This is worthy of the name of Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce light to see a cool

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This is worthy of the name of Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce light to see a cool

2016-07-21 00:24:55 450 ℃

Hot summer, hot weather makes the appetite is not good, eat not to go in hot things, want to come a bowl of savory noodle light it? Today ha good Xiaobian to recommend several Japan's newly launched a noodles new way of eating.

Kyoto a called tempura Matsu restaurant Udon Sheng into the ice into the bowl, and with mugwort, mustard and raw egg yolk. As the "ice bowl" is transparent, the visual impact is also very good, you feel the next ~.

] summer, in addition to the hand of beverages, ice cream, do you also like to eat what? Kyoto Japanese kaiseki restaurant "some day s song" taking advantage of the high temperature launched cool meals, with the crystal through the "ice bowl" containing buckwheat noodles, not only interesting, but also "eat more cool."

"With a cherry bowl.

"Some day s song" master cooking will chunk of ice in the middle of the chisel out of the groove, filled in on the soba or Udon, ingredients is simple sauce, eggs, mashed turnips and mustard, although not beautiful but very chic and bring double the enjoyment of taste and vision for the customer, attract many people to "pilgrimage".

The classical Kyoto has novel creative cuisine.

Users will actually enjoy the photo sharing on the Internet, immediately aroused heated discussion, "nice!" and "look super delicious", "Japanese is really no limit", "real noodle", "want to eat!" while others use pun said, "too cool. However, there are netizen doubt says," while eating melt, will not have not eaten bowl disappeared? "

So how good a little ha more and more that installed in the ice surface as the brain...