The history of life is more than eighty year old emperor, the fourth is called the Dragon king"

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The history of life is more than eighty year old emperor, the fourth is called the Dragon king"

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Emperors almost everybody, regardless of the financial, human and material resources, leave no stone unturned brains for seek "Immortality", but the average life expectancy of the emperor of China or only poor 39 point two years old, than the average life expectancy of ancient society but also much shorter! But there is always an exception.

A 89 year old Aixinjueluo Stinle Lundy.

Aixinjueluo Stinle (1711 1799 years), the Qing Dynasty fifth emperor, the fourth emperor capital in Beijing. The reign of Qian Long, meaning "heaven changlong". My president, has adopted a series of policies conducive to cultural construction and instructions made many valuable books. He drove his erudite macro words, and the recruitment of talent in the world, ordered to seek the books, Hongli Chinese level is very high, can be good poetry painting, jinbingqi she. My martial arts has made great achievements in the illustrious, repression of border areas, consolidate multi-ethnic empire. My actual exercise of the supreme power of the state for sixty-three years, "Qing emperor temple", the title of "pure emperor".

Two. The southern emperor Xiao Yan 86 years old

Xiao Yan (AD 464 years 549 years), Emperor Wu of Liang, Liang emperor, all people in the south of lanling. Xiao Yan's family Xiao clan, was born in the Han Dynasty Prime Minister Xiao Ling, sun twenty-five. Xiao Yan was in a time of forty-eight years, ranking first in the Southern Dynasties of emperors. The reign quite performance, issued a decree, the founding of the people's Republic of China to learn, Museum of the five classics, to repair the temple of Confucius, the country in all aspects of political, economic, military and cultural development. During the reign of Xiao Yan, is the history of the most stable prosperous decades. Xiao Yanzun Confucianism worship the Buddha, Buddhism as the state religion, Dajian temples, troops organizations held a debate, the atheist attack Fanzhen and God destroy theory. Xiaoyan reign in his later years, the outbreak of the "Hou Jing in the chaos, subsidence of the capital, was imprisoned by Hou Jing, starved to death in Taiwan, at the age of 86 years old, was buried in the mausoleum, posthumous title as emperor, miaohao emperor.

Three. The emperor Wu Zetian 81 years old

Wu Zetian Zhao, Shanxi people in Wenshui. Chinese history, the only female emperor, his long reign, and was the oldest Emperor (67 years succession). This is Tang Taizong Li Shimin Cairen, Tang Emperor for Queen (655 - 683), Tang Zhongzong when empress dowager (683 - 690), self Wu Zhou Emperor (690 - 705), 705 years abdication. Zhongzong reset shortly after death. Was the first female emperor in history.

Four. The Five Dynasties Wu Yue King Qian Liu is 80 years old

Qian Liu words with beautiful, small woman leave Ling'an, Hangzhou. Born in Tang Xuanzong six years (AD 852), died after three years of Tang Changxing (AD 932). Tang Zhaozong day after two years, its closure for the king. In 904 ad, called the king of wu. And Zhu Wenjianliang, Qian Liu before the closure for king Wu Yue. During the reign of emperors Qian Liu, Zeng Zheng with migrant workers, construction of Qiantang River seawall, and in the Taihu Lake Basin, Pu made of weir and sluice, to flood storage, defying droughts and establish system of polder area network maintenance, is conducive to the region's agricultural economy, Zhejiang, two people say their is the Dragon King.

Five. Song Gaozong, a 80 year old Zhao.

Song Gaozong generally refers to Zhao (structure 1107.5.21 - 1187.11.9), the word Deji, the tenth emperor of the Sung Dynasty, the Southern Song Dynasty's founding emperor, the reign of 35 years, had been sealed for Montevideo. Song Huizong, the nine son of Zhao Jidi Song Qinzong, Zhao Huanyi brother, mother empress Xianren webster. Shaoxing thirty-two years (1162) Zen is located on the crown prince Zhao Shen, is respect for Jen Hikaru Zuminori celestial Chengde by Wu Weiwen Shao industry Hing EC Ming Mosheng fierce grand emperor. Chunxi fourteen years (1187) soldier, is Chinese history less some long one of the emperors, the posthumous title said spirit Wu Wenxian filial piety the emperor, the posthumous title of an Emperor Gaozong.