Life without tonic, a lifetime no serious illness, 96 year old Chinese medicine only drink this bowl of soup! Quick save

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Life without tonic, a lifetime no serious illness, 96 year old Chinese medicine only drink this bowl of soup! Quick save

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Every one of us wants to live a healthy life, although it is not easy, but it is not impossible!

In Shanghai, there is such a professor of traditional Chinese medicine, her complexion is ruddy, thick hair, quick thinking, speak full of gas, watching is 70, 80 years old. She is the 96 year old professor Zhu Nansun, but still insist on visits, known as the "guanyin".

Nan sun Zhu

Professor Zhu Nansun love to eat meat, although the doctor and patient repeatedly told, taboos, but she never jealous. Asked why, Professor Zhu said proudly:

"People often ask me the secret of health, also said that I must have taken a medicine what.

There is no elixir of immortality.However, health is a learning!"

In health, Professor Zhu Nansun basically no tonic, but do not eat health products. But only the son bought the American ginseng, Professor Zhu Nansun think it has the effect of Nourishing Yin, an exception to insist on eating. Professor Zhu Nansun is also very particular about the recipe for the American ginseng soup.

American Ginseng Decoction


  • Take medlar 15 grams, American ginseng 6 grams.


  • Cook overnight.


  • Get up in the morning and you can eat it.


  • American ginseng is flat, the four seasons are suitable, have the effect of nourishing yin and invigorating qi;

  • Medlar can enrich the blood, nourishing liver and kidney, eyesight.

If you want to try this prescription, must listen to Professor Zhu Nansun the following sentence:

This component is the amount of two days, the spleen of the people put the two or three red dates, bad stomach is not recommended to drink, cough, cold did not completely stop drinking a few days.

Conditional old friends, you can do their own proper diet, such as the lack of blood and air to eat a little bit of Angelica mutton soup, spleen weakness can eat yam. As long as symptomatic, and perseverance, it is not difficult to stomach conditioning.

Professor Zhu loves sports. He likes playing basketball and baseball when he is young. She believes that sports can not only keep the body active, but also bring about a harmonious interpersonal relationship. Now, although it can not play basketball, but over nine years later, Professor Zhu went to the hospital to visit the hospital every week, will be placed on the elevator does not sit, choose to climb up the stairs.

Energetic, she is often said by the old sisters and the younger generation:

Zhu Nansun's grandfather is the period of the Republic of China famous doctor Zhu Nanshan, father is the director of the new Chinese medical school, as the daughter Zhu eldest daughter, she refused to use the family car shuttle, when the pedal roller skates to mouth love.

After work, can not wear roller skates to work, but climb the stairs this habit persisted for decades now, Professor Zhu Nansun is not only a slim, body weight remained in 52~53 kg, and normal blood pressure, ear, vision and memory are good, no pain.

Professor Zhu Nansun is sitting medical clinic, a lot of people attending every day come, see the clinic two times when he was 95 years old, Professor Zhu Nansun still every day, sometimes do the clinic, this is her explanation:If you want more water, water will not decay if it flows.

When it comes to the middle aged and old friends who are most concerned about the problem of reducing blood pressure, Professor Zhu Nansun also has a method, she said:

"Although I relax, the water temperature higher than usual,Soak for 20 minutes, let the blood pressure down.Also refreshing and comfortable, let the night sleep better. Editor's note: diabetes, lower extremity venous occlusion, lower extremity venous thrombosis, etc., please consult a doctor before use

Professor Zhu, although 96 years old, but the hair is still very good, a lot of quantity, and many are black hair, white hair is not a lot of.

Traditional Chinese medicine said, hair for the rest of the blood, Professor Zhu said he woke up every morning, will be combing the scalp with a hand massage, promote blood supply to the head, the morning is also a good spirit.


  • Ten fingers with two fingers bent, with the fingertips of the fingertips from the front and back of the scalp.

  • Comb the scalp near the midline, in turn to the left and right sides and the scalp above the scalp to move about two times to move the scalp will be able to scratch again, do 4~6 times.

Professor Zhu Nansun's husband, who was wrongly accused of being a rightist in 1958, was sent to Fujian to receive reeducation through labor. During that time, she had a family. With a strong state of mind to overcome the enormous difficulties, recall that era, Professor Zhu Nansun regrets:

"No matter how dangerous the situation is, we must be able to deal with it properly. Health first to heart, heart is to get open, put down. That's why we live longer."

Longevity is not unable to follow, experience healthy longevity more of Professor Zhu Nansun!

We have learned all these methods, the same can live up to 90 no pain, easily over the age of 100 ~

Note: This article is used as the basic, please consult your doctor before use

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