The couple bedroom with this health will be damaged!

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The couple bedroom with this health will be damaged!

2016-07-21 03:44:40 360 ℃

It is everyone's wish to have a belongs to own a house, when both husband and wife have belong to own a suite, preferences will according to itself demand for all types of placement, but arrange bedroom is exquisite, or easy to damage their health.

Now many people in the city itself has the ability to buy a house belonging to their own time, this is a home, so for the furniture will be placed in a special place. Did you know the five kind of arrangement of the bedroom is the most taboo?? you know the bedroom placed note what you? Today is for you to introduce the bedroom to put knowledge, to see hasten to fun couples are interested in.

Bedroom arrangement taboo

In general, we go home after work, 1/ based on more than 1/3 of the time is to spend in our bedroom, is to, for the bedroom arrangements, but also not be hasty.

The decoration or decoration, bedroom design there is only one rule: simple the best.

1 TV, computer into the bedroom

TV, computer and other household electrical appliances, the electromagnetic wave will occur at a certain level to interfere with people's sleep, the impact of health.

And those who do not watch TV more than a few couples to communicate more, each time they talk about the foundation can reach 15 minutes.

2 the bathroom is in the bedroom.

Today big Huxing design, master general city with a bathroom, referred to as the main Wei, bathing, going to the toilet, needless to out of the bedroom, on the population of the family is very practical.

But the bathroom and then pay attention to smell and damp are unavoidable. Especially most of the main Wei has no windows, only a vent, the moisture in the bathroom inevitably enter the bedroom, bedding received moisture, blanket up uncomfortable.

Generally we all know relatively humid Fuga is can let a person easily long eczema, or dermatitis and other fungal diseases, like skin tinea, tinea of feet and hands are will increase the incidence of these diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to recommend the purchase of the bathroom with a window of the house, so as to prevent moisture.

3 bedroom full of green plants

Green plants could purify the air, add oxygen, and can relieve severe emotional, so a lot of people to they moved into the bedroom, however, when the night light illumination is insufficient when, green plants oxygen inhalation, emit carbon dioxide.

More green plants in the bedroom, the more carbon dioxide exhaled, and sleep closed doors and windows, indoor air is not smooth, will make people for a long time in hypoxia, resulting in continued listless.

4 in the bedroom there is a fish tank

According to the market survey shows that the current domestic home has more than 25 million aquarium tanks, and the number of Chinese families have aquarium aquarium has spanned 80 million.

But need to pay attention to is, it is better not to fish in the bedroom, because the volume of the aquarium is greater than that of general fish tank, a lot of Phi hair moisture, so as to increase the indoor humidity, easily mould to grow, leading to biological pollution, will aquarium air pump noise and affect sleep.

Preferably the fish tank on the living room or study.

5 Plush toys on the pillow

Poor quality plush toys will not only hair loss, material may also be black cotton, is likely to contain a large number of bacteria, can cause respiratory and skin infections, which can affect the health.

Even good quality toys, when a long time, but also because of the external pollution caused by bacteria and the best place to grow. Suggested plush toys to buy home, try not to put on the bed or bedside.

Bedroom placed focus on matters

Mirror is not right in front of the bed

If there is any side of the mirror control, are unlucky. In addition to the impact of health and feeling of husband and wife, but also can affect the wealth, children etc.. Especially the position of the end of the bed, but not a mirror.

Because the mirror is like a mirror of the real, will make the person mood restless. If you want to install a mirror in the bedroom, what is the best place to hide.

Do not close to the bed

If bedroom even affixed kitchen, bed should not be placed clingy kitchen party, because the kitchen fire, easy to sick or a serious effort, expression impetuous.

Berth avoid beams

Bed should not be placed under the cabinet, beam or lighting. Otherwise, it will lead to headaches, joint pain and other diseases, or damage to the reputation.

Head of the bed should not be on the door

The bedroom light wants downy. If the room light is too strong, make the person easily grumpy; if the light is too dim for easily depressed feelings.

If the head of the bed is the door or bedroom door, Feng Shui, known as the "door", it is not easy to sleep and calm, easy to send a nightmare or hallucinations.

The bed should be pressed to the wall or things, not space, known as the "patron" of Feng shui. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the illusion, frustrated, serious may lead to the separation of energy.

Not suitable for placement in the bedroom of the plant

1, orchid: its aroma will cause insomnia.

2, Bauhinia pollen: it will trigger asthma symptoms of disease or increased coughing.

3, shy grass: it can make the hair off the body contains.

4, China rose: a strong smell of it, will make some people have chest discomfort, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties.

5, Lily: its fragrance will also make the person's central nervous system through the excitement and cause insomnia.

6, tuberose fragrance: it causes hypertension and heart disease patients might not dizzy induction.

8, pine fragrance: coniferous trees and flowers of human gastrointestinal stimulation effect.

9, Hydrangea flowers: it's like particles, leave skin allergies and stimulate the pruritus.

10, tulips: its flowers contain a toxic alkali, contact for a long time, will accelerate the hair loss.

11, Rhododendron anthopogonoides: its flowers contain a toxin, once eaten, it will cause poisoning, severe cases can cause shock.

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