Do not pay attention to drink three saliva at night, you lost!

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Do not pay attention to drink three saliva at night, you lost!

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Spring temperatures began to rise, the air humidity gradually reduced, it will make the skin moisture easily lost, the body is also easy to water, so timely replenishment of water is very important! Many older people afraid to urinate, young people just second days to get eye is swollen, you dare to drink water, this is the wrong idea.

Be sure to drink water before going to bed

Too important!

Why is it important? This is because although the whole night is still in the water but still continue to drink, if you do not drink water second days in the morning is likely to dehydrate.

Night is a dangerous time for some people. Sleep heart rate slow down, if you do not drink water, blood concentration, blood flow is slow, second days in the morning easy thrombosis. Some people go to exercise early in the morning, go out to fall down, and this is not a great deal of water.

If you do not pay attention to add water, and have high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis of these basic diseases, it is prone to cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction and other thrombotic diseases! The consequences can be imagined!

A glass of water before going to bed

The drink is water!

Save water, not really drink can help, but this will bring great benefits to drinking water health, adhere to the effect of drinking longevity.

Drink a glass of water before going to bed, you can dilute the blood viscosity, reduce myocardial infarction, angina, cerebral thrombosis and other sudden danger. For patients with diabetes, to maintain a certain amount of water is also conducive to control blood sugar.

In addition, in the dry autumn and winter seasons, water can also nourish the respiratory tract, to help people sleep better.

Drink water three times

Can you really?

So, how to drink water? Specific to three times, you can do so:

The first time: drink 200~300 ml of water before going to sleep;

The second time: two or three drink water after drinking at night, about 100 ml;

Third: morning drink 300~500 ml.

It should be noted that, before going to bed should not drink too much water, a little sip on the two or three line, especially in the elderly. If you are worried about the effects of night sleep, also can drink during the day a few times, each 100 ml, to keep the body of water, water control at night.

Three times to drink water, the first cup of water in the morning is the real meaning of life-saving water, the elderly should pay attention to. After a night of human metabolism, the body of all the garbage needs to wash. Drinking a glass of water can reduce blood viscosity and increase circulating blood volume.

In the morning, this glass of water is best to choose the following three:

1, the first is clear water, boiled water, mineral water can be, can reduce blood viscosity;

2, the second is lemonade, citric acid can enhance appetite in the morning;

3, the third is a light salt water, it is very useful for constipation. But there is a friend of high blood pressure should not drink light salt water in the morning.

Drink plenty of water

10 kinds of disease, a cup of water will be able to get

1, nausea: vomiting with saline

With light salt water emetic, prepare a cup of light salt water on hand, spit clean, you can use salt water gargle play a simple anti-inflammatory effect.

2, heart disease: a glass of water before going to bed

Drink a glass of water before going to bed, can reduce the blood viscosity, reduce the risk of heart attack. So a glass of water before going to bed, but a glass of water!

3, fever: broken, small mouth water

In the movement to intermittent, small mouth water is appropriate. And before the exercise is also a very good water conservation program.

4, color: early morning cup of cold water

The body after a night of metabolism, body waste needs a strong external help excretion, cold boiled water is the best! In the morning a cup of white water detoxification recipe.

5, obesity: half an hour after dinner drink some water

Can eat half an hour later, drink some water, strengthen the digestive function of the body, to help you maintain your figure.

6, cold: drink more water than usual

A lot of water not only hanchu and urination, but also conducive to the regulation of body temperature, excretion of bacterial virus.

7, cough: drink hot water

First of all, the hot water can rise to dilute sputum, phlegm easy to cough effect; secondly, the increase in the amount of urine drinking water, can promote the rapid excretion of harmful substances.

8, stomach ache: porridge "water conservation"

A lot of water containing Rice porridge, very easy to digest, but also effectively lubricate the intestines, Dangdi harmful substances in the stomach.

9, constipation: big mouth to drink water

Big mouth to drink a few saliva, swallowing action faster, so that the water can reach the colon as soon as possible, stimulate peristalsis, promote defecation.

10, irritability: high frequency of drinking water

When a person is suffering from irritability, adrenaline will soar, but it can also be excreted as other toxins, one way is to drink plenty of water.

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