During World War II, Japan put Nazi Germany into a fix

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During World War II, Japan put Nazi Germany into a fix

2017-03-19 06:57:35 133 ℃

In World War II, Germany, Italy and Japan formed the axis, Germany is the dominant. But the German couple are really different. Italy pig teammates often give German tianluan, Baiwenhang Japanese often give Germany clogging.

The Italians to the German chaos in World War II, as everyone knows. The pig teammate appetite is not small, the mouth is not good. In Albania, in Greece, in North Africa, the Italians are defeated, finally is Germany to give their ass.. Today, however, the focus of small talk about how the Japanese look at the wolf to add to the plug.

In early 1941, Germany has achieved a decisive victory in Western Europe, France was beaten down, leaving only one British support. In this year, Hitler has three strategic objectives: to make the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union defeated the United States to postpone the war.

In the spring of 1941, Hitler and Japanese Foreign Minister Matsuoka met in Berlin, hoping that Japan would attack Britain's most important colony in asia. Japan does not give a zhunxin zhizhiwuwu. Hitler had promised that if the United States and Japan after the war, Germany and the United States must declare war. It turned out to be a very expensive promise.

Despite this promise, Japan remains unmoved. The answer to Germany is also very silent: if Germany began to land in the United Kingdom, Japan can launch an attack on singapore.

At this time, Germany has a detailed plan to attack the Soviet union. But let Hitler unexpected is, when foreign minister Matsuoka returned to Moscow signed a secret way, "Sino Soviet non aggression treaty with the Soviet Union".

In the summer of 1941, Germany attacked the Soviet Union "operation barbarossa. It went well in the early stages, but it was difficult in the city of moscow. At this time, Germany is badly in need of Japan's attack on the Far East of the Soviet union. Hitler several times asked Japan to attack Japan Vladivostok, vague promise, there is no any action. Stalin learned that Japan will not move in the Far East, the secret of the Far East to prevent Japan's elite troops transferred to moscow. Facts have proved that this force plays a decisive role in the battle of moscow.

By the end of 1941, an unexpected accident happened to Hitler. In December 7th, Japan launched a surprise attack on the US Pacific Fleet stationed in Pearl Harbor. On December 8th, the Japanese Ambassador met with the German foreign minister, asking Germany to honor its promise and declare war on the United States at once. Japan promised that they would help the German attack on the Soviet Union after they packed the United States and Britain in the pacific. Has been played two times in Japan, Hitler, and once again believe that the Japanese people's lies.

December 11th, Germany officially declared war on the United states. At the beginning of 1941, Germany is facing a dead end of Britain; at the end of the year, but

In the face of the most powerful Britain, the Soviet Union and the United States that three of the world's industrial countries, even Germany has superhuman powers, is fraught with grim possibilities.

And Japan because of selfish, short-sighted, soon found that after the defeat of Germany, he was surrounded by the world.