Scratch finger! The old Chinese medicine a cure! Simple and effective!

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Scratch finger! The old Chinese medicine a cure! Simple and effective!

2017-04-21 19:14:14 63 ℃

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There are 6 meridians in the hand, which are closely related to the organs, tissues and organs of the whole body, so how can we use these 6 meridians to help us stay away from illness?

Today we will introduce a very simple method, each week, easy dredging meridian, viscera meridian, make you ill free!

Scraping board has a groove above, a lot of people do not know its role! In fact, it is a special finger scraping. Here we demonstrate that this finger scraping health law!

Scratch thumb

Scraping the thumb thumb corresponding to human lung, lung main gas, our breath, if the lung is not good, then there will be a cough, sore throat, chest tightness, shortness of breath.

Therefore, when coughing, chest tightness, etc., can be used to scratch the thumb side and pull out.

Index finger

The index finger of the index finger corresponds to the large intestine of the human body. So often constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, should a forefinger.

Middle finger

Long for:Palpitation, heartache, insomnia

The corresponding human pericardium to scratch, if the heart of a problem, will appear flustered, heartache, can scratch the middle finger.

In addition, the heart of the mind, sleep is not good, but also the problem of pericardium, but also can often do this action.

Ring finger

Scraping ring finger ring finger corresponding to the human body meridian, so often migraine, neck and shoulder pain of the people, that blood running is not good, can scratch the ring finger.

Little finger

Long for:Deficiency of body

Little finger corresponds to the small intestine of the human body, the small intestine is not smooth, it will affect the absorption of nutrients, long-term accumulation, easy malnutrition, light hair loss, weight of the body thin, low immunity, easy to cold.

So often dredge the small intestine, can help absorb nutrients, so that the most effective use of tonic food, improve immunity, nutrition, hair, strong body.

Clap back

Long for:Low back pain, lumbar disc herniation

Pat the back of the hand has a holographic theory of Chinese medicine, that in the hands of the distribution of various organs in the body of the reflection area, such as the back of the hand corresponding to the human waist, so often low back pain, backache, should be patted on the back of the hand.

The specific method is: the palm of the hand clap the back of the other hand, alternately, each hand clap 50 - 100 times. Can dredge the waist meridian, Qi and blood, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment.

Clap palm

Long for:Conditioning the viscera

The palm of the hand also have a lot of points, and there are a lot of meridians, the viscera have reflex zones in the palm of your hand. Therefore, in order to be healthy, clap your hands.

The corresponding effect on the points do not know never mind, just need to clap 100 times every day, can help you clear the meridians, promote blood circulation, to strengthen the viscera, the purpose of physical fitness!

This method is simple and feasible, and can be a variety of physical conditioning! At leisure, do something, make you healthier, five viscera meridian patency!

Such a good way, as soon as possible to our relatives and friends! Let everyone Dou Jian healthy, more important than anything. Don't hide oh!