with ischemic heart disease and atherosclerotic heart disease. Grape skin color darker, more flavonoids, better protection of the heart.

9 against hepatitis

Liver prone to problems of the right amount of eating grapes. Because the grapes contains natural active substances, glucose and a variety of vitamins and cellulose, to protect liver, reduce ascites and edema in lower extremities effect is very obvious, can increase the plasma albumin, lower transaminase, the liver is not good even hepatitis patients are very useful. Acid in the grape can also help digestion, increase appetite, prevent the occurrence of fatty liver after hepatitis. Raisins are an important source of iron supplementation in patients with hepatitis.

10 detoxification

In Chinese medicine, grapes can be Shengjinzhike, Spleen Qi tonic, diuretic. Summer eat properly, can help eliminate toxins, heat.

Different colors of grape nutrition are different

In addition to the common nutrition of the grape, the different color of the grapes have nutritional stress.

Red grapeWith reverse transcriptase, can soften blood vessels, promoting blood circulation, prevent thrombosis, cardiovascular patients may wish to eat. Reverse transcriptase is most abundant in red grape skins, the content, the best eat with skin;

WhiteWith Tonifying the lung qi, moistening lung, cough, very suitable for people suffering from respiratory diseases in food;

Green grapeLay particular stress on clearing away heat and toxic material;

Purple grapeRich in anthocyanins, can be beauty anti-aging;

Black grapeWhile the effectiveness of Yin nourishing and black hair is more prominent.

Eat the most healthy grapes

The grapes do not spit grape skin "is no longer a laugh tongue twister, but a scientific diet words. Red grapes contain antioxidant substances, resveratrol, mainly in the grape skins, living, and grape seed rich superior antioxidant anthocyanins, according to scientists at Harvard University. So the best method is to eat and wash with a belt seed chew swallow, otherwise the loss of more than half of the loss of nutrition.

Wash the grapes, clean and fast.

Add the appropriate amount of water in the basin, and then add a tablespoon of flour (usually used in flour can be), stirring evenly.

After standing for 2 minutes, the handle of the grape was carried in the water, and the hand was in the water.

When the flour water becomes cloudy, the grapes will be washed clean, remove the grapes, and then washed with water, you can rest assured that the consumption of.

Why flour water so God?

1, because the viscosity of the flour water is relatively large, grape in the flour water a Shabu Shabu, dirt, the grape is sticky flour water stick down away, so the grapes will wash very clean.

2, the most important is that this cleaning method is more sanitary, more environmentally friendly, more secure!

3, the coup also can wash raisins, dried jujube, Chinese wolfberry fruit.

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