At the beginning of the founding of the people's Republic of China, Tibet has not yet been liberated Chairman Mao thought his name

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At the beginning of the founding of the people's Republic of China, Tibet has not yet been liberated Chairman Mao thought his name

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Today I will tell you a story about the liberation of Tibet in 50 years.

In 1949, People's Republic of China was founded, at the beginning of the establishment, there are many places have not yet been liberated, Tibet is one of them. Tibet has been the territory of China since the Qing dynasty. However, some international forces have been trying to split Tibet from china. By the end of 1949, after 2 months is held at the founding ceremony, the situation for the first time to visit the Soviet Union Chairman Mao Zedong, in the face of the International Anti China forces to intervene in Tibet Chinese, said "for the liberation of Tibet to seize the opportune moment, fight against imperialist aggression ambitions, promote Tibet inward transformation, enter Tibet sooner rather than later, the sooner the better, otherwise Undue delay may bring trouble."

It is based on this consideration, Chairman Mao decided to deploy a plan to liberate Tibet. While Tibet's ten Panchen Lama also call Chairman Mao and Zhu De, said the support of the central government, the people's Liberation Army hope early tibet. So, to send troops which served as mission to Tibet? On this issue, Chairman Mao made a thoughtful. After consideration, Chairman Mao called his name. This man is Deng Xiaoping.


Originally, the history of the Tibet line is Qinghai, Sichuan is two. At the end of 1949, stationed in the northwest and southwest of the two land were the first field army led by Peng Dehuai and Deng Xiaoping Liu Baicheng led the second field army. So, Tibet task should be selected on their two armies. Chairman Mao after deliberation, decided to let Deng Xiaoping as the task of the second field army.

In Chongqing Zengjiayan, Liu Baicheng and Deng Xiaoping received a telegram of January 2nd Chairman Mao, immediately began to consider what knowledge troops into tibet. At that time the second field army has 3 Army Corps of 9 army. If from Sichuan to Tibet, Tibet from Xikang is the most convenient shortcut. But when the occupation of Ya'an is not the capital of Xikang 2-field forces, but the wisdom of He Long eighteen corps of the sixty-two army. Liu Baicheng wanted to let putting fighting the strongest tenth army in Tibet, but then the ten army commander Du Yide is in poor health, difficult to tibet. In this case, Deng Xiaoping recommended the eighteen army commander Zhang Guohua.

Here is a brief introduction to Zhang Guohua. Zhang Guohua, formerly known as Zhang Fugui, was born in October 22, 1914 in the northern foot of Jiangxi, Yongxin County, North Township, when the edge of the village of a peasant family in the family of. Born in the old revolutionary base areas, so from contact with revolutionary time earlier, revolutionary road along the way, Zhang Guohua spent his whole life, Li repeated military exploits. When he was founded, he was awarded the rank of lieutenant general.

Liu Baicheng, Deng Xiaoping initially considered, so that the strongest fighting forces led by the tenth army to Tibet. Then feel the wrong, decided to let Zhang Guohua in any two field all the troops chose 3 main divisions, composed of 30 thousand people, an army of Tibet, but finally Zhang Guohua finally thought that his eighteen army into the more familiar. Finally, Liu Baicheng and Deng Xiaoping agreed with Zhang Guohua, and immediately report telegram to Chairman Mao, Chairman Mao said he fully agreed with complex Liu, Deng's opinion report.

Thus, the Tibet Liberation Army, Tibet to enter the preparatory work basically completed, soon, under the leadership of Zhang Guohua, the people's Liberation Army soldiers in Tibet, a solid foundation for the peaceful liberation of Tibet play.

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