Every morning to eat it, the stomach flat! Waist fine! Skin white and bright...

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Every morning to eat it, the stomach flat! Waist fine! Skin white and bright...

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To make people die, the intestines must be no shit.

The folk saying you heard?

As we all know, the human intestinal 8-10 meters long, and a thousand fold wrinkles, the size of the intestine open may be larger than the area of your bedroom, that is, the living conditions of the feces is better than you...... This may also be the cause of a lot of people constipation, living condition is too good not to want to come out......

Are you out of the poison in your body?

Normal day defecation time, but patients with constipation 3-4 days defecation time, that is, constipation is as intestinal traffic jam, tail gas smoke blackening the sky, the intestinal system paralysis. Long time improper diet, pressure, hurriedly, serious, discipline is not life, overload dejected, insomnia, alcoholism, smoking, drug abuse will result in reduce the transmitting function of the large intestine, most directly affected is the metabolism of toxins from the body, give artificial become good much discomfort.

Western medicine thinks: constipation, halitosis and sore spot, the disease of the large intestine, involving lung and spleen (stomach), kidney three dirty. Accumulation of gastrointestinal heat, gas engine block induced by occlusion of bowel gas or intestinal yet gentle, spur weakness E. conduction function abnormal, the metabolism of toxins from the body no or poor, constipation, swelling etc., toxins accumulate savings made, susceptible to obesity, bad breath, pigmentation, acne, dizziness, fatigue, anxious uneasiness.

What bowel detoxification eat?

The most useful Qingchang vegetables

All fresh green leafy vegetables are useful for fruit constipation, because contain rich prandial fiber. Green leafy vegetables are alkaline, and diet sugar, meat, eggs and metabolic acid too much material, the humoral link weak alkaline, and cleared the blood poison. Eat vegetables optional radish leaves, cabbage, rape leaves, spinach, cabbage, Gai Lan, carrots, cauliflower, cabbage etc..

Bowel detoxification preferred


Celery is a high fiber food has the function of anti-cancer, it through the intestinal digestion have a role in a woody or intestinal lipid substances, such substances is an antioxidant and high concentration can inhibit intestinal bacteria carcinogen. It can also accelerate the operation of feces in the intestines, cut carcinogens and colon mucosa contact, to achieve the goal of colon cancer prevention.

Celery is the first choice for the treatment of hypertension and its complications. For vascular sclerosis, there is adjuvant therapy. The leaf and stem of celery contains volatile substances, unique fragrance, can enhance people's appetite. Celery juice also has the effect of reducing blood sugar. Often eat celery, you can neutralize the acid and acid substances in the body, to prevent gout have better results.

The most useful Qingchang fruit

Optional fresh lemon, orange, grapefruit, grape, apple, plum, Sugar cane juice, tomato etc.. The fruit taste is mostly sour, but the metabolic process in the body can lead to alkaline, and can make the blood alkaline link. In particular, they are able to "melt" the toxins in the cells, and eventually drain them through the secretion system.

Bowel detoxification preferred


Orange is a kind of nutritional value is very high fruit, contains very rich in vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, beta carotene element, citric acid, hesperidin and aldehydes, alcohols, alkenes and material. At the same time, the heat is also very low, contains the natural sugar, you can perhaps instead of dinner or cake, such can perhaps contented people eat sweet desire, the more important is the orange contains large amounts of cellulose, help in the human body bowel, human body internal savings accumulation of toxins from the body.

Oranges characteristic of cellulose, pectin and hesperidin and other nutrients, with thirst, appetizers under the gas, to Qingchang catharsis, the discharge of harmful substances in the body, strengthen immunity, can also add vascular elasticity, lower cholesterol, is a "disease cure good fruit".

The most useful Qingchang beans

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