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Snacks with light is not fast to learn

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Potato salad

Raw materials: potatoes 1 star (large), carrot small half, cooked eggs, 1, cucumber, 1 / 4, apple 1 / 4, salt, 1 tsp of baking, salad sauce 3 tsp, pepper amount.


1 potatoes cooked crushed into mud, add salt, pepper and mix well;

2 carrot, apple, cucumber chopped pickled salt added;

3 at the end of the mashed potatoes, add chopped cooked eggs and all the ingredients;

4 cool after adding salad dressing, into the cold storage room, want to eat like the fashion into the small dish can be.

Jade fire

Raw materials: egg 3, milk 1-2, sugar 1 tablespoon, salt 1/2 TSP, oil a little.


1 eggs into the bowl 3, a little stirring open;

2 add sugar 1 tablespoon, salt 1/2 TSP, as well as the 1-2 of milk, stir evenly standby;

3 a small kitchen towel folded, with the amount of oil, after burning pot heating jade son evenly coated with a layer of oil;

4. Pour half of the egg and maintain a small fire, quickly put the egg to delimit disperses, do not make the foaming and from front to back with chopsticks fold fold a few and then pushed to the front.

5 again smear oil, pour the rest of the egg, and then folded a few fold over after cooked, pan cut.

Pancake rolled with crisp fritter

Raw material:

Batter: 30 grams of flour, millet flour 30 grams, corn flour 40 grams, 190 grams of water.


Egg, sausage, Deep-Fried Dough Sticks, purple cabbage, sweet


1 three kinds of powder, slowly add water, stir until no particle state, can flow.

2. Pan heat, pour a little oil, pour batter, shaking pan, turn into a round bottom size of the cake, cake surface solidification, into an egg, with a shovel boiled eggs wiping open, evenly spread flat on the cake.

3 egg liquid basic solidification, the cake will be around slightly tilted, with a shovel gently stir gently turn cake, cake.

. wiping the sweet bean sauce on the pancake, purple cabbage shred, silk sprinkled on the cake, fritters and sausage into, will roll up cake, pan can be.

Water steamed bread

Raw materials: kudzu powder 3 big spoon, water 2 cups, piece of chestnut powder (i.e. potato starch) 3 big spoon, flour 1 tablespoon sugar paste 4 tablespoon, sugar 2 big spoon.


1 to 4 tablespoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons sugar mix, wok and stir fry until sugar coke after thawing, pour 2 tablespoons of water mix into standby black molasses.

2. The pot first add Gefen, add water, mix well then pour into a piece of chestnut powder and flour, stirring to dissolve after heating with small fire, side boil while stirring until a paste and is transparent, pour in the model, then spoon cleaning the bathroom to smooth out the surface.

3 after cooling release buckle, and finally topped with black syrup can be.

Egg pudding

Raw materials: milk 400 grams, 500 grams of eggs. All kinds of fruit D.

Seasoning: 300 grams of sugar, a little vanilla powder.


1 the first 5 minutes of high fire, boil water, add sugar and stir into the sugar.

2 sugar and egg milk and stir well.

3 a cup of sugar mixed with half a cup of boiling water until golden brown, boiled caramel.

4 cooked Caramel pour a little in the model.

5 mix the material down to the model in the pudding.

The 6 pan Neijiayue 1/3 of warm water, and then put into the microwave oven, with the fire and bake for 15 minutes.

Hand grab

Ingredients: high gluten flour

Accessories: butter, egg, lettuce, beef / chicken / Bacon

Seasoning: salt, monosodium glutamate


1 take 500 grams of flour add an egg, 25 grams of butter and 250 grams of water, knead dough after fermentation for 15 minutes;2. The dough rub strips, sprinkle a little thin surface, roll into a rectangular sheet, in order to brush a layer of cooking oil, a layer of butter, fold, respectively, then brush twice oil again fold growth of the will pull up on both sides of the long pull from a head tucked into the disk, and then rolling into round cakes Bo Houjun uniform into pan fry until both sides can be golden.