The cancer as a minor illness, every minute of your life

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The cancer as a minor illness, every minute of your life

2016-07-21 04:03:05 362 ℃

Qianlizhidi, ulcer in the colony. All diseases are just beginning of the hour looks like a small problem, but they are only signs of the disease, as long as our body to add an attention more, you can prevent sounds terrible pain.

All of these symptoms can perhaps in the early hour to check out, basically can have very good treatment results, even the king of diseases cancer is also the predicament. But the doctor could not every day to stay at your side to help you pay attention to the body, and people's medical knowledge is relatively weak, often many minor ailments are not to face or the wrong way treatment, once the symptoms of late, successful treatment of a large department is depend on the fate of the.

Nasopharyngeal carcinoma:

Nasopharyngeal carcinoma is a malignant tumor that occurs at the top and side walls of the nasopharyngeal cavity. Patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma in the early hour will be presented with unexplained fever, and accompanied by symptoms of blood in the nose with blood, and there will be unexplained headache.

Mouth cancer:

Oral cancer is the general name of the malignant tumor which occurs in the oral cavity. The large department belongs to the squamous cell carcinoma. In its early stage, there is a lump, nodules and other symptoms of the oral cavity, and there is no feeling of white spots, followed by the deep will show symptoms of cancer, and accompanied by unexplained numbness and dryness.

Bladder cancer:

Bladder cancer is the most common malignant tumor in the urinary system, which occurs in the bladder mucosa. The early expressed as painless, intermittent, visible to the naked eye hematuria. Symptoms will last for one to two days, and then go away, people often feel that it is good, and not to face, it is possible to enter the late stage of bladder cancer.

Lung cancer:

Persistent smoking is closely related to the incidence of lung cancer. In the male population, the incidence of lung cancer and death rate is the highest among all cancer diseases. In the early stage, it is a cough, sputum with blood, chest pain, chest tightness, voice hoarse and other symptoms.

Almost Department cancer early cities in the Russian weight ran relief of symptoms, because of the characteristics of cancer cells to unlimited split, they will a lot of depletion in nutrients, and invasion of the body's normal cells is to present the weight had dropped the environment.

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