This sexual life most hurt the uterus, 90% of people know too late

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This sexual life most hurt the uterus, 90% of people know too late

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The womb plays a very important role in a woman's life. It can not only produce the fetus, but also secrete a variety of hormones to maintain the stability of female endocrine.

The most important part of a woman's bodyuterusThe most afraid of is the following 5 things.

Multiple pregnancy:For women, the best number of pregnancies is 2.6 times, after each increase in pregnancy, the uterus will increase the risk of a point.

Two fear of repeated abortion:It is easy to cause intrauterine infection, cervical or intrauterine adhesions, leading to secondary infertility.

Who fears of abortion:It is understood that more than 3 times of abortion, uterine disease and aging significantly increased the likelihood of harm.

Four do not pay attention to sexual health:Pathogens can enter the uterus through the vagina, causing endometrial infection. Sexual life before and after the two sides should pay attention to clean, otherwise it will cause cross infection, sexual intercourse can be used before the cleaning of private care.

Five fear of sexual life disorder:If the female sexual life indulgence, or minor will begin sexual life, cervical erosion and cervical cancer and other diseases will arise.

The above five things on the uterine injury is a big thing and sexual life is closely related to the law of sexual life can enhance the relationship between husband and wife, women's menstrual cycle, improve women's discomfort, anti-aging. However, some of the wrong habits after sex, not only to make these benefits disappear, and even hurt women's health!

Sexual life does not pay attention to their own health and clean

There are three reasons for women suffering from cervical diseases caused by unclean sexual life:

First, mechanical impact. Sexual life causes damage to the cervical tissue, the integrity of the normal epithelium is damaged, such as the invasion of inflammation, it is prone to erosion.

Second, chemical injury. If you do not pay attention to health, then the foreskin of the penis is easy to produce male foreskin, which is a mixture of sebaceous gland secretion of urine produced a strong carcinogen, can cause cervical cancer.

Third, virus infestation. It has been confirmed that human papillomavirus (HPV) is the leading cause of cervical cancer. Husband carrying HPV can increase the risk of cervical infection of his wife 9 times. In addition, such as gonorrhea, viruses, herpes simplex virus, chlamydia or mycoplasma and other sexually transmitted diseases can also cause cervical damage.

Premature sexual life

Sexual life is often referred to as usual before the age of 16. Adolescent adolescent reproductive tract development is not yet mature, vulva and vagina are very delicate, short vaginal surface tissue is weak, can cause severe vaginal rupture and vaginal bleeding and vaginal bleeding.

At the same time, it will also be some degree of pathogenic microorganisms or dirt into the vagina, and this period of women's own defense function is poor, it is easy to cause infection. In addition, because women in menstrual cramps after ovulation, the ovary became begin sexual intercourse, if not to take effective contraceptive measures, most likely pregnant.

Once a pregnancy, abortion must be done, and artificial abortion may cause a series of complications, such as infection, bleeding, uterine perforation and habitual abortion and infertility after marriage.

Then what should we doEffective protection of the uterus in sexual life:

Normal, healthy sex generally does not bring harm to women. The female vagina has very strong self purification function;

Both men and women in each sex before, if you can do with a careful care of the liquid wash their genitals and perineum, pay attention to cleanliness, generally does not cause genital inflammation in women. In addition, security, protection, regular sexual life is also very important, avoid excessive desire, sexual life frequency too complex.

Girls, the uterus is a woman's most important organ, we must take good care of it.


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