Six bad habits in the rainy days to increase the body's moisture

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Six bad habits in the rainy days to increase the body's moisture

2016-07-20 22:13:06 449 ℃

"Wind, cold, heat, wet, dry, fire" six evils in this disease, the most lethal is dampness. Improper living habits will also allow moisture to take advantage of a weak point health hazards. Therefore, it is recommended that we must put an end to the following bad habits.

Bad habits bring moisture.

Sleep is not enough.

From traditional Chinese medicine point of view, is not enough sleep is the symptom of spleen deficiency, sleep good sleep can make our body more light. It is recommended that you go to bed before 11 pm every night, adding some exercise every day will make you sleep better.

Taste weight.

Gastrointestinal function is good or bad related to nutrition and water metabolism, the best way is the right amount, a balanced diet. Greasy, salty, sweet, too Feiganhouwei food is not easy to digest, easy to cause stomach fullness, inflammation. Fried foods will allow the body to produce peroxide, increase the inflammatory reaction.

Love to eat cold.

TCM believes that the food of raw or cold food, ice cream or cold fruits and vegetables, will make the stomach digestion and absorption function of stagnation, to evil creation invasion opportunity. It is not easy to eat too much, when cooking the best add onions, ginger to weaken the cold nature of vegetables.

Drink great wine.

This was aggravated with the key factors of "damp", from the Chinese speaking, wine to help the wet evil, so alcohol as far as possible to reduce the touch, not alcohol.

Less exercise.

Less movement of people often have a heavy body, weak limbs, such as the performance of large humidity. The more do not love sports, the more moisture in the body, the more the passage of time, the body may also appear disease. Appropriate exercise, such as running, walking, swimming and so on, can promote the coordinated operation of the body organs, accelerate the "wet"".

Old sitting.

Sitting can make a person's brain blood supply deficiency, leading to the reduction of oxygen and nutrients in the brain, increased fatigue, insomnia, memory loss, etc., but also lead to muscle pain, neck stiffness and headache, dizziness.

According to the 3 health often raise spleen dampness acupoint

Large temperature difference between morning and evening. At this time, the sun of heaven, on the ground water wet, damp heat and damp heat to evaporate, evil. The "Yellow Emperor" words "in the spleen through moisture". Due to spleen hi dry wet evil, Dampness Retention, the most easily trapped spleen.

Massage Fenglong, Zusanli, Pishu and other 3 health points, can let the stomach become strong again. Among them, Fenglong is wet to acupoint; Pishu spleen and stomach; and Zusanli can Buzhongyiqi, activate collaterals. More than 3 health points per day by 100 times, it would be a good way to keep stomach dampness.

In addition to massage of nourishing spleen dampness, but also Dietotherapy

Poria porridge: Jianpiqushi

Take rice 100 grams, Amoy net; rice 100 grams, Poria cocos powder 20 grams together into the pot, add appropriate amount of water, transferred to Wuhuo will water and bring to a boil, boiled water after the switch to slow fire boil to erosion, then add salt, ginger particle number, stir well serve. Take one time every morning and evening, according to taste can add brown sugar. Long term consumption can play water infiltration temperature, spleen dampness effect, also has certain curative effect on chronic hepatitis.

Melon porridge - diuretic dampness

Wax gourd 100 grams, 100 grams of rice. Gourd wash, cut into small pieces with the skin, and rice together into the casserole add water, slow fire boiling down to the rice cooked into porridge is a rotten melon. Melon contains rich vitamin and essential trace elements, and diuretic dampness, but also refreshing to share. This porridge can be made into a sweet or salty taste, the best time to eat is the food and beverage time every morning and afternoon.

Barley red bean soup: Jianpiqushi

Take 30-50 grams of red beans, barley 30-50 grams. Method: barley, Chixiaodou wash with water, put it into the soup pot, boil one hour, seasoning. Efficacy: spleen, dampness, especially suitable for wet hot for a long time, mouth pain, yellow urine, yellow and greasy fur.