These are the signs of a serious illness? Come to contrast!

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These are the signs of a serious illness? Come to contrast!

2016-07-21 01:45:52 319 ℃

As the saying goes, "sick as a mountain down". In fact, there is a process of the occurrence and development of any disease, there are some physical precursor before the sudden, but did not cause our enough attention. With the enhancement of health consciousness, we should to a human body is bad signal, given enough attention, to avoid catastrophe.

Four signals after getting up

1 wake up in the morning if dizziness, dizziness, may be the cervical bone hyperplasia or blood viscosity through higher disease;

2 if you get up after 20 minutes of activity is not completely disappeared, suggesting that there may be a kidney disease or heart disease;

3 morning nausea and vomiting, remove the cause of pregnancy, such as every morning, it is likely to be chronic gastritis or liver and gallbladder disease;

4 morning from the urine, if the urine brown, suggesting that the liver may be a problem.

Hand warning signal

1 eyes grow dim, dry eyes, can't see things clearly. This is a precursor to the liver function. If according to the press around the liver, there will be a bloated feeling, then in addition to the timely medical treatment outside, but also pay attention to the eye health, do not let the eye too tired.

2 if the regular eye pain, in addition to the use of eye fatigue, the elderly appear this situation should beware of glaucoma

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