Sun Li and his Baiyangdian: this lake is really human soul, beautiful heartbreaking

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Sun Li and his Baiyangdian: this lake is really human soul, beautiful heartbreaking

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The first impression of Baiyangdian came from the classic movie "soldier Zhang Ga". GA son in the home of the injured, boating in Baiyangdian, there is a line of fresh memories: big break, aunt, then you have to Tianjin Wei, with a small round of fire to send you children, to ensure fast and reliable......"

Hebei xiongan district is located in Xiongxian, Rongcheng, the new three is Baiyangdian county. The history of contemporary literature, 50s, Beijing, Tianjin area youth writer Liu Shaotang, Cong Weixi, Han Yingshan et al., follow the example of Sun Li's novel style, formed a powerful group of writers, known as the "Lotus Lake School" or "Baiyangdianpai". In 70s, a lot of Munk, root, poets such as Lin Mang founded the "Baiyangdian school" in Baiyangdian, shows the characteristics of pure modernism.

Baiyangdian in the movie "Zhang Ga"

Lotus Lake faction named, not only from Baiyangdian this place, but also from Sun Li. From the beginning of 40s, Sun Li wrote the "Lotus Lake" "" "Baiyangdian Luhua Dang side of a small" struggle "mining" toi "Qin Xiao" and "same old" export "Baiyangdian song" (Poetry) and other relevant works in Baiyangdian. In 70s, he returned to Baiyangdian, the creation of a Beijing Opera script "Lotus Lake", "the dream of the play". His novels and prose, the scenery of Baiyangdian as the background, the style is simple, bright, fresh and beautiful, graceful and smooth style, fresh and beautiful, with a strong romantic color.

Sun Li (1913 - 2002), home is Hebei Province Anping County Dongliao Town Village, 12 years old to go out to study. In mid 30s, after he graduated from high school, in order to make a living, as a clerk and primary school teachers in Beijing, after being introduced to the new County, (Baiyangdian area, xiongan District) with the town primary school, after a year of teaching chinese. Baiyangdian people's simple, enthusiastic, hard-working, he left a good impression, he gradually became familiar with the customs here.

Later in Yanan, he wrote a 5000 word short story "Lotus Lake", published in the Liberation Daily, the title is "Lotus Lake - one of the Baiyangdian chronicle". Baiyangdian area rural folk, old smoke Yueranzhishang, published by the reader, praise for "real people and soul, exquisite intoxicated, beautiful and heartbreaking, moved people to tears".

(Sun Li and Ding Ling)

"Lotus Lake" is the language of drawing style, full of Poetry: "the moon rises, the yard is very cool, very clean, good day to break Weimeizi Chao wet your, just weaving mats. The woman sitting in the middle of the yard, fingers tangle with long soft Weimeizi. Weimeizi thin and fine, leaping in her arms."

"So it was written, not even a draft." Sun Li recalled that he was in the northwest of the loess slope of a large wind, wrote a lotus lake water, so Yanan readers like to see. "Lotus Lake" after the birth, Sun Li was promoted to the teachers in the "Arts", the "dream of Red Mansions".

The end of 40s, Sun Li went to the city, served as deputy director of the Tianjin daily supplement division, with the founding of the, Fang Ji, Tianjin daily literary weekly. This newspaper supplement has been the support of the domestic literature at that time, Bing Xin, Ding Ling, and so on, and so on, he, he, he, he, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, he, he, he, he, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, he, Yan Wenjing, and so on, and so on, and so on, and he.

Later, Sun Li recalls working at the newspaper scene: "Sun Li sat at the desk, supplement the group by the window position, his work, as he later said, is really serious, deeply absorbed in work, in addition to office hours, sometimes going out, he is not leaving the seat, or to stop working what else to do. He use a brush to write a review, writing revising, dignified and handsome, strict in demands."

(Sun Li)

Sun Li lived in Heping District Duolun Road 204, Tianjin daily in the courtyard of a small building in the shade of the trees. His room is ten square meters, East, West and south side have three window glass, Menzhaoxi, winter irrigation wind, Xishai summer heat is unbearable, inside in addition to a desk, a chair, a bed, no other. More than a year later, Sun Li's wife came to Tianjin, one family moved to the courtyard of a large house, the cottage became Sun Li's writing room.

The novel "Fengyun", the novella "the record on Ironwood" prequel are the works of this period. He said: "I do not ask for speed, one day (actually half a day) to write 500 words." He used a brush to write the first draft vertical lines, neat handwriting, and even modify the Department is not chaos.

In 50s, edited by Kang Yao's works of Sun Li, "Baiyangdian Chronicle", published by the China Youth Publishing House, the beginning of the 54 novels, essays, and then reprinted several times.

Sun Li (young)

While in Tianjin, but he did not go shopping, nor fangqinwenyou, a self enclosed life. His lack of city life experience, not the phone, do not know where the cinemas and theatres, also never listen to crosstalk, even afraid to cross the road, saw heavy traffic will feel dizzy, his legs trembled. His only hobby is to Quangyechang and tiansiang mall, of course he is not to go shopping, because Tianjin was located on the two books to the mall, buy the book, he is the only entertainment.

Sun Li has always despised career, but often read books. In his later years, he spent every day in the sea of books, or window writing, tired out of the window to sit for a while, activities, playing with flowers and plants, and then went back to the house to continue reading and writing.

His introverted personality, but approachable, where visitors, when he left the door, saying: "you go!" Liang Bin came to see him, before leaving, he sent out, say: "you go!" The young lovers of literature to visit, before leaving, he was sent to the visitor, said: "you go!"

Sun Li eat, also maintained the Baiyangdian period the habit of three meals a day love porridge, homely fare, Millet Congee, cornmeal porridge drink, love to eat their own pickled pickles, or eight Liubiju pickles. When eating rice, if there is a drop in the table, he will pick up the bowl, if you drop it, he will pick it up and put on a clean sheet of paper.

(Sun Li)

He set a model in the training of youth literature, the novel "Tie Ning young fire story" is by Sun Li to the "Tianjin daily" literary supplement, published in 1980 third, the "fiction" reproduced, causing repercussions in the literary world. When Jia Pingwa first entered the literary world, in April 30, 1981, he published an essay "a small peach tree" in the Tianjin daily news weekly. Sun Li read, immediately wrote an article, published in the "people's daily". Two writers to get to know this, after the continuous communication.

For decades, he did not attend any activities, ascetic life is very simple. He said: "indifferent to his old age, there is no competition without contention. Baocanshouque, by An Yining." He never claimed to be a celebrity, would rather put themselves in the position of ordinary people, not tired of the name, not for the matter.

Deeply influenced by Wang Zengqi, Sun Li, in his later years, was entrusted to the director by the king, and he shut himself in the house for three months. He adapted the "Lotus Lake" of the film to the screenplay of the film, titled "the lotus in the flames of war" in the name of "the lotus flower" in the war of war, which was called "the lotus in the war" by the director of the. Unfortunately, in the end did not shoot it out, this is the first and last movie Wang Zengqi literary works.

(Baiyangdian today)