Watch three or four hours a day, 5 year old Tablet PC sudden headache twitch

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Watch three or four hours a day, 5 year old Tablet PC sudden headache twitch

2016-07-20 22:18:19 720 ℃

Now, during the summer vacation, but also the children's most relaxed and happy days. However, Yangzhou, a 5 year old boy star (a pseudonym) was a crime, after watching a tablet PC, suddenly shouted a headache, but also from time to time to twitch, to the hospital a check, it is because......

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Watch three or four hours a day

5 year old boy with a headache, convulsions

Since the beginning of the summer, the stars in addition to interest classes, as long as stay at home will be holding a tablet computer to play games, watch cartoons. His parents is one of 85 after the small husband and wife, and the elderly live in together, a class at ordinary times, do not do housework, before and after meals, but also to see their cell phone.

Before the star noisy to let mom and dad tell the story, now with a tablet PC, cartoons, games, fairy tales, what can be seen.

The stars father Liu (a pseudonym) said: "children in this spirit, we simply do not have to teach, hands in the screen to delimit come, can accurately find what he wants."

Sometimes, Mr. Liu will think of such a small star, a long time to see the tablet PC will hurt the body, but he and his wife will be addicted to brush the phone, do not bother to control the child.

And grandpa and grandma, in order not to make the stars noisy, happy to eat, will use the tablet PC as a switching condition.

"The stars are estimated to look at three or four hours a day, how would not think of such consequences would be." In the face of the doctor's inquiry, Mr. Liu said with great regret.

In the evening, watching the stars a tablet computer, suddenly cry, but also from time to time.

[doctor says]

Continuous strong stimulation

Children's brain long fatigue state

"The answer is soon to be found - every day without blinking, the spirit is highly concentrated on the tablet PC, receiving continuous strong stimulation." Yangzhou City pediatric hospital of doctor of vice director of real Wei said that flat-panel computer screen a variety of colors, quick jump picture, stop sending to the children of the retina. Receive the signal of the retina, and then react to the cerebral cortex. In a long-term, continuous stimulation, the cerebral cortex is always in a highly excited state, if the response to the EEG, there will be a lot of abnormal waveform.

"When this waveform is too frequent, the brain for a long time in a state of exhaustion, the child will appear dizziness, headache, convulsions, short-term memory loss, emotional control, and other many symptoms." Fang Wei said that if the parents do not attach great importance to the long-term in the past will be involved in other aspects of the problem, such as indigestion, anorexia and other physical diseases, and with people exchanges, emotional communication barriers, etc..

A lot of similar cases!

12 year old boy playing computer tic fell to the ground

On 12 January 2014, Guangxi, a 12 year old boy at home playing computer, suddenly fell to the ground, convulsions, his teeth to bite the tongue.

Play the game to play out his hands twitch koutubaimo epilepsy

The 19 year old Liu Fang (a pseudonym) who lives in Wuhan Zhuyeshan, is a freshman. Most like to play online games, often stay up late. In February 2015, Liu Fang at home playing online games, suddenly head thrown back, foaming at the mouth, hard muscles of the body, the hands don't stop twitching, keyboard away on the ground. The doctor diagnosed as epilepsy, through the drug treatment of the disease soon get control.

Stay up late watching soap operas every night to see the whole body twitch

In the morning of December 14, 2015, the Third Hospital of Optics Valley City, Wuhan hospital treated a 21 year old male college students. Was the male classmate dislocated his chin, then said not clear, go to the hospital of the students told the doctor that Wang early in the morning of the foaming at the mouth and twitching.

Wuhan City, the Third Hospital of Optics Valley School District emergency department physician Ye Xianzhi said the patient has had a previous history of epilepsy, had convulsions fainted several times, but no system medication treatment, the last few days, stay up late every day watching soap operas, sudden syncope.

In addition to staying up late and tired, many young patients for a long time watching TV, playing video games, playing iPad and mobile phones will also cause epilepsy.

In this reminder ~ ~

Stop playing electronic products for kids!

Stop playing electronic products for kids!

Stop playing electronic products for kids!

Many parents are also aware of the impact of mobile phones and other electronic products for children's vision. However, the impact in the end how much?

Let's take a look at a set of data:

Children even look at the 20 minute projection

The average child vision dropped to 10.4 degrees of myopia status

The tear film in] for an average of 6.3 seconds break-up time (the normal values for 15-45 seconds, less than 10 seconds for morbid)] the average per minute blink 12.67 times rupture

Children play for 20 minutes in a row iPhone

The average child vision dropped to 43.8 degrees of myopia status

The break-up time averaged 5.3 seconds - the average blink 7.67 times per minute

Children play for 20 minutes in a row IPAD

The average child vision dropped to 41.7 degrees of myopia status

The break-up time averaged 5 seconds - the average blink 4.67 times per minute

Children to watch 20 minutes of LCD TV

The average child vision dropped to 18.8 degrees of myopia status

The break-up time averaged 6.7 seconds

The average blink 9 times per minute

Excessive use of electronic products have these hazards!

1, affect brain development

0-2 year old children's brain area ratio is three times the adult, and will continue to develop at high speed to 21 years old. Stimulate brain development factor depends on the environment, if it is too early to the electronic product exposure to the child, will enable their attention lack, cognitive delay, learning ability declining, become more impulsive and lack of self-control, easy to lose his temper.

2, slow development of children

More than walking around to understand things can strengthen children's cognitive ability and learning ability. When using electronic products is often nest in a place for a long time without moving, the results will affect the development of children's ability. In the United States, each child will have a slow development problem.

3, the prevalence of obesity

Research has said that television and games will lead to obesity, if you allow children to use electronic products in the bedroom, the probability of occurrence of obesity will increase by 30%. And obesity can induce diabetes, stroke, heart disease and other diseases, serious and more will shorten the life span.

4, deprived of sleep time

There are data that the United States about 60% of parents do not control their children's use of electronic products, about 75% of parents is to allow children to use electronic products before going to bed. The survey showed that children aged 9-10 years, 75% of the problem facing the problem of lack of sleep, in all aspects of the impact on the development of children.

5, suffering from mental problems

Excessive use of electronic products, it is possible to increase the chances of children suffering from depression, there may be anxiety, confusion, decreased attention, autism and other issues. In Canada, 1 of every 6 children are judged to have mental illness.

6, aggressive

The use of electronic products will have the opportunity to make children prematurely exposed to violence and pornography.

7, addictive

More and more young parents addicted technology products, child neglect, which disguised to let the children also indulge in electronic products, slowly addicted. Survey shows that 8-18 year old boy, each of which has 1 of the 11 pairs of electronic products addictive, difficult to break away from.

8, radiation

Any electronic products will send the radiation, although the adult daily use may not be a problem, but the child is not the same, their brain and immune system is still in development, may be more susceptible to radiation effects.

9, lose the future

Medical experts say, in the development of science and technology products to grow up the child, the future can not be sustainable development. Children are the future of mankind, but for the children of science and technology products over the future is not.

Experts called on the government to the individual, it is necessary to limit the extent of the child's access to scientific and technological products, in order to help children win the future, to make efforts to make changes.