Acupuncture point is the traditional Chinese medicine, the meridian is the pharmacy! It's very useful!

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Acupuncture point is the traditional Chinese medicine, the meridian is the pharmacy! It's very useful!

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There is no chicken soup, folk prescription, rumors, advertising, only reliable Taoist health knowledge!

Acupuncture point is the traditional Chinese medicine, the meridian is the pharmacy! It's very useful!

Acupuncture point is traditional Chinese medicine, meridian is a large pharmacy store. Often massage points. Try to use the body's own medicine pharmacy store, reduce dependence on drugs. We take medicine is a variety of performance through drugs, through the stomach and liver detoxification, intestinal absorption, providing nutrients elements especially viscera, make human body balance of yin and yang.

Zusanli = Atractylodes macrocephala.

The spleen qi, dampness and water, sweat.

When the sea =.

Bu Zhong Yi, Yi Qi, Sheng jin. Treatment of spleen and stomach, deficiency of Qi and blood two, body tired weakness, poor appetite, thirst, diarrhea, rectal prolapse. Radix rehmanniae; nourishing blood, nourishing yin.

Shine on the sea.

Clearing heat and promoting blood circulation, cooling blood, hemostasis.

Gallbladder Yanglingquan = xiaoyaowan.

God gate most points = bezoar Qingxin pill.

Massage the heart of God gate, and then massage the spleen through the most points = bezoar Qingxin pill.

Chi Ze Fu Mai Mai Wei Huang pill.

Anrou lung chize, Fuliu = maiweidihuang pill plus kidney.

The air door hole is the most.

Air bladder massage (second thoracic spinous process by 1.5 inches) and lung is the tongxuanlifei powder.

Taibai Shangqiu = Buzhongyiqi pills taichong.

Shangqiu Taiyuan acupoint = Shenlingbaizhu pills.

Taiyuan lung, spleen by Shangqiu acupoint = Shenlingbaizhu pills (these two points together, lungs and spleen, significant effect. Taiyuan and Shangqiu is free of Shenlingbaizhu pills. Shenlingbaizhu pills, jianpizhixie).

Big hole point = is it.

Knead big Ling points can borrow some blood from the heart to help transport, for you to increase gastric motility. Hole is a soil, as well as the efficacy of spleen.

Shangyang = Enema Glycerini.

This hole is a specialized treatment of constipation to the point, in particular, point massage massage Shang Yang hole, there is a feeling of defecation.

Shangqiu point = anti-inflammatory drugs.

The body has its own anti-inflammatory drugs.

The spleen through the most hole = calcium points.

This position is also the cervical reflex area. )

Baihui "are the main diseases", meaning that what can cure the disease.

It can be said that this point will cure diseases, so called "baihui". Pay attention to the point of gravity can not press.

Taixi = antihypertensive drugs Quchi and taichong.

People = emergency air conditioning pill.

Press people can adjust blood gas, yin and Yang, people can wake up.

Earlobe = first aid.

And people in the same role, because according to the sequelae. Pinch people in the long-term pain. Can be blood gas, yin and Yang, people will be able to wake up.

Welcome to the nose hole = the most effective nasal bleeding medicine.

If left nostril bleeding, Yingxiang point with the left index finger by the left side of the nose, right thumb to press the left arm at the midpoint of the Kongzui point, and will head up, 1-3 minutes of hemostasis. If the right nostril bleeds.

Sanyinjiao = Yin tonic.

Because the Sanyinjiao three meridians (kidney meridian, spleen meridian, liver meridian) intersection, equal to three lines in a site can be divided into three layers, you can transfer to Metro line. Note that only massage sanyinjiao.

Shaoshang point = Accuphase tablet.

Extreme spring hole = quick Kyushin Pills.

Extreme spring points in the armpit vertex.

[manipulation] finger plucked arm axillary apex Jiquan point tendon, Suanma sense of speed in the direction of the radiation to the newsletter, within a few minutes can alleviate heart discomfort. Extremely spring hole, radiation to the middle finger for the best, but also some radiation to the ring finger or little finger. If you do not feel pain, such as a coronary artery blocked 50%. We call it a Kyushin Pills.

Two two = Bupleurum Taichong hegu.

Called "on four off two two Hegu Taichong, together is really overwhelming, like the same to liver qi, bupleurum, ease the pressure.

Hegu = painkillers.

[method] to find the midpoint pain points second metacarpal bones, clutching the midpoint of the edge is Hegu, compared with the first kind of acupuncture method, this method extracted Hegu better analgesic effect. Is the valley specific points of pain, menstrual pain, cure toothache; and this is a combination of acupoint combination, medicine and acupuncture, is terrific.

= shoulder neck and shoulder pain specific points.

Take the midpoint kneading method] according to the shoulder Jianjing point on the Dazhui and shoulder line. On the same side of the foot. The method can be used to get the shoulder rubbing neck and shoulder discomfort, the thumb and four fingers on the shoulder, the middle side side pinch upwards, can make the shoulders relaxed, shoulder and neck disease prevention.


Avenue to Jane, the universe is the law of the development of all things, is the essence of Chinese culture, is the Chinese Taoist philosophy, the great truth is extremely simple, simple to one or two words will be able to understand. The so-called "true word, false books". "The beginning of all things, the road to Jane, derived from numerous" from Lao Zi's "moral classics". Avenue to Jane, not only by the philosophy of Taoism, Confucianism and so on, but also the living realm of life.

Road to Jane Avenue, Avenue is not invisible, this is a kind of advanced dynamic nature, the road to recover the original simplicity. In this pure, selfless, harmony between man and nature of the state, not for long, long for natural skill; treatment, physical and mental adjustment; not for the function, function of natural appearance; you do not find the size of Sunday, bamay natural flow, the deepest truths are the simplest and most common truth. The most complex into the most simple, is the best. The greatest are noble only because they are simple.

Road to Jane, life is simple. Enlightenment, profound on the simple, simple and profound, from the mountains to see the mountain, to see the mountain is a mountain, the state is not the same, from simple to complex, and then from the complex to simple, is sublimation. The meaning of life is simple, people to a certain extent, will be indifferent to some things, will be simple, you can understand others, but others do not necessarily understand you, in fact, people do not understand, in recognition.

Good at heart, simple in shape. It is the ultimate problem of human being to torture the soul. Jane is not only a kind of beauty, but also a kind of ability and a realm. See not say, high level; dimly, heart through; through non transparent, unknown, deliberately do not know, is thorough; know see things through, is transparent, thorough is not thorough, understand do not understand, it is really realm.

"Road to Jane" is the wisdom of life, to do things to a complex thing into a simple, it is the need for wisdom. Will return to the complex things simple, to have wisdom, ability, but also have the determination. A wise man likes the road to Jane, therefore, the work and benefits, not in droves; fame and wealth, can not be tired of it. I just come here. We want a simple man, steadfast work, with the wisdom of jane.

All of your favor and disgrace for fame, pure like childhood virginity, simple as parents cultivated fertile soil, only the calm person can see "setting sun village, a small corner and return" leisurely, that the "air bearing gas spring and autumn, drop clear sound" sounds of nature, feel the empty mountainsbut not see, but open Wenren language sound. Tao Yuanming is such a person, so he was able to recite "picking chrysanthemums Dongli, leisurely to see the mountain" quatrains; the people of Ou Yangxiu in exile, so he can still write carefree and content "ong Ting Ji".

Road to Jane, life is simple. Jane is not material poverty, but the spirit of freedom; Jane is not the emptiness of life, but the simple soul. Road to Jane is the highest truth is often the most concise, people must learn to act in simple, simple life, simple, lay down their own self's desires beyond selfish ideas and personal considerations, when the cage, when really forget your thoughts, forget your consciousness into the state of ecstasy forget.

The complexity of life out of confusion, "benevolence" to resist the temptation to "wisdom" to lift the confusion. No doubt, it is a sign of life from the complex into simple. Weak water three thousand, I just take a cup; the vicissitudes of life, when one must. Jane to reply, really, is the life of the road to jane".

There is a road to Jane, the ordinary mind is the way the story: a traveler asked: "what do you long road like before?" Long road: "firewood fetching water to cook." Walker asked: "just after that?" Long road: "firewood fetching water to cook." Walker asked again: "then what is enlightenment?" Long road: "Tao, wood about water, water when thinking about cooking; Tao, wood is wood, water is water, cook is cooking." Long road and Walker dialogue let us enlightenment, many high and deep truths are full in some very simple thought.

Road to Jane, life is easy. One thousand people have one thousand kinds of survival and life path, through the years, through life, the heart have many regrets, everything down, all at ease; now down, now free, many problems in life does not need to be put in the heart, a lot of burden of life does not need to pick on the shoulder. Read down, in order to feel the joy of a simple life, in order to feel the joy of flying soul. If you want to change something, you have to get yourself back. We all have the potential energy, but it is only too easy to be covered by habits, blurred by time, and eroded by laziness. We should remember what should be remembered, and forget what should be forgotten. Alter what is changing, and accept what is not. We must face the past with the least lamentation, face the present with the least waste and face the future with the most dream.

The way of heaven and earth. Life is short, you don't want to be too complicated, simple life. The play once kicked off, no matter how you suffer from stage fright, had to play to play. The biggest challenge in the process of growth in some sections, only silently walk, happy, simple life is a happy life, people want to know contentment, sadness, pain, can not give up all the things, but a life transition, you skip can become more wonderful.

The best life is a simple life, a tea, a table, a quiet, dull day, the heart without distracting thoughts. However, a simple life requires a lot of effort, so that we will enjoy life carefree carefree. Life in general is perfect, not perfect is the state of mind, do not know how to appreciate the people, it will be used to make all of the faults. A simple, straightforward, grasp the sense of propriety, adaptable, accept reality; simple things, do not make trouble, no trouble, not afraid of things, no regrets, do not complain, do what you do.

Life is a long fight, some people laugh at the beginning, some people win in the end. Try to smile, try to look back, relax, do not insist, not depressed, not impetuous. Simple life, heart, and with you, do your best, contentment, smile, indifferent, even zaikuzailei, as long as we go forward, their own landscape will appear.

Life is not easy, the key to see how you live. The situation is in the mood, mood changes, the situation will change. The more you want to live, the more intense and complex you will become, and the more difficult it will be for you to live. On the contrary, the less you ask for life, the easier it is to be satisfied, the easier it is to be happy. The moon, the impermanence of the Lord, master is at leisure; road to Jane, live in the moment, can satisfy changle.

Wuru non bosom tranquility, a heart of the month alone, a calm calm state; natural calm and hold the heart if the water is calm smile, more charming. Life in the world, is the most real, the silence is the most beautiful, life is not the most lasting prosperity, but dull, not lively but Qing huan. Maintain a childlike innocence, not happy time, heart unobstructed pouring out troubles to friends, happy, laugh, maybe all the sorrow in the talk flowed away all the tension will be released in laughing. Like a child, simple life, happy life, to maintain the original ecology of mind, everything is beautiful.

There is always a story in life, but it is difficult to tell the story, so in the bottom of my heart, gradually became a song. People are like this, can not get forever yearning, lost, will feel precious. The so-called, gains and losses, love, scenery, post, all in the dust of time, slowly scattered. Although, some things are hard to put down, but do not belong to their own things, will eventually go far.

Man's life is doomed to experience a lot. On the road, there is laughter, there are tears of injustice, ignorant adhere to, have the confidence of success, there is a warning of failure, every experience is destined to be precious. The abundance of life due to the compassion of the heart, the good life due to have a common heart, life is simple and easy to make people happy, the idea is simple and quiet. Because simple, only the deep understanding of the light of life, because simple, only to see the quiet mind.

Position:In the hands of music stripes and 2-3 refers to the gap of the ventral intermediate place, if the point of radiation to the middle finger tingling feeling, only the treatment of neck and shoulder pain.

Heyang = point of Eucommia ulmoides strong bone pill.

Heyang cave:Treatment of low back and leg neck disease.

Position:In the knee joint after leg 2-3 pulp, such as point to the feeling of radiation to Suanma toes. They are right to treat the disease concept of left, right left to treat the disease.

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