Wu Zetian around Nanchong so much, why is not pregnant?

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Wu Zetian around Nanchong so much, why is not pregnant?

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It can be said that Wu Zetian is Chinese for thousands of years, a most noble woman, she has exceeded the man's energy and courage, the wisdom of the mind laying a bright way to her, Li Tang Dynasty so many years of history, now, almost half a century by Wu Zetian is the director of the.

Wu Zetian's political skills she said no one would dare to say two, life work and some people are down in praise, no direct comments can include all she is, generations of mouth her past, but she also has been a major event in the most public criticism this, even become a scandal she spread through the ages, but in her own opinion seems to have become a symbol of power so not withheld, several Nanchong that she once had, like men who do pay countless concubines as emperor.

There are many highly Wu Zetian favorites, but several of the most famous folk we have heard of, Xue Huaiyi, Shen Nanliao, Zhang Changzong and so on. Gao Zong died before we could guess, Wu Zetian has had such a mind is no way to make the actual action, but Gao Zong's death, the nature of this thing is completely reversed, Wu Zetian made himself Emperor, on today's world she million people, without her to do and not to do, everything can get control of all in her hands, so she found her old acquaintance of Xue Huaiyi.

Xue Huaiyi's background is not good, once Wu Zetian do when Taizong was sent to the temple concubines, which met Xue Huaiyi, Xue Huaiyi in order to avoid the government zhuina before entering the temple, so he did the monk's purpose is not simply. His white horse temple with Wu Zetian temple but separated by a wall, but the two temple is the same drink the water wells, so the two meet one day, they become very familiar with it in the course of contacts. There is also a secret is in the temple of the wild meat meat secretly between them, the opportunity is two people to meet the reason, so Wu Zetian when the first thing is to let the emperor Xue Huaiyi made Abbot freely harem, has also repeatedly will put power in the hands of Xue Huaiyi at his disposal.

Later, Shen Nan Liao into Wu Zetian's physician perspective, Xue Huaiyi because of jealousy and even a fire burned the Vientiane shrine, but Wu Zetian did not pursue his responsibility, but Xue Huaiyi is arrogant finally caught Wu Zetian's disgust, Wu Zetian then sent him to assassinate. Shen South Polygonum has become the new darling of Wu Zetian around, but Shen Shen's body is not very good, can not meet the needs of Wu Zetian, so all day long unhappy Wu Zetian.

At this critical moment, some of the Zhang Yizhi brothers introduced to Wu Zetian, the two just twenty years after the boy is not only smart and sensible, looks beautiful in their biggest characteristic and fancies of men of letters, is exuberant, every day old Wu Zetian served very comfortable, Wu Zetian good mood, so will the official position given these two people, they relied on Wu Zetian's pet in chodo overbearing, finally angered the ministers, they eventually two people were killed, Wu Zetian was forced to give way to the case.

Why Wu Zetian will have a calm analysis of Nanchong this thing is actually very good understanding, she's a person, there will be a normal physiological needs of people, and another point of view, a symbol of Nanchong has also her status, once the total is now playing with the emperor, pushy she is sure to be in the past the humiliation of a minute left back.

Wu Zetian as a female politician, want to stand in an invincible position, can be said to be very difficult, and her age has been high, difficult to fight a lone battle, make people believe in her, the best way is to have their own people in their own fields, and establish their own dignity and prestige, so she will enjoy the same men and kings treatment, if not for the physiological needs, a little comfort her lonely heart is not what can not be.

But even so, why didn't Wu Zetian with any Nanchong gave birth to their own children or children? The reason according to speculate, that is the pure age problem.

Wu Zetian was born in 624 ad, her husband, Lee, the first of the treatment of the first, Tang Taizong, was born in, died in, died in, also only 55 years old. But Wu Zetian was 4 years older than he was, and she was already at the age of 59. When she was sitting on the position of the emperor was 60 years old, and her first lover Xue Huaiyi and her age should be similar to the two person, actually should have been too old to early loss of the ability to bear children, so you can not give birth to a child will be not at all surprising.

There is no what method of contraception, so guess that they don't want children that are not completely reliable, according to several Nanchong Wu Zetian later, although the physician do carefully enough but he is gentle because of physical weakness finally from Wu Zetian's attention, so his possibility is cancelled, the remaining two the young brothers are more than and 20 year old young, maybe they can in all sides are doing well, children can still be impossible things, after all, Wu Zetian has come to grandma.