Network transmission " water injection crab " the Department of rumors spread for many years

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Network transmission " water injection crab " the Department of rumors spread for many years

2016-07-20 22:14:10 541 ℃

Recently, a businessman to give Scylla injection water of the video in WeChat crazy circle of friends. The video display, an aunt holding a syringe to a basket of crabs by injecting only unknown liquid. Related to the net posts, this is illegal pedlar to water crab body weight gain, more exaggerated claims that this is in the "injection fake crab poison people". The video triggered a large number of users of food safety panic.

Reporters learned that the so-called water injection crab is actually a rumor spread for many years, has long been more than the industrial and commercial sector locked as a false message. Aquatic experts said, to crab water injection or injection of drugs in the technology is not feasible, to the crab body injection liquid, will lead to the rapid death of crabs.

Fishery association of native aquatic organisms and water ecological committee chairman Zhuo Cheng Zhou in an interview with the media said that businesses to crab injection has no meaning, crab body actually throughout the "guts", to the crab body injection liquid, within the context of the osmotic pressure change, will lead to various organs dehydration shrinkage or swelling, ultimately accelerate the crab's death, "the death of the crabs is almost not sell, businesses are not so stupid".

There have been reports about the video and related news of the "pinhole crab" in water injection. While each should lead to strong public concern, but as of now, there is no conclusive evidence that pinhole crab is a water injection or drug injection, and more than the business sector as early as the pinhole crab lock as false news.

According to the pinhole "crab", experts said, some consumers reflect in the market to buy a crab with the eye of the needle, in fact, are swimming crab. The crab shell on both sides of the sharp, in the fishing process their mutual extrusion will tie into the body of the other crabs, resulting in a one like the eye of the needle hole.

At the same time, the consumers have to reflect, have seen food stalls businesses with a syringe to the mouth of the Yellow crab. Experts say, in fact, this is a cooking technique, the wine and seasonings and placed in the syringe injection ahead of the crab in the mouth, then immediately on the steaming pot, the taste will be very good.

For the water crabs, "the rumors, Zhuo Cheng Zhou reminded, regardless of the crab and crab, regardless of what species, as long as the liquid is injected into the body, whether it is water or wine and soon died. "Consumers in the selection of the market when choosing a regular market, the choice of attention to observe, as long as the live crab can be assured to buy".