We only call Pan Jinlian, but never thought of Wu Song's fault

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We only call Pan Jinlian, but never thought of Wu Song's fault

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Why did Pan Jinlian and Wu Song have to code?

(Zhu Jianxin)

Author Wang Xiaoyang, the study team of bacteria

Words: 1200 words, reading time: about 3 minutes

"Jin Ping Mei" is very good, but there are a lot of code content. For example, what is the relationship between Wu Song and Pan Jinlian?

If not, then qiuchuji passing Niu Jiacun, secretly tracking his Jinbing will not have died in Guo Yang duo yard; similarly, wanyanhonglie never see Bao Xiruo on her mind......

So, the question is, if not Wu Song, tiger, did not return to Qinghe County, Pan Jinlian will not swing lust, will not meet one person?

Pan Jinlian water is not old, not Ximen Qing, if you really want to have a person, who is our tiger hero, hero of Liangshan - Wu Erlang!

At first, Pan Jinlian is also the leading women into marriage in order to get rid of Yanggu county are riffraff harassment before the family moved to Qinghe County and Wuhan university. In the past, although there is a door under the eyes of the pair of eyes, meaning a group of children in front of the door to play the word, but did not do too special things. Pan Jinlian met before, at least doors can not afford to go out of the family of the two women.

Wu Song can not be dirty, he is a hero in Liangshan, Liangshan heroes like big chunks of meat, drink a big mouth, the vast majority of women do not close, a near woman, is not a hero. So we prefer to believe that Wu Song is not wrong.

What's wrong with Wu Songzhen?

Wu Song since the tiger back, his life began to reverse the. When a mother and her brother meet, it is a hug. Wu Ben to has the backing of the brothers, which know Wu Song after the door, is actually the beginning of Wuda death.

Uncle ave."

"Uncle please, I bow."

"Sister-in-law gifts."

"Uncle, where are you living now? People who organize daily meals?"


Pan Jinlian's heart in a tall Wu two, Wu two hearts have lived a into the demon Pan Jinlian.

A heavy snow, it is time to come.

The woman pushed up the curtain and smiled."

Wu Songdao: "thank sister care."

Three glasses of wine, baked with desire.

"Uncle, just wear these clothes, not cold?"

"Uncle, you won't fire, I'll fire you. As long as a fire to heat the basin is good."

"If you have a heart, eat my cup of wine."

"Your sister-in-law, don't know shame!"

"I play, really not worth it. No one knows!"


Pan Jinlian eventually spun up without fire.

We have no reason to ask Pan Jinlian to Wuda "idea". Lu Xun also said that the late Ming Dynasty summed up three characters: lust. Chenghua years, Alchemist Li Ziseng fangzhongshu for offer, one step is to cross the middle. Jiajing, Tao Zhongwen was offered as a "direct traitional Guanglu doctor Zhuguo, libushangshu to less Fu Gong Cheng Bo, who cannot read this long together. Look, it is a kind of era, what do we want to suppress Pan Jinlian's desire.

Wu Wu and Pan Jinlian two moved away from home, then make themselves, but also destroy the illusion of love and that Pan Jinlian was not much self-esteem.

At this point, Pan Jinlian became one of the characters in the novel Chinese evil woman, she used a bamboo curtain, and opens a new world for yourself......

No one has ever seen the real manuscript of Jin Ping Mei, what is the true face of Jin Ping Mei? Perhaps, we have never read; perhaps, "Jin Ping Mei" is a Book of adultery.