Qing emperor really funny, live in the Imperial Palace, the most luxurious one of the house was forced to helpless"!

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Qing emperor really funny, live in the Imperial Palace, the most luxurious one of the house was forced to helpless"!

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"See" Lotus slow leak shift Dian Jiao "," Yin Ting tall and straight under listening pines".

Since ancient times, I do not know how many people envy and longing to live in the palace of the emperors of the luxurious life. As everyone knows, the palace is the emperor's private residence, but more is the palace or one of the country's most senior offices! In the palace under the restriction of restrictions and fetters, emperors very sad free comfortable, even in his sleep.

Yangxin temple - Emperor bedroom

From the front of the temple along the Yangxin hall, came to the temple. The hall after a total of five Ying, a middle east is the emperor's bedroom.

Above the royal bed nanmu carved architecture, hanging "new" plaque. "New day" from the "book of Rites", "Ming Tang Zhipan said:" Gou Rixin, daily, and daily. ""

On new meaning is the day novelty, but not to every day to change yesterday, but every day there are a pair of revitalization of the attitude and spirit, forever remain in a state of initial and thriving. "I Ching" said: "the rich" industry, new "Sheng de."

The compact layout of the emperor's bedroom

The emperor's bedroom is divided into two compartments, the bed is slightly east 1, the west before going to sleep and waking up after grooming, dressing, tea place, on the north wall hanging "as the heaven revolves" horizontal inscribed board. The bedroom with separate door said "unremitting self-improvement.".

Yangxin rear temple is we can see only a Chinese emperor's bedroom, the simplicity of the extent and size of the narrow are beyond the imagination of future generations.

Comfortable than Yangxin rear temple garden ""

Of course, this is not the Qing Dynasty emperor only sleeping place, the Qing Emperors "in winter, the Forbidden City and summer garden residence", the Forbidden City, in fact, become the emperor's palace, the Qing emperor from every spring to late autumn, often between the Yuanmingyuan, Yingtai (Xiyuan appellation), the summer resort to choose to live, from winter to next spring live in the Forbidden City.

Qing emperors for within the Forbidden City living atmosphere of restraint and the dreary feelings are unspoken, with summer in the name of the early to the royal residence, because garden residence is much more comfortable.

What is the living room

"Big country, in worship and military!" If the Qing Dynasty emperors, in the garden during the encounter a variety of sacrificial words, you must return to the forbidden city.

The most important ritual in Itsuki (Neiting in Eastern space and Yangxin hall in the second room, symmetry) in Yangxin temple in jaipur. During Lent in Yangxin temple, the emperor in Korean, do not eat meat, keep calm water.


Bedroom is supposed to be one of the most comfortable and relaxed place, bedroom Palace but because politics and right and become depressed, to escape the sense of oppression, many emperors choose new palace and the palace in the Forbidden City, less those restrictions, they can better enjoy the emperor's superior life.

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