Pickled garlic to promote digestion of 3 types of people should not eat

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Pickled garlic to promote digestion of 3 types of people should not eat

2016-07-20 22:14:58 568 ℃

Garlic in addition to the role of anti-virus and seasoning what are the effects of it? Garlic is one of the common foods, and has a lot to eat. Here, we want to tell you is that the garlic is different to eat the law is a different role, as well as to understand it.

Garlic how to eat the most nutritious

Fermented black garlic taste good. After the fermentation of black garlic, garlic water will be reduced by about 50%, sugar and amino acids will be significantly increased, B vitamins content also increased. Garlic color from white to black, because of long time fermentation and heat preservation after Maillard reaction". At this time of allicin has degraded and poly fructose, and other ingredients was decomposed to produce fructose, enhanced sweet, therefore black garlic Miantian sweet taste, no spicy, stomach afraid stimulation of the crowd can be eaten need not worry will have bad breath, very popular with young people. But about the vibe "black garlic down three high" black garlic improve immunity like saying don't need to take it too seriously, if eaten daily number of black garlic and hard to reach the these effects.

To eat and promote digestion. North has the tradition of pickled garlic, Laba garlic, sweet and sour garlic is popular, they can keep all mineral components in garlic, and in a great extent to remove garlic spicy, but the bactericidal action of raw garlic ratio will be reduced. China Agricultural University College of food science and Nutritional Engineering, Guang Hua Zhao professor studies found that sweet and sour garlic extract containing antioxidant activity, have certain inhibitory effect on cancer cells. The family made sweet and sour garlic vinegar to the cook, if you add a little sugar, it will taste more delicious. Laba garlic will turn green after infusion, which is harmless to human body, also has anti-oxidation effect. These two kinds of production have a solution to the role of greasy and digestion, it is suitable for meat consumption.

Most health care raw. It is well known that garlic can be sterilized, as well as the role of an appetite to help digestion. Intact garlic contains alliin and alliinase, when garlic is crushed, the two components will interact, produce allicin, which is the main source of unique spicy flavor of garlic. In addition, the trace element selenium content in garlic is very high, the amount of selenium intake of selenium has the effect of adjuvant cancer. Mashed raw garlic can effectively retain allicin, bacteria and viruses. But every day eat spicy garlic itself, not more than 2~3 flap, stomach ulcer, diarrhea or are taking them to eat.

3 kinds of people should not eat garlic

Liver disease patients should not eat. A lot of people think, garlic can be antibacterial and antiviral, so it is used to eat garlic to prevent hepatitis, and even people still eat garlic every day after suffering from hepatitis. This approach to hepatitis patient is extremely unfavorable, because of garlic hepatitis virus no function. On the contrary, some components of garlic on the stomach, intestine and stimulating effect, inhibition of intestinal digestive juice secretion, affect the digestion of food, thereby increasing the hepatitis patient nausea and so on many of the symptoms. In addition, the volatile components of garlic can make the blood in the red blood cells and hemoglobin and other lower, and may cause anemia, is not conducive to the treatment of hepatitis.

Non bacterial diarrhea. The occurrence of non bacterial enteritis, diarrhea, garlic should not be eaten raw. Because local intestinal mucosa tissue inflammation, increase the intestinal wall itself vascular dilation, congestion, swelling, permeability, the organization a large number of protein and potassium, sodium, calcium, chlorine and other liquid electrolyte and penetrate into the intestinal lumen, a lot of liquid stimulate intestinal accelerate intestinal peristalsis, resulting in abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms. If you eat raw garlic, spicy garlic will stimulate intestinal aggravate intestinal mucosal hyperemia, edema, promote oozy, make the condition worse. If you have diarrhea, eating garlic should be more careful.

Eye disease patients should not eat. Chinese medicine believes that a long time eat garlic will "hurt liver damage eyes" and, therefore, the eye disease should try not to eat garlic, especially in poor health, due to deficiency of Qi and blood of patients should be paid more attention to, or else a long time will appear vision loss, tinnitus, lightheadedness, memory loss and other phenomena. Some people suffering from myopia or other eye disease, need to take the traditional Chinese medicine treatment, then must avoid certain food, or directly affect curative effect. Eat a lot of garlic in summer and autumn, the greatest impact on.

The commonly used dental floss cleaning helps prevent stroke stroke stroke beware mention people often do not eat breakfast tanhusebian. Stroke lesions occurred in the brain, the brain is the most important organ in human body, if there is a problem, the consequences could be disastrous, severe life-threatening, to a lesser extent, left with disability. But the cause of stroke has not been clear, make people impossible to guard against.

More friends of sugar to eat less beware malnutrition less fat less sugar is more healthy some sugar friends since after suffering from diabetes, diet never even eat sweets, eat sugary food, do not drink any drink, look in the eyes of others, this approach simply on their own is too harsh. In general, professionals will recommend that people with diabetes try to eat less sugary foods, but many patients will be wrong to understand that there is a sweet taste of sugar. Let's talk about the diabetes diet: