Pay attention to the first bubble after you get up! Meet the 6 criteria is considered healthy

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Pay attention to the first bubble after you get up! Meet the 6 criteria is considered healthy

2017-04-21 19:13:01 118 ℃

The first thing in the morning, 99% of people will choose to urinate". It is not only a "by-product" of human metabolism, but also a barometer of our health.

Life timesWeChat search "LT0385" can be concerned aboutInterview Department of Urology, kidney specialist, summed up the 6 criteria for healthy urine, and then busy to take a look at.

Interviewed experts:

Department of Nephrology; Peking University People's HospitalprofessorZuoli

Department of Urology, Peking University cancer hospital director Yang Yong

Healthy urine 6 gold standard


8 times a day, the most normal urine

8 times a day, the total amount of not more than 3000 ml.

If the amount of drinking water is not much, but more than 8 times to urinate, take it called frequency.

A lot of people think that old want to urinate, it is kidney deficiency, in fact, most of the kidney and kidney. The number of urination, but less urine, may be the bladder and urethra problems; if the number of times, but also a lot of urine, it may be a metabolic disease of internal medicine, such asDiabetes or diabetes..

Night night

Best 1 times

8 times a day urine, during the day, 7 times in the evening, the best proportion of 1.

Up too much, one is because the water before much, this is normal, there is no need to deliberately reduce the amount of water the great night night. Congestive heart failure, hypertension, need to control the amount of water throughout the day.

  • Drink plenty of water in the evening, eyes and face swollen in the morning? In fact, only the kidney has the problem of talent will be so healthy kidney will be normal metabolism, will not cause edema.

Micturition frequency

30~45 minutes to go to the toilet after drinking water

Normal metabolism of water in the body takes 30~45 minutes, equivalent to a school class time.

Water is mainly influenced by two factors in the length of stay, one is to eat fresh, another is to eat more or less. In addition, the weather will affect the heat and cold urination time.

In addition, male micturition time was longer, the continuity is not good, there is dripping feeling, dysuria, urinary weakness in elderly men, nocturia and other symptoms are increased,Prostate diseaseSignal.

urine volume

1500 ml per day

The amount of urine excreted per day is about 1500 ml, which is the normal amount of urine. But as long as the amount of urine every day more than 400 ml, less than 3000 ml..

  • If less than 400 ml, which is called oliguria, it is almost impossible for a normal person to occuracute renal failure.

  • More than 3000 ml of urine, mostly diabetes or diabetes insipidusEndocrine diseasesAnd may also be psychogenic polydipsia. Patients with chronic renal failure may also be prone to polyuria, especially at night.

In particular, many people believe thatDrink plenty of water, more urination can detox, which is a misunderstanding. As long as the amount of urine in the normal range, it is enough to put toxins out of the body, there is no need to deliberately drink plenty of water.


Clear urine, less foam

Light yellow, clear and transparent, is an important standard for healthy urination.

If the urine bubble, should go to the hospital to do urine test, if the occurrence of proteinuria, may be caused by kidney disease.

Clinically, the smell of urine is rarely used to tell whether it is healthy or not, so don't put too much emphasis on your urine, unless your urine is a strange rotten appleSigns of diabetes.



Healthy urine should be light yellow translucent, just like the first tea.

But many factors can affect the color of the urine, such as drinking water, body temperature changes and the role of food, drugs.

Drink plenty of water, urine may be like water, is colorless; less water, sweating more, the urine may be beer like yellow, these are normal.

Abnormal urine includes the following:

  • Bright yellow urine

Berberine, vitamin B and other drugs can cause urine to become yellow, but if you do not take medicine, urine color is yellow and lasted for more than half a month, we must improve vigilance.

Urine color is too yellow, often indicative of liver and gallbladder diseases, such as hepatitis, gallstones, bile duct obstruction, obstructive jaundice and other diseases.

  • The fresh red water

The reason is very complex: if hematuria hematuria accompanied by nasal bleeding, bleeding gums, should be wary of systemic hemorrhagic disease (such as hemophilia, thrombocytopenia); if hematuria accompanied by pain, have a fever, there may be urinary calculi or infection;

If hematuria accompanied by edema, high blood pressure, should be highly suspected glomerulonephritis; and intermittent painless hematuria should be alert to urinary tract tumors (such as bladder cancer, etc.).

  • Blue or green

May be taking a laxative, or chemotherapy drugs, etc..

  • The color of soy sauce

As a result of the destruction of a large number of red blood cells in urine, it may be acute nephritis, acute jaundice hepatitis and hemolytic jaundice.

  • white

Show pee yellow white, very muddy like mist, sometimes even can see the floc, is likely to be a serious infection of urinary system. Common diseases include acute pyelonephritis, gonorrhea, etc..

Piss like "thin milk" and "chyluria."". Common diseases include filariasis, abdominal lymph node tuberculosis and so on.

Experts remind that once a long time the following symptoms, it is necessary to pay attention to health problems, and timely to the hospital.

Frequent urination, urination, urination time longer, continuity is not good; urine foam, smell urine abnormal color, etc.. "(Life Times correspondent Zhang Jing Qu Sheng)

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