Drinking beer is not only "bad" these 10 "good" do you know?

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Drinking beer is not only "bad" these 10 "good" do you know?

2016-07-21 04:06:23 342 ℃
About 35 old friends to drink beer and eat barbecue is indeed a great match

But we always say so to stop drinking beverages

In addition to the disadvantages of beer, there are 8 unknown benefits

Today is all the way to grasp it!

The benefits of drinking beer1Sheltered heart

The Italy study found that moderate drinking beer risk participants than abstainers from heart disease decreased by 4Two%. But every day, drink beer should not over 1 pint (about 473 ml), the equivalent of 1.4 cans.

2, beneficial to the brain and memory

American studies have found that participants drink some beer before doing the brain puzzle, which helps to improve the test achievement.<12Three>


Prevention of type 2 diabetes

Holland study found that daily moderate drinking beer (1~2 cup), the risk of type 2 diabetes decreased.


Beneficial kidney health

Finland study found that drinking a bottle of beer every day can reduce the incidence of kidney stones 40%. Researchers suggest that beer has a diuretic effect, help to link kidney health.


, to speed up the recovery after exercise

The Spanish study found that 1 pints of beer in the moisturizing effect is more useful than the same amount of mineral water. Because beer contains more sugar and salt nutrition, but also contains a rich potassium and B vitamins.


, prevention of cataract

Canadian researchers found that drinking 1 glasses of beer every day can increase antioxidant activity, prevent cataract.


Lower blood pressure

American studies have found that subjects with moderate drinking beer are less likely to suffer from high blood pressure than those who drank wine.


Fracture prevention

Tufts University study found that drinking two glasses of beer every day, the participants, bone density will increase by 4.5%, but across the two cup will lead to a decrease of bone density 5.2%.

[drink beer to pay attention to a few "best"]


Optimum temperature

1Two degrees is better. First, in the regulation of the temperature, the aroma of beer a unique can normally play out; the second, under this temperature, liquor inside the carbon dioxide will slowly action, bubble delicate rich, also will bring out the wine. Do not drink beer when the ice, because the beer is already very light, and put the ice will affect the mouth stomach.


Best taste

At least one drink of beer to 15 ml or more, is to drink beer, beer drinking slowly discretion should not be fine. If you drink less can not be full of mouth, wine in the mouth warming, will increase the bitter taste, feeling less than the unique flavor of beer.<12Three>


Best case

Generally stored in a cool place, avoid the sun. Should not be frozen.


And the best dishes

When drinking beer and smoked food for dinner, peanuts are the best beer feast.Having a choice to drink beer is good for health.


Draught Beer

Is suitable for thin drinking draft beer (i.e. fresh beer) is not after pasteurization of beer. Fresh beer yeast can promote the differentiation of gastric juice, increase appetite, enhance digestion, add nutrition, on the thin man strengthen physique, add weight is beneficial.<1Two3>2

Cooked beerAfter the process of sterilization after the beer became cooked beer, because the wine yeast has been heated to kill, will not continue to ferment, invariance is better, will not continue to breed in the stomach, so fat people drink more suitable.<12Three>


Low alcohol beer,

Low alcohol beer manipulation of a special process to make non yeast fermentation of sugars, only aroma substances, in addition to alcohol, has all kinds of characteristics of the beer, taste the taste, are very good. Suitable for people who engage in special work, such as drivers, actors, etc..


Alcohol free beer

Popular beer alcohol is 3.5% or so, no alcohol beer is generally less than 1% of the accuracy of alcohol, not to say that there is no alcohol content. This kind of beer is beer, so it is suitable for women, children and the old and infirm drinking.


Dry beer

This beer is derived from wine, the concentration of sugar in the wine is divided, the sugar down to a certain concentration, it is called dry beer. For fear of obesity and diabetes patients to drink.[drink] to pay attention to

Even if the beer has many benefits, but also not to drink too much, such as uncontrolled binge drinking, accumulation of alcohol will damage the liver function, add kidney burden and excessive drinking beer will cause alcohol poisoning, resulting in liver disease.

Medical nutrition experts recommend:

Every day to drink beer should not cross the 1.5 liters. As long as we pay attention to the above points, we can in the scorching summer, both to enjoy the beer bring us cool and refreshing and comfortable, but also bring health nourishment to our body.

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