These "bad" habits make you 10 years younger.

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These "bad" habits make you 10 years younger.

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Automatic speaking, love to eat cold food, eat standing up...... These don't seem to be a good habit, but it has a magical effect that helps us ten years younger! Here


Talking to himself - protecting the brain

When some people have nothing to love yourself to talk all day long continued to live, love to say a hand. This situation of the elderly accounted for most of the neighbors can not understand, there is no need to blame the family, this seemingly bad habits have major benefits of the problem.

To talk to people's nerves have a calming effect, help sleep; speech can stimulate the brain, so that the blood supply to the brain to improve the brain hypoxia. But also can increase the sense of security, can adjust the disorder of thoughts, especially in tension, fatigue, can increase breathing, improve blood oxygen content, alleviate the cerebral blood supply insufficiency of the disease.

Besides, talking to yourself can help people recover the lost things more quickly.

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported that the latest research shows that the United States University of Pennsylvania, talking to himself can help people quickly find lost things. This study was initiated in the United States at the University of Wisconsin Madison Gary Robyn professor and the University of Pennsylvania Daniel Swyre professor said with the mouth to speak, especially repeat, helps to concentrate on handling things -- this approach to look for a lost article is particularly effective.

In the experiment, they showed Two0 pictures of common objects in life, and then assigned a picture to quickly find out. Before and after the two experiment, the first request to keep quiet, the second time asked the subjects in the mouth has been looking to find the name of the thing. It was found that talking to himself was quicker than keeping quiet.


Just sing and sing

Many of my friends like to sing to sing what even, seemingly more disturbing, but mouth to sing behind for the exercise of the muscles of the respiratory system, its role no less than swimming, boating etc. physical exercise. In addition, this exercise is good for the maintenance of lung, lung volume is not easy to cough, not to breathe.

The explanation for TCM: gas to promote blood running, gas line is blood, qi stagnation and blood stasis.

Vocal cord and the body of the muscles of the organization, the coordination of various organs, can promote the movement of qi.Therefore, sing the efficacy of at least three: first, to burn fat, so that blood through and stable pulse, promote blood circulation; second, decomposition of fat required oxygen can fully absorbed, increase lung capacity in the human body, slow down the heart lung function decline, the health care effect; third, promote the secretion of the brain endorphins, the happy hormone levels rise, boost mood, physical and mental pleasure effect.

Data show that foreign scientists on the 20 old singers and do not often sing peers compared to find the singer's chest wall developed,

Heart and lung function, and slow heart rate, it is concluded that singing is a kind of aerobic exercise".<12Three>


Often stretch: Yangxin

As the saying goes, "lazy stretch", as everyone knows. Stretch to bold extension, often reach out and it as a part of routine health care. Stretching, deep breathing, chest, waist, a lifting arm, stretched leg action in a body, smooth blood, loose bones and muscles, intentionally stretched out on the stretch, can make the whole body relax, spiritual abundance.

Scientists have confirmed,

Stretching can cause strong contractions of the body most of the muscle, in the last few seconds of stretching movements, a lot of siltation of the blood is back to the heart, which can increase blood flow, improve blood circulation, which is coronary heart disease, cerebral insufficiency patients most in need.

And stretch at the same time, can also take away some of the waste in the muscles, thereby eliminating human fatigue.


The soup before meals -- spleen

The soup before meals is good or bad, also has several years of debate. "The first soup before meals. Than good medicine, "is there a scientific truth? Now give you a scientific conclusion, drink some good drink, it's not poor stress, before the first drink a small amount of soup, like movement before to do preparatory activities like, can make the whole digestive activity, make the digestive gland digestive juice secreted in sufficient quantities, as meals ready.

From the mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach, is the path to food, before eating, to drink soup (or water), equal to the digestive tract plus point "lubricant", enable a smooth swallow food, prevent dry hard food to stimulate the digestive tract mucosa, protecting the digestive tract, reduces the incidence of gastrointestinal tumor.

At the same time, give full play to the function of the spleen, so that it naturally into the working state, not only will feel comfortable after eating, but also for the sugar, fat decomposition is also very good.


Like the cold - five

Say eat cold things is not good, this sentence can not be generalized. Scientists have long believed that lowering the body temperature is the way to live a long life. But also through many of the low temperature frozen life experiment for us to prove this point.

Say a little bit, why the swimmers, someone to wash cold water bath, eat cold foods and these practices are the same is definitely bad health habits, eat cold food, moderation, balance the calories in the diet, in a certain extent, can play a role in lowering body temperature, the five zang organs in the appropriate temperature, prolong life.


Raise your legs strong heart

Because walk less. Life leg is getting less and less, the body of leg muscle function decline, cause inguinal all organizations and leg of the iliopsoas muscle atrophy.

Walk with legs high. To improve the leg muscles (iliopsoas muscle, abdominal muscle exercise capacity, in particular, can strengthen inguinal tissue of strong and elastic.

Medical experts believe that when a person's legs lifted above the heart after, foot and leg blood backflow, tight for a long time the size of the legs to relax, is conducive to the prevention and treatment of varicose veins of lower extremity, leg blood flow to the lungs until the heart, greatly to resume the function of heart and lung, especially beneficial to pulmonary heart disease of patients, and usually so much, but also to the health care function of heart and lung.


To eat -- to transport the spleen

Often hear people say, people don't live too comfortable, health, certainly not long. Sitting for more than half of the life of the people, do not necessarily know that the position is wrong. And those who have been questioned, do not feel tired must stand to eat the different molecules just to find the true meaning of health.

Medical home to the world's different ethnic dining posture study shows that,

Standing position is the most scientific, sitting next to the next, while squatting is not the most scientific.

The degree of good or bad depends on the degree of spleen in the body,Only standing, the spleen is the most relaxed, dry up and not tired, just because the extra work to get the heart, blood, heart and brain blood vessel is safe.


Strip and sleep: Liver

Luoshui removes the constraint of the clothes on the body, give a person a relaxed comfortable feeling; on the other hand, increases the contact surface of the skin and the air, is conducive to the secretion of hepatic portal venous circulation, blood circulation and sebaceous glands, sweat glands, so naked help to relax the mood, eliminate fatigue.

In addition,

Naked to help insomnia, headache, diarrhea and other diseases.

It is conducive to the liver drainage detoxification, can ease the formation of atherosclerosis of the blood clot, is conducive to the regulation of nerves, is conducive to enhance the ability to adapt and immune.

In this paper, the elderly: Yanzhao Evening News reported, Liaoning daily, Tonglu news network, the blue network etc.

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