He is the only one with a gun can see Chairman Mao's people, he is a founding general

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He is the only one with a gun can see Chairman Mao's people, he is a founding general

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In a lot of red classics can see the description about Wang Zhen, this man is not only the heroic, also deep trust of Chairman Mao, he is founding admiral, is the only can see Chairman Mao wearing a pistol, visible Chairman Mao for Wang Zhen is extremely trust. Wang Zhen himself has always been loyal to the Red Army, in many combat performance is particularly prominent.

Wang Zhen was born in 1908, his hometown in Liuyang, Hunan, in 1927, Wang Zhen joined the Communist Youth League, and in this year became a communist. Wang Zhen once served as a member of the Communist Party of China, vice premier of the State Council and other positions, he is an outstanding communist party members, for the cause of our country's revolution has made outstanding contributions.

In fact, Wang Zhen and Chairman Mao know time is relatively long, in 1925, Wang Zhen was appointed as the picket team captain, in August of the same year, Li Lisan find Wang Zhen, and said to him, to make him a very important task, is the Chairman Mao sent to Taiyuan, when Chairman Mao in Changsha, the journey is distant, so must will escort Chairman Mao's work to secure the people to be responsible for, and Wang Zhen is the first choice. Wang Zhen then with the car will be the chairman of the safety of the Chairman Mao sent to Taiyuan, during the escort Chairman Mao, Chairman Mao and Wang Zhen also talked a lot, Wang Zhen and Chairman Mao also exchange their own revolutionary ideas.

Then Wang Zhen came to Mianyang, in Mianyang Wang Zhen heard that Chairman Mao to in Eastern operations near, Wang Zhen noises.then immediately took his men rushed to the scene of the battle to support, later in 1931, Wang Zhen was appointed Hunan Jiangxi Revolutionary Base party attended the deputy to the National People's Congress meeting, at the meeting Wang Zhen again saw Chairman Mao, originally Wang Zhen thought Chairman Mao have forget, did not think of is, Chairman Mao at first glance to see Wang Zhen is recognized him, for other people said, the comrades in those days will I send to Taiyuan, the feelings between us is very deep. Listen to the words of Chairman Mao, Wang Zhen was deeply moved.

Chairman Mao had a lot of important work to Wang Zhenlai, for example when because war potential need, Chairman Mao ordered Wang Zhen retired from the battlefield, and let him came to Suide of Shaanxi, Gansu and Ningxia protection area, the task is extremely important, also is quite difficult. Wang Zhen after receiving the order, immediately came to Suide, but then the team was forced to turn to the production team, many people may think that the soldiers are fighting, if let the soldiers engaged in production is not a waste of. But Wang Zhen did not think so. He then led the hands of human and began working in the production, and in just two years time, the local farming make impressive and Chairman Mao on Wang Zhen's performance is very satisfactory, also had to personally to the inscription of Wang Zhen, praise him with creative spirit.

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