World War II, the strongest of the Japanese troops: the United States Army 442nd group

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World War II, the strongest of the Japanese troops: the United States Army 442nd group

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422 groups in France in 1944 to accept the review

In the tens of millions of troops during the Second World War, there have such a fresh known troops - they have of Japanese descent, but wearing the uniform of this is during the Second World War the Japanese American the 442nd infantry regiment. The army in the formation of had suffered discrimination, but also the Sino US military casualties in World War II rate highest infantry regiment, also is in the history of the United States Army get up to honor the regimental level.

422 groups in the United States to accept the training

1941 December 7, "Pearl Harbor", the United States into a hysterical atmosphere, when Americans began to Japan in retaliation, Japanese Americans has become the first object of revenge. About 120 thousand Japanese were forced to leave their homes, imprisoned in a concentration camp, including the elderly and children.

1944, 422 group in Italy

In March 1943, the U.S. military's extreme distrust, a Japanese soldier infantry battalion was sent to the battlefields of europe. For the United States and in the war, their families, mostly still detained in concentration camps, live near the prisoner's life......

1944, 422 group in Italy

As a composed of Japanese American troops, as a force in the World War II ennobled the most, the 442nd and in the end there is a how fresh is known side...

The 5th army commander Clark will be in the Italian review another team composed of full-time American soldiers of the 100 independent Battalion (from Hawaii), height difference is obvious

The American history of the Japanese

After Pearl Harbor, 140 thousand Japanese Americans (about 70 thousand has joined the United States Citizenship) fall into the abyss. According to Roosevelt in 1942 promulgation of 9066 administrative decree, the US military command of Japanese American residents quickly disposed of house and business, to report for duty at the designated places, adult only 150 pounds of luggage; names were replaced by number and forced into the Midwest specially constructed camp, they live simple wood room, shared bathroom, 24 hours monitoring, and outside completely isolated.

The 422 regiment of the Japanese officer

At the same time, most of the 5000 Japanese soldiers serving in the US Army, and was drummed out of the force, respectively, were classified as 4-f (not in service) or 4-C level (the enemy by overseas personnel. Before that, many second generation Japanese Americans in Hawaii 298 and 299 National Guard infantry battalion. In the United States and Japan after the outbreak of the war, the US military has determined that the Japanese soldiers are unfit for service.

422 soldiers in the German allied cemetery photo

Immediately, the service in 298 and 299 infantry battalion of Japanese soldiers was removed from the these two forces, were deployed to hastily formed "Hawaiian provisional infantry battalion."

"The camp of the earth" to "purple heart camp"

In August 1944 the end of the Gothic line of defense in the war, the 422 group of prisoners of a lot of much higher than their German prisoners

Processing result to the "Hawaiian provisional infantry battalion" of Japanese soldiers, still let us military headache and, on the one hand, they do not trust, and dare not will dismiss them. Because many senior Americans think that: the familiar with the internal affairs of the U. s.military and strong ability of military affairs of the Japanese soldiers released barracks of the risk is too big. After thinking, U.S. finally decided to send them to Europe.

The honor of the 442 regiment during World War II

422 group had 200% casualties, but also had 18143 individual medal. The group of 4500 people on average almost 4 times, extremely fierce battle.

In order to "conquer all", 422 infantry, paid a heavy price, from the get their honor can be seen, this compilation only 3800 troops is during World War II ennobled the most troops:

The original 422 veterans group wells to accept Clinton's honours. Medal of honor on the well. A total of 22 Asian veterans accepted the honor, of which 20 were from 422

For a total of 7 times the Presidential Unit Commendation (American famous 101st Airborne Division only get 2 times, 1st Marine Division only get 3 times); 21 gold medal of honor (including 20 pieces for postwar posthumously, the whole world War II including the post-war posthumously awarded the U.S. Medal of honor awarded 464 gold); 52 pieces of excellent service Cross Medal (including 19 gold medals he later turned to the medal of honor, the U.S. military throughout World War II issued a total of five thousand pieces of excellent service cross); 1 gold outstanding service medal; 560 Silver Star Medal; 22 medals legion of Merit Medal; 15 gold soldier's medal.; 4000 Bronze Star Medal (including 1 gold and later transferred to honor medal); 9486 Gold Purple Heart.

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