The Anti Japanese War to kill Japanese most military generals, and soldiers were afraid of most opponents

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The Anti Japanese War to kill Japanese most military generals, and soldiers were afraid of most opponents

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During the Anti Japanese War, the KMT has emerged a large number of outstanding generals, they all exploits, let the devil suffered heavy losses, but if you want to talk about the most general kill the devil, that will not be of the Xue Yue.

Xue Yue was born on 1896 in Lechang County of Guangdong city Shaoguan nine peak Zhen Xiao Ping Village, 11 year old was admitted to the Whampoa  Army primary school learning, participated in the 1918 Sun Zhongshan new aid Fujian Guangdong army headquarters staff, as captain, he served as the first division machine gun battalion, 1924 Yuejun first division of the Adjutant General and chief of staff of the division, together with Jiang Jieshi the crusade against Chen Jiongming, commanding troops often bred by Jiang Jieshi's attention.

In August 13, 1937, Shanghai after the outbreak of war in Nanjing, Xue Yue was appointed as the commander in chief of the nineteenth group army of the National Revolutionary Army in late September, the Japanese army invaded the shunt Yunzao Creek and Yang Jing and other places, after accounting for the town, Chen Jiahang, Guangfu town area, navigate a ship on a river. In October 28th, Xue Yue led the nineteen army launched a battle in Chuk Yuen, and the Japanese aggressors, has launched five onslaught, regain lost ground, almost annihilated the enemy. In 1938 Henan Lanfeng in the battle of Xue Yue, under the command of the Japanese army annihilated the 14 division, a total of more than 15000 people, and destroyed the western and Eastern Henan and other places of the japanese.

In August 1938, Xue Yue was ordered to command the Nanxun railway and Poyang Lake coastal defense, surrounded by Wuhan's attempt to crush the Japanese from the south, in September to wipe out the SUZUKI United kylin peak about 2000 people. In October 7th, he commanded various army offensive against the Japanese, on the 10 day, the total body of more than 10000 people, hit the japanese. In February 1929, Xue Yue served as KMT chairman and chairman of Hunan Province, in September, the Japanese troops attacked hundreds of thousands of Changsha, Xue Yue assembled the army, solemn pending, after more than and 20 days of fighting, the total eradication of more than 4 people, at least 40 people above major officers, made the first Changsha campaign, by Jiang Jieshi awards.

In September 1941, the Japanese gathered 150 thousand troops, once again invaded Changsha, Xue Yue in command of the 200 thousand military and the battle, again wiped out more than 4 people, in December of the same year, the Japanese are unwilling to fail assembled 120 thousand troops, in Changsha and Xue Yue battle, after a fierce battle for half a month, the Japanese casualties of more than 6 people, had to retreat. The three Changsha battle, Xue Yue were wiped out about 150 thousand people, defeated their enemies, a heavy blow to the arrogance of the Japanese army, after Jiang Jieshi was awarded the highest honor on behalf of the fine day.

The eight year war time, Xue Yue small battle with the Japanese hundreds of times, the total annihilation of nearly 300 thousand, become the Anti Japanese war destroyed most Japanese generals China. Commander in chief of the Japanese invasion of the village when he said he had emotion: shake the mountain easy to shake Xue Jiajun difficult.

In October 10, 1945, President Truman awarded him a medal of freedom for his contribution to the war of resistance against japan. The war of liberation, Xue Yuecheng PLA generals fear most, Chairman Mao had reminded Lin Biao and others said that after meeting Xue Yue must be careful. Early he does bring great loss to the people's Liberation Army, but later the Kuomintang army struggled, under the heart, only by the defeat of a Xue Yue can retain. 1949 and Jiang Jieshi retreated to Taiwan, 1952 was promoted to army general, and died in May 3, 1998, at the age of 103.

Xiao Bian direct evaluation: eight years of war, the eradication of the Japanese army for the victory of the war of resistance against Japan made an indelible contribution, general Xue Yue is worthy of the God of war.