Toothache is not a disease to life? Try these few small ways to help you effectively alleviate the toothache

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Toothache is not a disease to life? Try these few small ways to help you effectively alleviate the toothache

2017-03-19 07:05:14 92 ℃

When I was small because many babies eat sugar fell toothache problem, there are still a lot of people after the change of teeth is still in constant torment toothache, toothache is not a disease, pain up to life, once you have dental problems, such as tooth decay in the wormhole, then do not want to be able to enjoy the delicacy, sweet and salty spicy food stimulation, cannot eat, eat rice meal might make you with a toothache.

In fact, if you are suffering from a toothache can not do, then to make a small look at some of the small folk prescription, maybe you do not have to eat painkillers.

Purslane is a village inside the humble grass, can also eliminate inflammation, fever, toothache method with purslane is also very simple, first picked some purslane after cleaning, put a bowl of mashed into juice, and then in the inside, with the tongue gently moisturizing toothache parts about 5 minutes, two to three times a day, one day down, have significantly reduced, after two or three days of recovery, toothache.

There are several small folk prescription, the first is in the position of a toothache with pepper, can immediately relieve pain, the second is to use alcohol or saline gargle, repeated several times, the toothache will ease, the last one is with an ice pack, deposited in all parts, after a period of time certainly ease.

In addition to these small folk prescription, there are friends suffering from toothache must also pay more attention to diet, what food is good for the treatment of toothache? Just look at it!

A people should eat barley grains of this kind, because it has the friction effect on clean tooth surface, reduce the accumulation of food debris. Hard food needs to be fully chewed, not only to enhance the periodontal tissue, but also to rub the teeth bite surface, may make the nest shallow, beneficial to reduce pit and fissure caries.

Toothache people can not eat sweets, drink plenty of water can not drink honey, then run a cup to clear the stomach can also add vitamin C, beauty and beauty of lemon tea bar, a cup a day, very refreshing oh.

Sea cucumber contains a lot of collagen, but also contain substances that can relieve toothache, usually eat more sea cucumber can promote blood circulation, but also anti-aging anti-aging, so that the skin becomes more tender. The taste is very delicious and sea cucumber porridge, usually used for wild good choice.

Usually eat some red dates also has certain effect on toothache, red dates have Jianpiyiqi function, and red dates for women is very good, especially the lack of blood girl, eat red dates can make your complexion ruddy and shiny.

Note: everything can be purchased in pharmacies or markets

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