A person with a bad heart has a place in his palm

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A person with a bad heart has a place in his palm

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The left hand thenar is carry on Kyushin Pills

The left hand thenar is carry on Kyushin Pills. If a sudden heart palpitations, angina, chest distress, particularly uncomfortable, please immediately rub thenar thumb fingertip pinch.

With the force of gravity to pinch nine, it is best to put the thumb upside down, the use of such a strong stimulation to relieve the pressure of the heart.

With this method, first aid, eat 6 Kyushin Pills is absolutely.

The heart is not good people will do every day. The heart is not good for fear of stimulation, then usually you have to do something to make their own peace of mind.

If the family who heart is not very good, every day to give him ten minutes, the effect is absolutely good.


By too deep hole, straight about a thumb finger. Try to have a small round bone and the first metacarpal bone, between the two bone is the point of depression.

Symptoms: insomnia, wake up early.

Meridian: Thenar (part of the flesh of the thumb).

Methods: every day rubbing thenar, until don't hurt.

There is a friend, suffering from early wake up for many years, 3 in the morning, wake up at 4, many experts have seen the place, the treatment of insomnia drugs also eat a lot, but the effect is not obvious.

He try to rub thenar, it will wake up early to cure illnesses.

How to explain this principle?

Thenar is actually a node. Each person's body more or less have so little trouble, Chinese medicine believes that early awakening is generally caused by lung fire wang. If you often wake up at around three in the morning, it must be the heart and lungs lit up.

But these two are the heart and lungs after thenar there, so the heart lung it can dispel the fire.

The front palm thumb root people, down to the heel part, prominent outstretched palm, medicine called thenar.

Thenar muscle is rich, outstretched palm was raised, accounting for a large area of palm. Thenar and respiratory organs are closely related.

Daily rub thenar, to prevent colds and useful for sore throat, sneezing, runny nose, cough and other symptoms, is also a rule that elimination.

The method is very simple, to rub hands rub thenar, until now. A hand fixed, turn the other hand thenar, rub skin like peanuts, hands alternately.

Two thenar in the opposite direction to rub rub, about 2 to 3 minutes, the palm will heat.

It can promote blood circulation, strengthen the body so The new supersedes the old. can enhance physical fitness, prevention of colds, sore throat.