Zhao Kuangyin generals will marry a strong female, female female to come to court, Zhao Kuangyin simply God

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Zhao Kuangyin generals will marry a strong female, female female to come to court, Zhao Kuangyin simply God

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In the "cup of wine release for" what results, Zhao Kuangyin politics gradually consummate. Release for a step by step, first strike to the right of the trusted palm, is imminent, or in between the elbow. So we must solve the problem in the first time. Ill, need to appease the still to be calm.

The first year of Qiande (963), Zhao Kuangyin in the southern states made war at the same time, the deployment of the northern Han and Qidan positive adjustment, anti Tun border troops. General Li Hanchao Tun Guan Nan (area now Hebei Xiongxian), Renyu Ma Shou Ying Zhou (Hebei this rule Hejian City), South Korea Lingkun guarding Changshan (now Hebei Zhengding County), Ka Chumori state (now Hebei Yixian County)...... Best for the people.

Qiande the first month of the four year, male, PA, Ying, Mo, etc., song military and hunting in the realm of Liao Dynasty Youzhou, boast illustrious martial arts. The Northern Song Dynasty, song fighting in Zhao Kuangyin's lifetime is very tough, and later Zhao Guangyi children fight shy of fear Liaoning contrast.

In the early years of the Northern Song dynasty war fighting force

In order to ensure border peace, Zhao Kuangyin on several of the soldiers will be special treatment. Not only for them, but also for their families in Beijing is also very thick. In the county can either take their tax tube, as its trade and the national exemption of taxes and fees. This is also seen in the early years of the Northern Song Dynasty troops in the business, but also a temporary means. All military affairs are allowed to the special disposal, do not have to report the court.

Each side will give Zhao Kuangyin to visit to catering, exotic jewelry, and delegate to the strategy -- is to attack, then do not chase.

Liaoning people dare made edge to head to escape is not the return teacher, do not pursue a desperate foe.

At the same time, these commands will be a large number of recruits for border edges to facilitate the enemy spy spy. The implementation of these measures, so that the edge will not be bad money, concentrate on the cause of the border. The one side, just to prepare the already.

To prepare a division, hammer made edge Liao, the very reason for what?

Ka Chumori state, invincible, Megatron border; Li Hanchao guarding off the south, because of strong female, married people borrowing not also be "Chrysanthemum" against the Royal Zhao Kuangyin.

A small mingaoguan, later left towards the early Northern Song Dynasty Taizu commendable "rule by law" of the typical examples

Zhao Kuangyin harmony drizzle asked: "Li Hanchao did not go to the south, the Khitan people how to behave?"

The little people answer: "how many times a year do not know to play the grass valley." (Grass Valley, see Mr. Jin Yong "eight guardians" of a Book)

The Emperor: "now what?"

Min Min: "in recent years, we have never seen the Liao people."

The Emperor: "if in the past, you can marry a girl who?"

Khitan cavalry

Small people: "marry a kind of field han"!

The Emperor: "is it possible that Li Hanchao is actually better than the official, a Hebei Chinese farm as well?"

Min: no language...

Li Hanchao bloody battlefield

- men act of indiscretion, Zhao Guanjia himself had to say. The side of life makes people to turn south to Li Hanchao -- not enough money to spend, as far as possible for the opening; to "the" best "rabbits do not eat grass waterloo". The times are different, as the servants must keep pace with the times, do not just stare at the eyes of people's "firewood".

Chen Jun also "tears when the debt," took the emperor's money back home soon, her daughter was Li Hanchao back home. Although is not the "superlative", but it is safe to return, one family cried.

Li Hanchao cry, then to shame, Yi Shiou -. The history, the Khitan did not dare to peep off South narrow areas!