One can eat rotten fruit? Experts: mouldy fruit decisive throw

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One can eat rotten fruit? Experts: mouldy fruit decisive throw

2016-07-20 22:13:06 681 ℃

Core tip: rotten fruit still can not eat? Said, rotten fruit, even cut off the rotten part can not eat, will eat carcinogenic. And some people think they can eat. So what kind of statement is right?

First of all, we first come to understand a problem, why the fruit will be rotten?

The reason there are three: A is due to microbial infection caused by mildew and rot, the second is due to bumps caused by mechanical damage, and the third is due to frostbite caused by low temperature. Obviously, if it is a mechanical damage or frozen fruit, because the food and decay, so eat a harmful to health will not, but if it is a fruit mildew, has produced a number of toxic substances, should not eat.

For this kind of problem, Beijing TV station "charm science" column, had done an experiment specifically for this purpose. Reporters will be three kinds of rotten method of fruit sent to Beijing city physical and chemical analysis and testing center were conducted experiments. Among them, because biological infection caused by mildew and rot of fruit, good part still exists in a toxin, and mechanical damage, frostbite of fruit is not in the intact part of the detection of toxins.

Are rotten fruit, why the results are so big difference? Experts explain, mechanical damage to the soft fruit of the site, just because the collision, the cell has been damaged, the cytoplasm overflow. At the same time, due to cellular damage, some colourless polyphenols is converted to dark quinone compounds, the wound has a special color. This fruit can be eaten within a short period of time after the collision, and the "bad fruit" will not affect our health.

Similarly, frostbite of fruit is because cell damage, resulting in appearance of rotten phenomenon, but they are not bacterial reproduction, so the fruit is safe.

And if the mildew fruit, it is not suitable for eating. Fan Zhihong, an associate professor of China Agricultural University, told reporters that people eat rotten fruit mycotoxin, may occur dizziness, headache, nausea, abdominal distension, will be a serious life-threatening. A survey by the Chinese Academy of preventive medicine also found moldy apple on the appearance of the normal parts of the patulin content moldy parts of 10-50%, normal part of Apple's patulin content may up to 3 mg / kg. This is the threat of lincomycin most of the toxic substances on human health mildew in fruits.

So some people to mildew place scoop out on directly to eat is health effects, because those seemingly not decayed, complete pulp in fact been bacterial and fungal infection, only with the naked eye can not see nothing. Fruit decay, microbes in the metabolic process will produce a variety of harmful substances, especially the breeding of fungi to speed up. Some fungi have a carcinogenic effect, and can be spread from the rotten part through the juice to the non rotten part.