She dropped out of school at the age of 16, self-taught master of the four languages, became a personal translation of Deng Xiaoping, 63 year old international, not afraid of difficulties, has become China's most beautiful business card

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She dropped out of school at the age of 16, self-taught master of the four languages, became a personal translation of Deng Xiaoping, 63 year old international, not afraid of difficulties, has become China's most beautiful business card

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It is hard to imagine: a sixty-three year old woman, dressed in a green suit, wore an elegant silver hair, leisurely appearance, smiling mouth, you can instantly murder countless film around the world in the hands of reporters.

She is Fu Ying, a spokesman for China's two sessions. You don't need to know what the press spokesman is doing, you just need to know: to be a spokesperson, to some extent, is the representative of China's image.

In the past, as a pillar of male politicians in the news diplomatic occasions, Fu Ying is the first Chinese women's two sessions spokesman, and do is five years.

Speaking at a press conference, both the home court advantage, but at the same time faced with reporters from around the world. The political sensitivity of the extremely sharp master blows, slightly half mistakes are easy to become an international joke.

The results of the CNN reporter or asked a sensitive topic: China's military spending growth, the South China Sea has been wary of China's military, military spending growth of the larger considerations?"

This is an impressive and deep talk, who there are not good answer.

But Fu Ying had expected that the American press would have such a problem, she smiled, slowly replied: "in the past more than and 10 years, the world has so many conflicts, which is caused by China? China has never done any harm to any country. The United States is still worried about China's ability to catch up with or surpass the United states."

If you ask me why, I will ask you for your motive. Words, 42 dial thousands of pounds, the problem pretty pushed back. Your strength be neither humble nor pushy, anti. Friends describe this domineering confrontation: Although you ask, I can not count you pay me!

This woman is not simple.

This is not a simple woman's childhood, in fact, not without hardship.

Fu Ying's father was a high intellectual, inevitably suffered during the cultural revolution. Fu Ying was forced to drop out of school at the age of 16 and took on the burden of caring for his mother and his two younger brothers, who came to work in a production Corps station in Inner Mongolia.

This pulling coal cars doing the dirty work, she dragged the film; heavy equipment like this, she did; climb poles, screen frame such dangerous live, she also did.

It was a time of physical work without spiritual life, and a strong man could only crawl on the ground.

But Fu Ying has secretly set up their wings to fly: even if there is no school, no desk, she did not give up self-study, only the primary school culture, she actually completed a high school curriculum self-study. Later, when she was admitted to the Beijing Institute of foreign languages, she actually got a full mark.

When many people recalled that at that time, many complain, spoiled youth spirit is squeezed, Fu Ying said: "these experiences are the most valuable asset in my life, let me be able to endure hardship, more strong, let me become more open-minded, do things less Jinjin more, also dare to dedication."

The woman and the woman's outstanding common watershed, it is actually her attitude towards suffering: ordinary woman complaining, outstanding woman wears. And Fu Ying's acceptance of the suffering, self promotion, has become a goddess for her to prepare enough food.

In college, Fu Ying's first foreign language is English, the second foreign language is French, these are the required courses of the two. She is not satisfied with this, extracurricular self-study of Romania.

After graduation, she became a translator of the Ministry of foreign affairs.

Later, she worked for Deng Xiaoping. At that time, Deng Xiaoping met with Prime Minister of Norway, Mrs. Brundtland, he told the guests that he was 84 years old, it is time to retire.

It is simply a joke, Fu Ying nervous, the 84 year old of 48 years old, this can be the Brundtland embarrassed: in front of Deng Grandpa, how can not be less than 50 years old......

After Deng Xiaoping learned that Fu Ying's translation errors, no criticism of Fu Ying, still laughing to say: "yes, I have one of the surgery, and even sudden Brundtland as young."

This is the translation of a young talent to resolve the embarrassment of invisible.

This incident, although not bring negative influence to the work of Fu Ying, but let her to shame, don't let yourself make these mistakes.

1998 to 2000, Fu Ying was appointed ambassador to China in Philippines. Fu Ying before taking office, in addition to reading a lot of books, but also specifically went to Shandong, Philippines, visit the tomb of the ancient king of Dezhou Su Ludong.

The Ming Dynasty, the Sulu King rate at visit Ming emperor, but died in Dezhou on the way back, the Ming Dynasty houzang Hui special allocation, and left the Sulu King's concubine, prince after marriage.

In such a historical investigation, Fu Yingcai really felt his mission to Philippines: in any case, to make every effort to ensure the peace and friendship between generations of people to maintain peace.

In 2016, Chinese and Philippines because of the South China Sea issue bickering, former Philippine President arrived in Hongkong, personally met a lot of old friends, including Fu Ying.

Fu Ying's ambassador, Philippines, Australia, Britain, she seems to become China's most beautiful diplomat out of the world.

It is said that the good man has the characteristic of androgyny. Although Fu Ying is a woman, but her gene flows in the Mongolian bold gene, so she does not lose the spirit of men.

In when the daughter gets married, Fu Ying gave the visitors a toast, with wine, also sang the song "traditional" songqin, and Mongolian Dance festival.

A sonorous female, regardless of over sixty years, dance, spirit of excellence, distinguished air of elegance and coquetry.

When you are happy, she is honest with you; when you are not happy, there are ways to cure you.

In Britain, Fu Ying was invited to participate in the former residence of the big Memorial parade in Shakespeare, and will address. Prior to this, the host told three jokes, the last one of the jokes obviously offended the Chinese guests:

A Chinese old man on his deathbed, his English friend to visit him, the old man had said the last words, the British friends did not understand, just remember the pronunciation, then down to find the old man's offspring convey to them.

The old man's face looked angrily at him and said, "my father said," you stepped on my oxygen tube"!

In the Chinese ironic joke seems difficult, the audience laughed, but Fu Ying face no embarrassment, slowly walked up to the podium, also deliberately bypassing the microphone line at the foot, casually said: "I have to be careful."

After standing, she slowly said: "I do not step on the moderator of the oxygen pipe."

For a laugh, even the host also nodded, show the white feather.

This is the goddess of character: It is impolite not to reciprocate., if anyone kiss me, I have relatives; if the person make me, I will. This is she, in perpendicular and horizontal diplomatic occasions, the arrogance of the pack trick.

As a diplomat, Fu Ying and veteran political parties to fight, not one or two humorous joke can be finished. Homely food is chunqiangshezhan.

In 16 years, 17 years Munich security summit, Fu Ying had the ability to improvise to show her the envy of others.

17 years, the British Chipman said: China's military spending is Japan and South Korea add up to 1.8 times, the other is the sum of the total number of other countries around the South China Sea in the vicinity of the 3.7 times. The implication is that China wants to do so much military spending?

Prior to this, the United States asked NATO members to raise their military spending to about 2% of GDP.

"You seem to be looking at the problem from another angle," Fu Ying replied in fluent english. You let NATO members raise their military spending by 2%, but they think Asia is doing too much? I hope you will be able to unify the standards of judgment. We are not enemies."

The so-called "right person is the first", before correcting others, the amount of their own ruler straight straight.

16 years, someone asked: China has not lost control of North korea.

Fu Ying smiled and said, "the way you ask questions is very western.". Out of control of a sovereign state? China does not believe that they should control any country, they do not want to be controlled by other countries."

You western countries along the way is to control and anti control, China dealing with others, love is not love you cooperation, the thing, live in peace.

"Stealing" is the elders accused the younger generation of the word, the word is very disrespectful. If there are technical problems between our two countries, we can open up, but you need to provide us with evidence."

The United States and China are equal, do not come up with the "World Police" authoritarian arbitrary charges against us, how much evidence to say how much.

When Japanese reporters claimed that China unilaterally undermine the status quo unacceptable, Fu Ying immediately counterattack:

"Unilateral" to break the status quo, which is when Japan announced the Diaoyu Islands nationalization of China worried about. This is the (only) to the Sino Japanese relations tense."

What the hell is going on in the world?

Fu Ying on diplomatic occasions smooth, tough, dangerous situation to deal with it, in fact, a little less than a year Zhu Geliang in Jiangdong lecturefield.

There was a reporter evaluation Fu Ying said: This is a Chinese style self-confidence. Her fluent speech, elegant demeanor, elegant dress, every inch of it is Chinese style broadcast.

We used to protect our homes and defend our country "is defined, is a gun to kill the thief, Ying launched lofty sentiments and aspirations. In fact, Fu Ying with sharp words for the gun, with the careful logic as a shield, countries in the international arena to harbour evil designs, is also a kind of "protect our homes and defend our country".

We used to "goddess" is defined as the appearance of the goddess, tenderness hundred turn beauty. Fu Ying, Neiwaijianxiu, dignified, is worthy of the reputation of the "goddess".

However, in fact, any label can not completely define Fu Ying. For every family, we have the best respect and praise:

Do what you can to make China better.


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