With ginger smear the body this effect is amazing!

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With ginger smear the body this effect is amazing!

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A small piece of ginger, but has a prodigious effect. Ginger in addition to our daily lives in the cooking seasoning, we can also use ginger to treat some of the small body of the abuse. In life, the use of ginger is often more than the number, the following small series to explain for the master!

A lot of people say that ginger is the product of helping Yang, traditional Chinese medicine has been known as the "man is not hundreds of days without ginger". Modern clinical pharmacology study found that ginger has speed up the body metabolism, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, and excited the function of human body system, can regulate the function of the male prostate, the male prostate disease, sexual dysfunction treatment. Ginger is often used for male health care.

The benefits of eating fresh ginger: increasing appetite, slow aging

In older men often lead to physical weakness due to stomach, loss of appetite, often taking fresh ginger, stimulate gastric excretion, promote digestion.

Fresh ginger as dry ginger that have strong dry, moist and do not hurt the Yin, every day cut four slices of fresh ginger, rise in the morning drink a cup of warm water, then the ginger in the mouth slowly taste, let pHi in the oral cavity in the smell of ginger, spread to the stomach and the external naris.

Apply hot ginger to wipe the face can be useful to remove senile plaque

Senile plaques is often due to poor blood caused, ginger, pungent and use it coated parts of the senile plaque can stimulate the epidermal cells of the blood cycle, open up the circulation of Qi and blood, and eliminate toxins. The gingerols have very strong anti-aging function, even more than known as vitamin E, anti-aging ability is strong, prevent or cut fat brown pigment deposition.

Can a little force to wipe, local skin of feeling lukewarm is preferred. If the ginger cut before the cut with a burning, or use a microwave heating for one minute, the results will be doubled. Attention to ginger temperature means less than too high to prevent burns. In addition to external use, but also can be common oral ginger water, ginger bubble in black tea or honey water to drink. Special attention is that this method can only be used for color dark spots, which are caused by deficiency. If the elderly spot color is red, it belongs to the type of fire, it is not suitable.

Take about 500 grams of a male carp, dried ginger, medlar 10 grams. From the belly of a carp fish (that male fish belly white jelly like substance male seminal vesicles), and dried ginger, Chinese wolfberry with fried, boiled open, add cooking wine, salt, MSG amount of seasoning serve. Take the empty stomach, eat 1 times a day, and even served 5 days.

Use of ginger on the pock

One can use the cotton soaked brown sugar water, deposited in the pox and India place, very good use.

Second, with vitamin E, and better dimensional e dispel scar, the better the results, vitamin E capsule punctured, the premises of the painted pox and India, the remaining can bring the painted eyelashes, eyelashes long.

Recommend the face first engage in a level, also is the first scar to remove mark (mark) the tool are generally within a year or two traces, easy to fix, so do not worry about, nothing more than not squandering product. In short, take a look at the goods than three, look at the certification, look at the channel (sales style), look at the cost of the letter, and then choose the test no one can give you the exact answer, because no one can be beautiful to you. Many things for itself to try.

In addition, vitamin E is effective in the repair of damaged skin. As long as the normal nursing, red acne scars will slowly light down, nevertheless the pits will never go down, except to go to the hospital laser resurfacing.

A ginger, put it into slices, deposited in the India place, you can slowly fade, almost once deposited a ``5 minute ` ` ` `

Ginger can be anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory count the 5 major functions of ginger

Ginger is the root class of food, can be said that the rhizome of food on health are very helpful, because they receive the earth's essence, site contains very rich in minerals, is helpful to the human health, and it is because of the formation of these minerals are only containing alkaline body benefiting people, we will that's like meat or meat are more acidic and acidic is known as a hotbed of cancer, the survey revealed that acidic people don't have cancer, but got cancer and cancer people all is acidic, so that the body is still fluid weakly alkaline is better but, these starchy food can help us.

1, the protection of gastric mucosa to promote digestion

In the ginger has a very useful components for ginger ene, this substance has the action of protecting gastric mucosa cells. While in some in the fragrant stomach in traditional Chinese medicine, most contain this ingredient. Ginger can also weaken the effect of gastric albumen enzyme, the adipose decompose enzymatic action is strengthened. Ginger can crush the amylase trypsin, the trypsin on starch digestion effect decreased significantly. Impeded starch saccharification. Reduced sugar conversion. Ginger also affects in the sympathetic nerve and vagus nerve system is to restrain the gastric function and direct excitatory gastric smooth muscle action. These are very good for our gastrointestinal help.

2, anti clotting effect, boost effect

Ginger extract on the heart also has a direct excitatory action. Normal population chew ginger 1g, you can make the relationship pressure increased by an average of 1.489 kPa (11.2mmHg), diastolic blood pressure to rise 1.862kPa (14mmHg). But on pulse rate is no more effect. People with low blood pressure are very helpful. The water extract of ginger has strong restrain platelet accumulation effect, so it can prevent blood coagulation and thrombosis.

3, have analgesic effect

Ginger has inhibitive effects on the central nervous system. Can alleviate the feeling of pain and sorrow.

4, anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory

Ginger extract against Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhi, many bacteria have a restrain effect, and its role with the concentration is rely on relationships. Stronger bactericidal at higher concentration of efforts, especially on Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus albus restrain effect is strongest.

5, to promote wound healing

Ginger paste and ginger juice on wound healing has a role in promoting. Ginger juice can in certain extent restrain the growth of cancer cells and clinical hair at the moment, some antitumor drugs joined ginger extract can reduce the tumor drug side effect and reduce the side effect to human health brought danger.

A small piece of ginger, but these different effects, it is human health good food. In fact, when children have a fever with ginger wipe the body not only helps fever can be anti-inflammatory.

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