Skin itching commonly used external use "clears" taboo

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Skin itching commonly used external use "clears" taboo

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Core tip: Although the skin itching is not a serious illness, but it will affect people's attitudes and feelings in the work and life, you also because of skin itching and depressed? Appear skin Sao to itch how to do? Is there any magic treatment method can be broken in one fell swoop? Here is to support weapon, will itch medicine convenient skin list, but the point is, these drugs have many "Yi" and "jealous", and you have to touch a minefield?

Although the skin itching is not what a serious illness, but will affect the attitude and mood of people in work and life, but also because of your skin itching and depressed mood? Skin itching how to do? What can have the magic treatment in one fell swoop? Here to support weapon, is convenient and practical medicine will be itching skin list, but the point is, these drugs have many "Yi" and "jealous", and you have to touch a minefield?

First, the use of skin lotion

Urea Ointment, vitamin E cream, silicone oil

Windy and dry season, prone to chapped skin phenomenon, it will directly increase the skin itching, Urea Ointment has 15% to make the protein dissolution, degeneration and increase the role of stratum corneum hydration. Vitamin E cream with antioxidant, antipruritic and moisturizing effect.

Appropriate: more than two kinds of drugs for caused by dry skin or seasonal pruritus. In use after a bath in the water surface of the skin will be dry when wet.

Avoid: will occasionally appear skin burning and itching discomfort, if for the kind of drug allergy should stop to wipe, but not for the skin ulceration department.

Two, gouache skin lotion

Calamine Lotion, Zinc Oxide, compound sulfur lotion Lotion

This kind of powder preparation is relatively mild, after the paint surface temperature by evaporating water away rash. According to the composition of different add lotion, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and antipruritic effect, the price is cheap, and almost no adverse reaction.

Do: use a wide range of people, everyone is not restricted.

Avoid rash: when local dry or with a small amount of liquid, is not suitable for the use of water preparation, in addition, there are also parts of the hair should not be used.

Three, glucocorticoid drugs

Fuqing, piyanping, sicorten etc.

The hormone is immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory drugs is the strongest, has good anti-inflammatory, anti allergic, and superficial vascular contraction function, skin diseases are mostly local allergy, immune disorders, in the absence of good drug treatment, hormone is the most effective drugs for this disease.

Appropriate: itching quickly in the short term, the surface of the skin vascular contraction effect.

Bogey: preparations containing hormones should be based on the strength of different parts for hormone, attention should not be used long or the use of a large area, in order to avoid adverse reactions, such as local skin atrophy, redness and hairy, systemic absorption of obesity, high blood pressure, moon face.

The other can buy in the pharmacy and the Compositus Mentholi Cream antipruritic cream and lidocaine ointment, can be used according to the degree of itching as appropriate, but in the use of time and scope are must pay attention to, must avoid adverse reactions, so, finally, it is also useful:

The 1 part caused by diabetes, liver or kidney complications such as itching can not alone cream to treat itching, professional treatment of the need for the relevant departments to treat "";

2 when the drug effect is not obvious, you can try oral medication, or a professional injection drug treatment;

3 skin pruritus occurred and the daily life environment, personal habits and other related state is very large, itching, conditioning, in a person's diet habits and attitude adjustment are required to correct the effort.


Finally, a little proposal but also to encounter itching unbearable embarrassment like friends, should try to avoid the kinds of stimulation of your own life, such as alcohol, coffee, spicy food, seafood or dabeitaixi mood Hot pot, but also pay attention to the first time away from the body can cause adverse items, such as lint, dust, pollen other allergens.

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