Do you make the secret food of the Alps

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Do you make the secret food of the Alps

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Who can resist such beauty, so delicious.

Monstein beer was born a small village is located in Switzerland Davos beautiful valley.

Brewing monstein beer in the waters is from Millennium spring deep in the Alps, is not difficult to understand why the beer taste so clear the.

Sitting in the highest altitude bar in Europe, it is easy to find a shortcut to the life of the local people.

Lead: Travel and delicacy is a pair of making happy twins leave which one will make people feel pity. Rich in the Alps in the world's top food and the poor the eyes and ears of entertainment and appetites for the sensory enjoyment not to be missed.

The Alps, produced in the world the best cheese, sausages and ham, also known as "gourmet diamond" truffles origin. From the ancient mountains of Lingquan show soil, moisture and growth of large tracts of grapes, olives and a variety of interesting and fresh ingredients.

Maybe you of truffles, wine, foie gras, ham, cheese, beer rather study, for their collocation and eat familiar, but this time, we will begin is a with food adventure means the Alps tour to Europe's highest bar to drink, up early in the morning rush to eat has a long history of white sausage. Take the plunge sell poor is delicious pastry, in France, the highest elevation in the vegetable garden picking vegetables...

Want to find the true flavor of the Alps, may wish to follow the native gourmet, wine tasting experts and Michelin chef, taste the Alps hidden food.

Europe's highest distillery

Be kind and sincere Andreas Argote Mons Tan brand beer Monsteiner bier founder and winemaker, salesman, and the bartender. In 2001, he used in Davos, Switzerland, mountain village monstein the old milk house opened the known as Europe's highest brewery.

"Everyone knows how crazy the Swiss are about chocolate and cheese, but our love of beer is still a well kept secret."

Brewing beer "factory" of the "workshop", barley, hops and other raw materials and glycosylated pot, fermentation tank, bottling machine equipment is neat and orderly arranged in a long history cabin in the mountains, he used the brewing equipment is controlled by computer cutting-edge products. "With the best of Swiss barley and Davos, the clear spring, of course, there are the wisdom of the winemaker, flowing from here is the world the most amazing beer."

"I used to be interested in beer. It is the best partner to accompany you through the long winter snow capped mountains in switzerland. Of course, at that time, in addition to the Davos bar, the village people mainly drink from the supermarket to buy beer." This is the most common in the bar, but also the most popular "store" (Beer House). Wine golden, entrance light but not few, there is a faint green apple aroma, and the most amazing is that it tastes in the clear sense of the stock.

Thick dark amber beer (amber beer inlet than in this shop "beer", after the first taste slightly sweet followed by showing good beer a unique level of rich, this is a suitable for shallow discretion drink slowly, carefully taste of beer.

Dark black beer is like liquid bread, can even drink mouth munching.

How many century, in European mountain village, the beer hall is people's daily life and social activities in the most important place, many people will put, put together with his beer beer hall compared to their second home known as "another group of family". So to say, a village if there is a good distillery, even if it is not located on the way to heaven, the village the villagers will also is very lucky.

Germany's traditional bread and beer.

Traditional German dishes with meat Kyo, now roast pig elbow the traditional home of wine has become the hot dishes in restaurants.

The characteristics of the German people in the mountainous areas, pub very hearty enthusiasm, meal side often accompanied by Germany's traditional dance performances.

Delicious and the beauty of the the Alps match, make people more relaxed and happy.

Usher in a new day of sausage

Despite the fact that you have tasted many kinds of German sausage, but you still have to try the sausage, but this really the Bavarian specialties.

And Andreas's house, which can only squeeze down 20 people's cellar bar, there are 1200 seats in the Herzogliches (Braustuberl) is also a beer shop. However, its history can be traced back to 1000 years ago. Is said to a Benedictine monk was in the cellar of the Abbey beer brewing, and today the voices of the restaurant is former monks eat cafeteria. Rebuilt in eighteenth Century, the cathedral has been standing in the restaurant next door. It is Germany Bavaria Tigeen Lake (Tegernsee) by the most famous historical landmark.

At lunchtime is the busiest time of the day in the beer museum, with thousands of people at the table. To join such a grand dinner, people's vision and hearing are to obtain a new experience hitherto unknown. Other do not say, just by looking at those hands to grabbed 10 mugs of beer to the waitress is how to give the customer cloth serving wine, have been very entertaining. As one of Germany's most prestigious beer house, this bar has more than 400 thousand people per year of passenger traffic, it can be seen that the beer on the human will produce such a huge cohesion.

Plate lay two plump white sausage Weisswurst, accompany them is golden yellow mustard and two baked donuts, and sausage on transpiration heat let this simple snacks become jubilant. White sausage ingredients is high-quality small beef and bacon, although parsley is the main seasoning, but exquisite white sausage also added lemon juice, onion, ginger, nutmeg dry skin (MACE) and cardamom etc.. The meat material requires careful mixing, then poured into the fresh Pig casings into the boiling water.

Once upon a time, due to the limitation of storage technology, every day to eat white sausage have in the day before dawn began to do, because Bavarian breakfast on the table can not be separated from them. Of course, there are people to sleep late in the morning to eat it, but once the church bells rang at noon, you can not eat. The more fresh and delicious white sausage. Therefore, although the Germans today every family has a refrigerator, but traditional Bavarian restaurant still before midday supplies white sausage.

The traditional Swiss cheese hot pot is provided with enough heat to withstand the cold winter.

Italy Watalinna area famous butzow Qi inside.

Italy produces Wine cellar deep in the mountains, natural have the ideal temperature and humidity.

The traditional method of processing the Absinth in today's world has not seen this wine, but old painter Van Gogh's favorite.

The original really is delicious

In the famous Italian Vata Lina Bicuo Qi (Pizzoccheri) a usually in mountainous region in Italy to eat noodles, it is a buckwheat noodles, although there are also other shapes, but Apalika cook is like to make it short, thick pimple like. Sage after the wok with potatoes, cheese, garlic and seasoning, stir into the pan when naturally become pulpy lump. Although Qi Bicuo inside article gives the first impression is far from being handsome, entrance first feeling is unusual taste, chewing slowly to soft and ductile, properly reflects the spaghetti most important "teeth", to swallow a mouthful, mouth are all rich aftertaste. Really do not eat do not know, only after eating to understand that this is a kind of delicious.

Why is this simple bowl of "mush" would be so delicious? The main reason is attributed to the bits of cheese (Bitto Cheese) is delicious. The golden color of the cheese is produced in a high mountain area of over 1500 meters above sea level. Each year in June, the mountain shepherd began to produce in their own old cottage cheese, in September, the cows down the mountain for the winter, the cheese production will stop. This is the case in the last hundred years. Due to the annual cycle can be used to produce a bit cheese is very short, so production is scarce, usually only in the mountains of Italy is easy to taste. It may be that the thing is so rare, the Italians generally think that bit of cheese is not only the best cheese in Italy, it is also known as "the best cheese in the world". To the best of the world's cheese sauce noodles, delicious is a natural.

Cheese is the most important product of the alpine region, but also the most important source of nutrients for people in the mountains, thousands of years is the case. Although the method of eating cheese variety, but the Swiss cheese (Fondue Cheese) should be regarded as one of the most simple, the most direct way to enjoy the cheese.

Emmentaler traditional Swiss cheese fondue usually to mountain produced the Emmental cheese or Gruyere Gruyere cheese melted after with white wine do the pot, add some garlic, salt and other condiments, pot "rinse" is a piece of bread. In fact, Hot pot cheese "rinse" did not rise, it is to eat the tieqian inserted bread cubes dipped in melted cheese eating pot. Dip in cheese bread if you can add, if the pot of cheese to eat, a meal will be concluded.

In the morning, picking vegetables and flowers in the highest French garden together with Michelin chef.

Culinary realm

At 7 in the morning, 1800 meters above sea level Valley town (Courchevel) is still asleep in the. At this time, a ruddy, benign countenance of the old man just finished his daily routine morning walk, arms clip a bamboo basket ready to pick the vegetables from the garden. The in the seventy years old, is a famous French Alps two Michelin starred restaurants summer shelter dome of the palm Mike Rosidi. The local people called him Rochedy Monsieur (meaning that the French people in the expression of a person's respect for the use of such a way of calling).

He had all of France's highest vegetable garden, where vegetables grown in both clean and have a distinctive flavour, these flowers are also used to garnish. In French cooking industry reputable roshidi Mr. success story is a bit like old-fashioned Novels: he grew up in a poor family, since the childhood in the kitchen help mother. He went out youth apprenticeship, start from the bottom in a big restaurant kitchen, has honed to become a chef. In 1963, he bought the restaurant today, after 16 years of painstaking efforts to obtain a Michelin star award. Five years later, the mysterious Michelin selection committee will upgrade the restaurant Capella, and at this time Mr. roshidi already is in the French Alps well-known chefs.

Rosidi believes that whether it is cooking meat or seafood, regardless of the use of expensive or cheap ingredients, a good cook first to do is to maximize the taste of the ingredients to show their own taste.

Mellow taste, aftertaste of Swiss chocolate is the world famous delicacy.

Alpine beauty food and wine perfect combination.

Tips the restaurant / bar / cafe which is not to be missed


Megeve (Megeve) known as "the French Alps food" of good reputation local 8 Michelin starred restaurant should be is a proof. The two star Flocons de Sel is a senior restaurant in the limelight in recent years, with the supply of innovative French cuisine. Need to make a reservation.

Diwitz (Alpe D Huez) Au Ptit Creux restaurant is a small restaurant to be led by the local "know the way to find the glutton". It serves a meat based Savoy mountain dish. Store in possession of a variety of adult Alpine herbal wine, such as more than 30 years of the green Chartreuse is rare elsewhere.


Lounge Bar Black Stone Apalika (Aprica) is a newly opened top bar. The supply of a variety of cocktail bar, make it become the "cocktail of Apalika". At the same time, the traditional method of processing the bar for application of authentic Absinth. Absinth was banned in Europe for many years, there is a "green monster".


Botta 3000 is a modern famous Swiss architect Botta Mario in G Stader (Gstaad) of the "glacier 3000" on the construction of a modern restaurant. The restaurant has four floors, each of which is a buffet, a simple meal and a local traditional food. Botta is the biggest characteristic of the 3000 provides a rare spectacular scenery for the diners.


Griesbrau Zu Murnau is a young beer brewing Michael Gilg in mahnoo (Murnau) opened a hotel and wine shop. It is the huge beer hall is full of characteristics of Bavaria. With 5 kinds of beer, pub, supply Roasted Suckling Pig roast pork and sausage. During the annual beer festival, there will be a special beer in October ".

Innsbruck Restaurant Goldener Adler (Golden Eagle Restaurant) is a famous local traditional shop. The former Austria nobles, rich and famous have love to patronize. The store to supply the mountain and plateau mainly carnivorous fish. High quality Wine restaurant in Austria, France, Italy, a wine cellar and many other areas.

Innsbruck's central coffee shop (Cafe Central) intact to retain the twentieth Century Ye Xin art style of the "Coffee Salon" style. . Lunch and dinner are served with traditional dishes. Dozens of hall reading newspapers and magazines, but also from the other side embodies the charm of old Europe cafe.

The food you can't miss

Les Brechets de Poulet (fried chicken bone) is a delicious French Alps with beer. It takes the frontal and anterior sternal part of chicken under the pan fried, crispy and delicious. There are supplies in many small restaurants in the mountain area.

Dauphinois Gratin (cheese baked potato) is a historic place in the French Alps. It slices of cheese and potato by slow cooked, delicious food. Many mountain carnivorous also to do it with.

Savoyarde Fondue (Savoy cheese hot pot) is one of the signature dishes in the French Alps. Its main ingredient is the Savoyard white wine and cheese, melted in bread with food, with the famous Swiss cheese fondue is similar to the Miao.

Cheese and chocolate are two of the most famous foods in Switzerland. Switzerland has the world's highest chocolate consumption, while cheese is known as a symbol of Switzerland ".

Emmentaler (Emmental cheese) is the most common Swiss cheese, cheap. This cheese is golden in color, taste, all over the many pores is its greatest features. Due to the production of a great, people eat abundance that the "Swiss cheese" in today has become synonymous with Emmental cheese.

In addition to expensive handmade chocolate, Lindt and Toblerone are two very famous Swiss chocolate brands, whose products include almost all kinds of flavors of chocolate.

Schweinshax n (roast pork) is a famous German dish. With fresh pig elbow with the sauce and baked salted salted pork roast two kinds of elbow. This dish is usually with potatoes, or pickled cucumber salad garnish. At present, many new German restaurant supply Schweinshax "n is not a whole even the leather belt bone high elbows, and picked only roast the essence of pork boning, slice and serve, kinds of dishes is also increasing.


Goulash (braised beef) a carnivorous introduced by Hungary's neighbors. It takes beef as raw material, with onion, red pepper and paprika stew cooked. Goulash is a traditional Hungarian soup in a restaurant in Austria, it has evolved into a stew worthy of the name. Goulash taste thick spicy, is a very popular dish in the mountains in winter.

A wine that is not to be missed

Chartreuse is a spirits in the French Alps, close by to the Nobel, the mountain green Grande chartreuse monastery monks to 130 species of herbs and other secret ingredients to brew, a history of more than 400 years. The French Alps are very popular to drink Chartreuse, especially in the winter, the local people in the meal will come to a cup of Chartreuse to help digestion.

French Alps drinking Ronaldo Valley (Rhone River Valley) red wine habit. This wine is the best in the area of Hermitage AOC, the Crozes-Hermitage value is AOC. Chateauneuf-du-Pape is another recommended wine in this area.

Italy people have to go to the bar Cortina aperitif at dinner habits. In the traditional aperitif with iced white Wine. In local aperitif pulls out new tricks, people in Chilled White wine, add fruit juice, soda, celery and cherry created called for "splash" new aperitif, very popular.

Sertoli Salis Conti winery is located in the long history of the castle in the valley of the Vata Lina gorge. Salis family began in nineteenth Century in this wine. They produce red, white Wine, sparkling wine and grape wine in the local reputation. Its products in the Sforzato Corte and Della Meridiana Canua red wine can be called Italy red wine in the boutique.

Tel: +39 342710404


White beer (Weissbier) is a category of wheat beer (Weizenbier), commonly known as the color is white and named. White beer because it contains rich yeast and lactic acid after the entrance, suitable for drinking or drinking before meals with carnivorous. White beer contains a large number of amino acids and vitamins, is the most nutritious of a kind of beer.

Schnapps (fruit spirits) is a kind of hard liquor brewed by fruit, which has a long history of production in the alpine region. Schnapps has so far been popular in Germany and Austria, is the most popular after the local people to digest wine. With good quality and fresh cherry, blueberry, plum, etc. a variety of fruits brewing fine Austrian Schnapps wine 2006 world spirits Award (world spirits Award for Christoph Kossler in Tyrol, Austria stenzl runs a special brewing Schnapps winery. His winery is currently the most advanced European brewing production equipment.