Derailed most bloody history: his wife and lover. Her husband was brutally cut

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Derailed most bloody history: his wife and lover. Her husband was brutally cut

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There was a bad man in the Qing Dynasty, called Yu Hongtu.

Yu Hongtu is a sea salt in Zhejiang, a child also love to learn, in fifty-one years (1712) in the examination of the, suddenly became a state official. Only in the life of a turn around, and can not immediately be rich and ridden, most people are starting to do a copy of this copy of the work of the Secretary, no money. Yu Hongtu's career is running along this path, for shujishi, powder house granted editing, up until the page read, Yong Zheng ten years (AD 1732), to Henan as political science.

There are many famous courtiers in Qing Dynasty had political science, for example, Zhang Zhidong, from 1866 to 1876, former Hubei, Sichuan two president Ji Xiaolan served as political science, political science, Fujian.

Political science, also known as Admiral Xuezheng, director of the provincial education examination, referred to as political science, commonly known as Taiwan belong to the same level of science, and therefore, are three. Is assigned to the provinces by the court presided over the hospital, government officials and inspectors around. Political Science in general by the Imperial Academy or official origin.

Yu Hongtu sat for many years cold bench, and finally became a province in charge of education and examination of the competent leadership, it is equivalent to the current director of education. Another look down on just a hall leadership, but it is the key to control the fate of a provincial student.

It is important because the post, great responsibility, so the court also has many restrictions on political science discipline, for example, the examiner is not allowed to take the family to his post. This is to prevent the relief of the problem prevention measures, because, at that time, people's prejudice to women, short hair and long experience, but also love Zhang parents of Li Jiaduan, is not conducive to the examination of the secret.

However, the old Yu eat on the loss of discipline, the results of a life.

It turned out that Yu Hongtu lost his wife in the middle age, the body can not stand the loneliness, and married a little wife, which at that time, is a very normal thing. Is not normal, old Yu married the little wife Lin, is a charming and dissolute woman, she lost five adults by Yu Fan three, wife of small toe, so he rushed to the Henan office, the name is Lin's wife to the small. Old Yu unexpectedly promised.

The expedition, he told the servant in the hospital test on duty transfer test data with overwhelming disadvantages. The old Yu unimaginable, a servant and his little wife already hooked into the rape. The women servants and money desire, desire for bribery, and his mistress's collusion, help them cheat. Lin put and examination related materials posted on Yu Hongtu's robes, Yu Hongtu put out off, then transfer to a servant off outside the lift; the outside of the servants in the same way, the relevant materials into the examination room, the bribery of more than two. Their activities Yu Hongtu did not know the consequences. Soon, is excited.

Second years, Henan governor Wang Shijun Yu Hongtu accused him of taking bribes's impeachment. Emperor Yong Zheng to send the Ministry vice minister Chen Shuxuan to Henan together with Shanxi, Henan, Hedong governor of the trial of Yu Hongtu case. Decree is very strict, claiming that if the governor of Xunqing, Lang and punished. Yu Hongtu began to deny that he had a bribe. But the servant wives admitted cheating, bribery facts. In this case Yu Hongtu had to plead guilty.

Yong Zheng twelve years (1734) March 12th Yong Zheng approved Yu Hongtu sentenced cut.

Yu Hongtu Zou Shiheng Yu Hongtu was asked to take over the duties in law, and served as Yu Hongtu's prison chopped. Let the relatives of prisoners to replace the position of the prisoner and he was tortured, such a way only Yong Zheng can think of it. Zou Shiheng startled Print-Rite, did not dare to tell Yu Hongtu this sentence.

Executioners cut, prisoners to death, must give money. Due to his death when Zou Shiheng Yu Hongtu tied to tell him when he is performing cut, too late to prepare. The executioner gave him a slow death, Yu Hongtu cut rolling on the ground, bitterness. He dipped his finger in the blood on the ground and wrote seven "miserable" words on the ground.

Zou Shiheng reported the horrors to Emperor Yong Zheng, Emperor Yong Zheng was ordered to seal knife, cut since the abolition of. Yu Hongtu became the last official cut.