Eat dinner must be vigilant in the four taboo

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Eat dinner must be vigilant in the four taboo

2016-07-20 22:13:36 706 ℃

Chinese dinner is multifarious, what to eat, some people food, some people are hungry, and eat dinner habits also vary. Let's see what to eat dinner.

Eat dinner must be vigilant in the four taboo

1, the processing of meat too much, increase the risk of cancer

Barbecue is the protagonist of a lot of "meat eating animals" dinner table. Dinner too much barbecue, smoked sauce meat, such as red sausage, barbecue and so on, not only poor nutrition, but also affect the digestion. In the process of barbecue food, will happen Maillard reaction, although the smell of incense, but the influence of the protein digestion and absorption. In addition, meat for dinner held sway, lack of vegetables, amount of exercise and reduce, easily lead to obesity and even increase the risk of breast cancer, colorectal cancer and other malignant tumors.

Therefore, the dinner party should try to stay away from barbecue, hypertension, coronary heart disease patients and digestion and absorption of functional decline in older people should pay attention to. Try to use the braising, boiling and stewing method less oil and salt.

2, do not eat dinner, the stomach is hungry, nerve involvement

In the circle of "NFAM weight method" is very popular, such a diet reduces is not fat, is your health. Gastric emptying of food time is about 4~6 hours, after emptying, the stomach will continue to secrete gastric acid, if there is no food and stomach acid will be long-term erosion of gastric mucosa. Most women lose weight dinner do not eat the staple food and did not increase animal food and the bean product, or merely adds to the low carbohydrate food such as vegetables, tomato, cucumber, a serious decline in protein intake, and led to the lack of a variety of vitamins and minerals. In addition, working overtime due to large consumption of energy, do not eat dinner will make the nerve has been to maintain the excitement, not the normal rest, the impact of second days of work and study efficiency.

3, drink excessive injury nerve, damage the liver stomach

Happy or painful, invited 35 friends "booze" is the choice of many people. Experts say alcohol can make the nervous system of the human body from the excitement to a high degree of inhibition, serious damage to the normal function of the nervous system. Beer although concentrations were low of liquor, into the stomach, the stomach to reduce the secretion of prostaglandin E, resulting in gastric mucosal hyperemia and edema, anorexia, abdominal distension. Liquor and beer together to drink even more terrible, will accelerate liquor alcohol penetration in the body, organ damage, liver, stomach, intestine, kidney and so on, after dinner people drunk unconscious, easily in sleep in the unexpected.

Therefore, it is best not to drink, especially before going to bed 4 to 6 hours. If the wine can not be rejected, it is better to drink before the first cup of warm milk to protect gastric mucosa. Note that the liquor and beer don't choose a drunk, you can drink Green Tea hangover. A moderate amount of red wine is much better than white wine and beer.

4, beware of old eating leftovers nitrite

Nitrite will be combined into nitrosamines in the stomach with amine as a carcinogen. Some lazy love and thrifty people will eat the leftovers sent at noon. There have been domestic scholars experiment, noon leftovers into the refrigerator, 6 hours after dinner time out heating, found that nitrite content increased, fried vegetables increased by 16%, braise in soy sauce meat increased by 70%, more than the national food contaminants limited standard ". And 18 hours later (that is, the next day breakfast time), all dishes are more than the national standard of nitrite content. So, the best cook a meal, if the leftovers, cool in the refrigerator immediately after. Storage time should not be too long, not every meal is appropriate, it is best to eat within 5 hours. Fish and shrimp shellfish and other high protein meal to get the best, otherwise left to eat is not good for the pancreas. Meat must be its heat, the best heating for more than 10 minutes, or microwave heating for more than 1 minutes. Don't eat hot water or soup bubble leftovers, lest the heating is not complete.

Principles of eating healthy meals

1, simple, quantitative based

Compared to the breakfast and lunch, dinner should eat something simple, general requirements for dinner for the supply of energy does not exceed 30% of the total full-time dietary energy can be. In the food can not be avoided without limit to eat at the same time to ensure that the staple food intake, staple food should be "quantitative", healthy adults at least 300 grams per day, dinner can be properly reduced. On the other hand should be to maintain good nutrition conducive to digestion and coarse grains in staple food choices.

2, vegetarian dinner more healthy

Dinner must be partial to rich in vitamins and carbohydrates in food based, in particular, should eat more fresh vegetables, as far as possible to reduce the excessive intake of protein, fat foods. The dinner must be very good attention, but not for a large amount of food should be no more. Dinner should be more than two kinds of vegetables, both to increase the vitamin and can provide fiber. In addition, pasta can reduce the amount of proper eating whole grains, can eat some small fish. If you can go out for a walk after 40 minutes of dinner, it will be very beneficial to the digestion and absorption of food.

3, light, low fat, easy to digest

Dinner should be light, pay attention to the choice of fat less, easy to digest food, and attention should not be too full to eat. Dinner over nutrition, consumption of fat will be accumulated in the body, resulting in obesity, affect health. Dinner time is too long, too late, eat too much bad sleep, it is easy to cause the human body indigestion and insomnia.