The numerous small blisters on the hands, very urticant how is it?

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The numerous small blisters on the hands, very urticant how is it?

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Itch! Itch! Itch!

"You look at my hands, these little blisters are bored to death"

"One summer there, don't know how it happened"

"The itch to catch, catch more urticant, really do not know how to do"

Looked to squeeze.Jpg blister

Miss tickle.Jpg

Peeling hands.Jpg

To suppress (mental stress), as well asSituation(contact allergens, fungal infection, metal allergy) may induce sweat herpes. Other,AcrohyperhidrosisIs also one of the main incentives.

Sweat rash occurred in the side from hands or feet, is something deep in the small grain size distribution is more blisters.ConcentratedSlightly, across the surface of the skin, generally not blush, with different levelItchandScorching hotAnd,Frequent outbreaks.

For the disease, there is no specific way to sweat.

No, let me finish.

General environment, the hand from the small blisters on the smearFungus ointmentCan get relief. If the symptom is more, treat more withControl symptomsMainly.

  • Blister

Early showing blistersDon't pick and chooseMore,Do not tear the skin, to prevent exposure to pus. The affected area soaked in 5% alum solution, then coated with Zinc Oxide Ointment.

  • Itch

Everybody understand the sufferings of the intolerable itching, but still want to hold back,Stop scratching, so as not to increase the area of skin lesions. This environment can be used to cut local steroid ointment itching, the other with calamine lotion or powder powder.

  • Peeling

The blister will split, blister fluid outflow, the skin appears dry, peeling phenomenon. This is the first time to the development of new drugs for external use shelter like skin, vitamin E cream, Cod Liver Oil ointment.

Note: the environment serious patients should go to a hospital seeing a doctor as soon as possible, do not delay, timely treatment is the key.

At the same time, life should be wary of.

Chapeau and activities can be the moisture inside the body excreted, but also to strengthen the counteractive force; ordinary orphan or not alkaline soap, washing powder, detergent wash, the best use sulfur soap wash your hands, good fast, after washing multi rub hand cream, and to ensure clean and dry.

Other body suffer from excessive internal heat, toxins too much can cause blisters appear, is to can eat Liangxue detoxification of food to alleviate symptoms, such as mung bean, balsam pear, cucumber, etc..

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