Eat more bananas to treat constipation? These are the wrong treatment of constipation

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Eat more bananas to treat constipation? These are the wrong treatment of constipation

2016-07-20 22:15:21 595 ℃

Constipation for many reasons, in general may be due to eating too much spicy food stimulation, gastrointestinal function is not good, drinking less, exercise less, but also some special reasons, such as pregnancy, drug constipation, nervous system trauma.

General reason

1, spleen and kidney deficiency: chronic unhealed old people are kidney yang deficiency, Yang, slightly chill will lead to Yang deficiency of spleen and kidney, stagnation of cold and Qi, intestinal weakness, bowel movement difficulty, caused by constipation belongs to cold constipation.

2, lack of body fluid, physical weakness, deficiency of both qi and blood, spleen injuries, less water content, e. transfer weakness, blood deficiency due to loss of body fluid, the large intestine moistening dystrophy, intestinal dry, dry stool, said deficient constipation.

3, hot knot: eating too much spicy, delicious food intake too much, too service temperature compensation of the products can cause Yang Sheng burning Yin, stomach injury body fluid consumption, intestinal dryness heat, injury of Tianjin and constipation, this kind of constipation, also known as heat constipation.

4, qi stagnation: depression, sedentary, bad mood of qi stagnation, slow E. transfer, dross within the stop, constipation, called gas secret.

Special cause

1, drug sex constipation. The use of analgesic drugs and ALUMINUMTOLERANT agents, antidepressants, antiepileptic drugs such as after.

2, nervous system damage. Such as trauma or tumor compression caused by spinal cord injury, can damage the nerve, and then produce constipation.

3, anorectal disease. Hemorrhoids, anal fissure disease, due to severe pain in the anus can cause anal sphincter spasm, delay of defecation, constipation.

4, pregnancy. A large number of progesterone secretion during pregnancy, the uterine smooth muscle relaxation, colon motility.

5, outlet obstruction constipation. This is the lower rectum and anus problems caused by poor bowel movement. Such as pelvic floor achalasia, rectocele, rectal mucosal intussusception etc..

Treatment of constipation must be alert to the 7 diet

1, eat fruit and vegetables

We all know that vegetables and fruits are rich in dietary fiber, and adequate water, can effectively help ease constipation. But if you eat too much, it will cause flatulence and abdominal pain and other symptoms, for the gastrointestinal function of poor people, if eat more fruit is not only unfavorable defecation but will cause irritation to the stomach.

2, a large number of tea

Many people think that drinking tea can help "clear fire", must also be able to play a role in improving constipation. In fact, constipation is not suitable for more tea. Because tea has a convergence effect, drink more but will increase constipation. Suggested to drink plenty of water can be.

3, eat more bananas

The banana can help Runchang, laxative, is often used to improve constipation of a respected food. Need to know only the ripe banana has a laxative effect, no ripe bananas if consumed not only help improve constipation, but will aggravate constipation.

4, eat light do not eat oil

Many people think that lead to their constipation because meat eating too much to eat, to improve constipation especially. In fact, the need to eat more constipation oil, in particular, sesame oil, can effectively help improve constipation, because the grease has a role in lubrication.

5, dietary fiber to eat more

"Dietary fiber can indeed alleviate constipation, but it will cause flatulence and abdominal pain, gastrointestinal poor eat but will cause irritation to the gastrointestinal tract." Nutrition experts told reporters. "Is not all foods rich in dietary fiber has a role, such as yam, it is warm, eat more but aggravate constipation." Experts added.

6, do not eat meat

Some people think that eating meat can help ease constipation, in fact, do not eat meat, but will make constipation worse. This is because the gastrointestinal motility is also a need for power, and the normal diet is to ensure the normal operation of the basic power, otherwise the body of waste is difficult to be discharged in vitro.

7, tea can pass

"A lot of people think tea to constipation, but constipation should not drink. Because the tea has a convergence effect, drink more will increase the constipation." Experts say, however, constipation must drink plenty of water. Ordinary people drink 1200 ml of water a day, constipation to drink 2000 ml, the water into 8-10 times to drink, you can ensure that the intestinal wet, help ease constipation.