The governor's death: the monkey: chicken, the Empress Dowager Ci Xi a shot on the results of a high-ranking officials

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The governor's death: the monkey: chicken, the Empress Dowager Ci Xi a shot on the results of a high-ranking officials

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Author: Jin Man

Xinyou coup, the Empress Dowager Cixi although wish to catch the authority, but placed in front of her, is Xianfeng left a mess.

In this year (1861), the Taiping Army and other rebel temporarily can not see signs of subsiding, Qing country national strength thus continuous friction days a bit is not easy.

The rule of education, in times of heavy penalties. In order to restructure asatsuna and set his personal authority, the empress think twice, decided to take the simplest and most efficient method, that is:Killing.

Of course, people have to pay attention to the way to kill. Kill fewer people, do not play a role; kill more people, folk and merciless killing to the imperial court said, this moves the head of knowledge, the go.

Empress then hold a, that is, "encounter": less kill a few, but to kill kill large and kill several governors one or two items to high-ranking officials.

So, let these corruption, bribery, dereliction of duty negligence, listless excuse at all levels of civil servants on the soles of the feet of the weak; those who pay deductions, afraid to die, the case of array fled the generals who tremble with fear, to play to watch chicken monkey.

Under the crackdown, some hapless. Before the governor He Guiqing was arrested, fall victim to the "large" under the policy.

He Guiqing is Daoguang Dynasty imperial examinations, the original has been in the capital, an official, served as Imperial Academy editing, too often Qing temple, the Ministry of right Shilang and other duties, and later for governor of Zhejiang Province, soon rise again for governor of Liangjiang, but in this office, had an accident.

In May 1860, the Taiping army defeated the Jiangnan Daying, and Lord Zhang Guoliang were imperial envoy of spring, died in the array.

At that time, the body to the Liangjiang governor he Guiqing is Changzhou pay raise forage, in Warring armies in times of crisis, the governor Yongbing from the diagram, sit back and watch the Qing defeated and does not leave a hand.

Unfortunately, the Taiping Army after the victory did not let him go, the then enter the Changzhou, he Guiqing xianshibumiao, we intend to abandoned the city and fled.

Hated, he Guiqing after the father and two concubines secretly sent to Tongzhou, but ordered the blockade of Changzhou, the gates and in a city whose residents are forbidden to escape, to make a pair of desperate resistance appearance.

At this time, subordinate Jiangsu anchashi Chavin by several officials Chuai measure he Guiqing is actually trying to escape, to his intrinsic please surrender of Suzhou. He Guiqing after the intrinsic joy, then decided to flee to Suzhou.

Somehow, what the governor to run the message accidentally leaked, Changzhou gentry a wow. For fear of the Taiping Army after the city pillaged, many people went to the palace gate that night holding candles request staying in Changzhou.

The next day, he Guiqing was an attempt to escape, the result is Changzhou gentry stopped, due to the top begged sweet blocking the way, he Guiqing under wrath, even revolutionary guards shot, back and forth killed 19 people and injured many more.

Xianfeng report was also furious, then ordered He Guiqing and sent to the strict trial dismissed.

Before Nawen. He Guiqing aimless as stray dogs, the escape of Suzhou, Suzhou gate does not open; Changshu, Changshu is not satisfied; finally, no way, fled to the Shanghai concession as a temporary refuge.

Fortunately this time by the British and French allied forces attack Beijing, Xianfeng North Jehol, royal government under the chaos, he Guiqing was temporarily shelved life temporarily worry.

Until the reign of empress, the situation a little stability after. Soon there are people revisit the matter, the empress want to borrow this to make a big fuss, so in the first year of tongzhi (1862) in May, he Guiqing caught into obsequies of Ministry of penalty.

Xingbu doctor Yu Chuo presiding is Changzhou people, he thought:He Guiqing as fengjiangdali without war and fled, the fall of the city;

What is more, in order to escape and attack killed hold incense bow elders 19 people, such behavior is really conscienceless, crime can not be forgiven, intends to cut lijue.

At this time, in he Guiqing years of operation of the effect, the students old clerks, relatives and friends have through various channels to intercede and tried to excuse the, the trial of the case may thus be complex.

Then empress against all the odds, she thought not to kill he Guiqing not enough to appease the resentment, also can not be stopped those fengjiangdali, prefectural officials meet thief fled the unhealthy, so then October under the strict purpose, he Guiqing executions.

A decree issued the same day, He Guiqing was publicly beheaded.

He Guiqing was killed, but also from the Taiping army first to be executed after the court of a high-ranking officials.

This cut is out, officials all surprised, Qing government discipline is a solemn. Queen Ci Xi's first appearance, even if it was a success.

(excerpt from the Jinman floor: "Woman: fifty years when the Empress Dowager Ci Xi and the late Qing DynastyChinese workers' press, 2015.

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