Who is the Young Marshal of the Soviet Union was framed by Hitler Stalin ordered executed in secret

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Who is the Young Marshal of the Soviet Union was framed by Hitler Stalin ordered executed in secret

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Today, we are going to talk about is the youngest Yuansi Soviet marshal Tu Ha Chief J Ki.

Soviet Union five Grand Marshal, left for Tu Ha Chief J Ki

Marshal Tu Ha Chief J Ki was born in 1893, a decline of the aristocracy of the house, from childhood to learn. After graduating from high school, was admitted to the Moscow school to Alexander after the first military officer, school, read books, longer than the strategy, participated in the world war. After the October revolution, to join the Red Army, after the war, repeatedlyspectacular. After the civil war, Tu Ha Chief J Ki served as president of the Red Army Military Academy, chief of staff of the Red Army, and was promoted to marshal in 1935, when he was only 42 years old. 1936, served as the first deputy secretary of defense and Military Secretary of the Soviet union.

Tukhachevski not only exploits, but also dedicated to the Soviet military reform, change the structure of arms corps level units, tanks, aircraft and other military equipment that new weapons, in order to adapt to the change of tactic, get a large number of Young Turks generals support.

At the beginning of 1936, the German Gestapo leader Heydrich from exile in France (the Belarus has two factions, one faction is Bull J Vic red Russia, another is Munshi Vic Belarus) hands an important intelligence: the Soviet Red Army is infighting, most young marshal Tu Ha Chief J Ki attempted coup, the dictatorship of Stalin. Heydrich has long engaged in intelligence activities, innate sensitivity, think this is a good opportunity to implement fanjianji.

German Gestapo leader Heydrich

So Heydrich handed the material to Hitler, asking for action. Hitler looked after, agreed to spread false information, induce the Soviet Union into infighting. Heydrich selected elite subordinates, through the insider information captured in the Soviet spy, Gestapo headquarters in the basement of fake a lot of communication between Tu Ha Chief J Ki and the German generals, and German from the collection records and the German secret police for the secret letter of thanks he provided Soviet intelligence.

In June 1937, Heydrich arranged to pretend like greedy agents, put the information to 3 million rubles sold to Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovakia learned that this information, because of its alliance with the Soviet Union before the signing of the treaty, immediately sent intelligence overnight to moscow. Soviet intelligence in Stalin's personal attention, strictly check every document, every signature confirmation, draw the conclusion: Tu Ha Chief J Ki really had contact with the Nazis, attempting to usurp the Supreme soviet.

Stalin learned that the news, very angry but calm, personally issued orders, so that the military is being visited by Marshal Tu Ha Chief J Ki returned to moscow. When Tu Ha Chief J Ki returned to Moscow, Volga military commander ordered to start immediately.

Soviet before World War II

On the way to the Volga region, Tu Ha Chief J Ki was spirited away. After a simple trial, Tu Ha Chief J Ki and eight other senior Red Army officers were sentenced to anti Soviet military center, and was immediately executed, aged only 44 years old. To death, Tu Hafs Ki did not understand who framed him, but do not understand why Stalin wanted to kill him.

Figure khavski as leader of the new Soviet marshal, outstanding military theorist, his death was Stalin believe Germany false intelligence results, but also with the Soviet power highly centralized, the lack of control system have a great relationship. Marshal Tu Ha Chief J Ki's death caused the Soviet military reform process blocked, for the subsequent war in the Soviet Union suffered a major loss of Sood buried the curse.