In the diet in cancer death! Cancer experts for their own use 5 years of anti-cancer recipes, just a medicine!

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In the diet in cancer death! Cancer experts for their own use 5 years of anti-cancer recipes, just a medicine!

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At the moment the incidence of cancer is increasing year by year, and the cure for cancer has not been developed, how do we want to fight cancer? As far as possible to avoid the threat of cancer?

Chinese medicine practitioners, Zhi Di Zhang, deputy director of the Department of oncology teaching for everybody to share her anti-cancer, anti-cancer, was pure diet, no drug, daily cancer simple and useful!

"Professor Zhang Zhidi. Photograph: Zhang Zhibing (when used to cut)

As a doctor of imparting Zhi Di Zhang, ordinary digestive system tumor patients is particularly much, she also summarize a set of anti-cancer by.

She thought:60% of cancer is related to the day after tomorrow.Therefore, for 5 years, every day she steamed to eat tiegun yam, because is the best anti-cancer food.

The occurrence of cancer, 60% with the day after tomorrow's life, diet, habits. The premise of modern people's material life is good, the first need is detoxification, rather than always thinking about what to make up for.

Detox should drink plenty of water, keep defecate unobstructed, but also learn to decompression, keep good mentality. The general principle is to choose non drug style, through diet, activities to achieve, can help the doctor need.

Every day should drink at least 1500 ml to 2000 ml per day, about one day a hot water bottle, the best water.

As a tonic detoxification!

50 years less salt and less sugar based vegetarian

Look at the diet, Zhang Zhidi has always been very casual, nothing more than what to eat, she has a degree. She said:

"50 years old, I am vegetarian, eating less. Breakfast an egg with a bread or steamed bread, carbohydrate is bound to have."

Ordinary daily cooking, she likes authentic, in the home base are steamed, boiled, advocating natural, healthy. The main point in this isLess salt and less sugarThis can occur, prevent cancer, tumor cells like sugar, she often suggested that cancer patients should eat less sugar.

At work, Zhang Zhidi taught the city to make a cup of tea in Longjing. Longjing green tea is too light, does not stimulate the stomach, at night, she would drink, just not put tea. Zhang Zhidi professor said:

Drinking water is beneficial to the body, detoxification, promote metabolism, the skin will be better.

An anti-cancer recipe, just "medicine"!

The recipe for cancer is so simple!

Cannot do without the anti-cancer diet and activity.In the recipe for cancer, yam is in the middle.1997, Zhi Di Zhang to teach a student of the old Chinese National Yang Shaoshan, in Yang Lao with teaching, she began to deposit dependents herbal ingredients.

In the past 5 years, Professor Zhang Zhidi cut a fine day city of tiegun, eat steamed skin, instead of a main meal. She thought:

Yam medicine food dual purpose, its health function is that many herbs can not be replaced, there are "white ginseng" said. Not only the lungs, spleen, and kidney function, in the "Compendium of Materia Medica" was listed as top grade. Tiegun is higher than the popular Chinese yam steamed to eat the best nutritional value.The tiegun is tall, tall, like an iron bar shape approximation, named hard.

Chinese pay attention to Yangxin, bad mood, cancer will find you. In the past 10 years, Professor Zhang Zhidi has the habit of walking on weekends. Every weekend, as long as nothing, she must get up at 6 in the morning, take a bottle of water to go around the lake.

Walking to a slight sweating is the most ambitious, not easy to obesity, but also can improve sleep, on bone health is also beneficial.

Eat what fruit so much, see Kung fu!

Every day an apple a banana

Fruit foundation is every understand partner city of preserve one's health to eat, but eat what is best, what season to eat what fruit is the most useful, eat and how much, each have differences, which is the effort to see the place. Zhang Zhidi taught in particular has its own way.

Every day at 12 noon to 1 pm, Professor Zhang Zhidi will sleep sub nap, will eat an apple. After dinner, she would eat a banana. Zhang Zhidi professor said:

Banana contains natural serotonin and melatonin, is still a natural sleeping pills. Particularly suitable for menopausal women to eat.

Banana is low in calories, the magnesium ions can make the muscles relax, help sleep. Other it eats glutinous rice, the gastrointestinal tract.

"Do you know? The banana can also be added to our brain can make people happy matter, to help people relieve depression always melancholy and moody."

TCM holds that the human body the morning Yang Melhado, do not advocate the use of cold to suppress the rise, eat fruit, not appropriate. As the saying goes: 30 years old 30 years later the people of stomach, stomach. Means drinking habits of cold water from exercise, hour eat cold is less of a problem; but, in the 30 years old in the future, physical foundation of setting and need our stomach protecting stomach. "

In addition, every day should drink at least 1500 ml to 2000 ml per day, about one day a hot water bottle, the best water.

As a tonic detoxification, anti-cancer therapy than, how to do? Medical experts teach you the truth! This article is to dry cargo chronological, each partner! Cancer, from now on ~ let these severe diseases more distant from us! More people know, perhaps a little sad story!

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